Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Today I was on a radio show talking about how my lap band went wrong and why I am still the same weight as I was when I was banded. There was lots of back story too, and I was on for 45 minutes. For the entire time I was wanting to evacuate myself. I was terrified. When I finished and got in the car I thought I was going to have a heart attack!!

Anyway, its very funny listening to yourself on the radio and even the presenter didnt sound the same so its actually comforting to know that we dont sound that random in real life! I did enjoy it immensley and I am very happy with my performance. I didnt fluff up and I didnt make an idiot of myself. It was the truth and that was it. Its was my story.

There was a guy who called in from Obesity UK who was very kind and stuff, but obviously didnt quite get what I was saying.

Its a long running topic for me whereby I stay under my calorie intake and dont lose weight... I said my diet is never more than 2000 cals. i.e. I often eat a lot less but thats the maximum and he said "2000 cals in the absolute maximum a lady should eat" so therefore that was why I wasnt losing weight...


surely anyone on earth knows that if a lady eats 2000 cals a day she is NOT GOING TO GET FAT.

if a FAT LADY eats 2000 cals a day she WILL lose weight.

The physics must be that a person of 18 stone (like me) must eat about 3400 cals a day to maintain their weight. a 12 stone woman must eat 2000 calories a day to maintain her weight. simples.


You cant stay fat and eat 2000 cals. Its not possible... BUT I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh the frustration.

Anyway, I didnt get the chance to respond to that on the show because I had already been talking for 40 minutes and it was about to end! Plus I was terrified remember! HAHA

But I think anyone listening would have got it.

I am going to write a series of posts as theres been a lot going on in my life over the last few months so be sure to read them all!


  1. Sorry... I must admit I loathe FaceBook and only go on there as a means of keeping up with friends.

    Instead of working, I must confess I was (1) Listening to your dulcet tones and (2) Booking a hotel in Dublin for myself and my close buddy from Argentina who's coming to stay shortly. However, I must have been concentrating more on you, because instead of booking a hotel near the airport I ended up with a non-refundable booking at a hotel right in the centre, so we'll have to get up at the crack of dawn to catch the plane home - sigh.

    I enjoyed the programme very much, though I get a familiar 'hackles rising' feeling when people say "surely it's just a question of eating less". Yes indeedy, you were softly spoken, confident, knowledgeable and patient, with just a hint of "take a deep breath and say it all over again to a male git who hasn't seriously experienced overweight and is surprised that your family didn't laugh and point and put an ad in the paper that you had put on weight". I'd have started to get a bit edgy at this point!

    I wondered if it helped to say it all out loud, or did it feel like the 'same old same old'??

    Well done on the guts to go on a live programme!!

  2. thanks hun. We know the struggle. Its the Lardicus Manifesto. And they want me back on a week tuesday! xx

  3. oh and BUMMER about the hotel! gutting! dont book any hotels in 10 days time ok!!