Friday, 31 July 2009

Ok, Tuna fest is officially over

Its over. A strange thing happened. It was about 5:30pm and I just could not get why I was feeling really heavy and lethargic. I had to get up and cook the dinner and I was feeling like I was going to throw up just thinking about it, but I had to make it so I got up and did so. I made pastry for a quiche and then chopped the veg for the filling - Bacon, onion, mushrooms and cheese and put it in the oven. I peeled the potatoes for chips and tried to get myself together.

I just couldn't. I sat down for a bit and the only thing I could put it down to was the lack of carbs in my diet. I didn't think it would affect me this much to be fair. I went upstairs and washed my face and neck and hoped I would feel better, but I didn't. I kind of felt weak and heavy, but not weak if that makes any sense... I went for the 256th wee of the day and the smell was sour. Real dark and sour. It was definitely ketones. My mouth tasted funny too, so I did one of those little urine test sticks that I remembered I had when I did Atkins about 4 years ago. Well man it was DEEP PURPLE. Sooooooo Purple it was even darker than the shade on the packet! (I tested another one with water just to see if they were stil working ok). When I did Atkins it took a good 3 or 4 days to get into Ketosis - or the fat burning stage where your body is literally gobbling up your own flab for energy. This tuna diet took just over 24 hours.

I felt so crud that I went downstairs and decided enough was enough and I would have a normal dinner that evening. I had already made the quiche and the chips for the rest of the house (about to be deep fried in lard!), so I grabbed some rice from the freezer and then made a quick wet curry. If I was going to eat, I was going to do it right. So I made a really quick and easy tomato based curry - 1 can lentils, 1 can chopped tomato and curry powder cooked quickly. It was nice and wet and easy to eat. The last thing I wanted was to have a band problem as well!

This was fine and I felt mildly better within 10 minutes of eating. Phew... I started to feel better and better until about 20 minutes after dinner I thought that I must have just been hungry and that I was a total slacker and didn't try enough. We decided to then go to TB's house and have a nice chat, and I was contemplating going back to tuna again when DH asked me if I was ok...

Now, I thought I sounded fine, but he said I was kind of slurring my words and there were too many 's'-es in my words and that I looked flushed. I had to admit I felt a little light headed. By the time I got to TB's I was feeling drunk as a lord. I was red in the face, hot and sleepy and felt pickled!

So, I went from one extreme to the other in a very short space of time. After about 30 minutes I started to feel less pissed, but my head started expanding and contracting with a headache!

Honestly, I am completely fine now, but WOW! What a weird experience. I must have been so absolutely low in blood sugar that eating dinner of rice and tomato, with lots of carbs and sugars must have simply overloaded my system and I immediately converted it to alcohol! It was the most strangest thing ever. What was the most amazing thing was the speed at which it happened. This afternoon writing the blog I felt fine... a bit rough, but nothing too bad. Then Boom! - and then Boom again when I decided to stop. Wow.

So no more tuna for me for a while! Scary stuff!

Essentially with slimmingworld I have just had a pure red day yesterday and today back to Extra easy... so hopefully the weight will have changed a bit.

Day 2 of Tuna special

Well, I survived yesterday and its already 4pm on day 2... Can I hold out? I reckon so. I have had a better, more amiable band today and have thus far consumed 2 cans of Tuna fish in spring water. I Do have to admit that I smothered it in vinegar and black pepper. I think this was the problem yesterday... not moist enough. So I am drinking gallons of water and it took me an hour a piece to eat the tuna. I don't think I shall eat any more until dinner time to be honest.

Last night we went to bed early at about 11pm, and I have to admit I felt a little sick. I don't feel bad today as such, but I don't feel all that good either. I am loathe to say that its because of this diet that I feel so crap though. I guess we shall see after tomorrow is finished.

I am proper proud of myself for getting half way. The last few mouthfuls of tuna at lunch time were hard work. I just didn't want to eat any more and when I think about it, I get that water in my mouth and feel a bit sick around the gills. Maybe this peakiness has more to do with the diet than I think...

I must admit I did hop on the scales this morning, but they are decidedly dodgy as I said before and they said 16 stone 12. I only did it the once mind. To get an average I usually have to jump on at least 10 times, so I am not going to think too much about it. I don't think I shall get a true reading of the loss on this until Sunday morning.

One good thing is that I am honestly not hungry. Not at all. I ate the tuna because I have to at certain times, and not because I was physically needing sustenance. I think that just goes to show that a high protein diet is pretty good for staving off hunger. But then again, I knew that because of the Atkins diet.

I am also bored out of my skull right now, so I am going to play some Sims 3 and make a really crummy house and miserable characters Mwahhhahhahhh

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Tuna Diet required adaption

It was supposed to go like this:
all day eating tuna (6 cans) and drinking water (4.5 litres)

Well, by 2pm it was crystal clear that it was NOT going to happen that way.

By 2pm I still had not managed 1 can let alone the 3 I should have had by then... So I had to change the rulz.

I also was waiting for a call from DS and didn't know when that was going to be, so could not go out after 4pm. I had also run out of tuna by this time as I dropped a can on the floor. Ooops.

So dilemma dilemma...

Should I quit? Should I nip to the shop and chance missing DS calling?

I decided that I could adapt the diet recipe. Basically protein is protein and it kind of doesn't matter where it comes from as long as its protein... The whole point of this diet is to eat low calories, high protein and zero carbs... I have very nearly stayed on plan then:

1 can of tuna
1 piece of hot smoked salmon
1 can of chicken

2 litres of diet coke
6 black coffee
2 litres water

I think that is pretty damn good.

Analysing it then, today I have consumed:
570 calories
95.6 grams of Protein
16.25 grams of fat
3 grams of carbohydrates

I reckon that's cool.

If I had done 6 tins of tuna like the plan said I would have done
881 calories, 162 protein, no carbs and 3.9 grams of fat.

So, although I don't quite know what to make of this analysis, I still think that things are pretty darn OK for today. I have also bought 4 cans of tuna for tomorrow, and I have another couple of hot smoked salmon fillets in the freezer and a can of chicken in the cupboard. I am pretty stoked that I remained on some kind of high protein low carb feat for the whole day and didn't bust it.

Temptation...? YES. Oh wow, making chicken Kiev and chips for DH and Sue this evening was HARDCORE. Watching DH sit on the sofa and drink a nice cold beer and have a nice apple and a yogurt was nearly too much to bear whilst I was nearly puking eating my canned chicken. There is something about canned chicken breast that is just wrong. Its kind of moist, but not in a good way and it tastes really high in salt too. After a half can (100g) I was having mild gagging sensations just because of the sheer taste and volume of plain meat. This is not a crash diet for the faint hearted. I really struggled this evening. To be honest the tuna and salmon was fine. I wish I had just kept eating that rather than open the chicken as that is what made me feel a bit ill. Tomorrow I will crack on and having done today ok, I know that tomorrow I can do it, I just have to force myself. Then its the last day and then back on slimmingworld. I actually think that it will make slimmingworld feel so amazingly rich and fulfilling that I will be happy just having syn free meals!

Anyway, day one is OVER and I am happy with myself, even though I had to adapt it. There is no way on this earth I would have been able to eat 6 cans of tuna. Its just too much for a bandit. I reckon tomorrow its going to be 3 tops...

Oh yeah... I wasn't hungry AT ALL. How cool is that.

Whenever There's a Snack Gap, Bunny Fits.

Can you believe that this is what came up when I typed my name into the Advertising Slogan Generator!


So perfect. P.s. the tuna is not easy to eat... still on can number 1 and it's 2 pm. Maybe I will have to eat more later when my band lets me...

Go tuna Go tuna GO!

Vroom Vroom fat burning machine

1 pint of water, 1 can of tuna about to be consumed. I thought I would let you all know this so that you can have no fear about your dearest Test Subject Bunny starting her mission.

Oh and my weigh in for this test: 16 stone 13.5lbs according to my scales (237.5lbs)

I did this 7 times. The first 2 times registered 16 stone 12 and a quarter, thereafter it registered 16st 13.5lbs So you see my scales are quite crap... but this diet is apparently good for FAT loss so we shall see. I sadly don't have those body fat measuring scales, but the loss of weigh should show up loss of fat too. I wont be losing muscle as its just pure protein.

Now ladies... I am off to Lady Jane's to get a couple of new Bra's and a Bikini top... Great stuff!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tuna and water quick boost?

Here's something I found online...
This guy is trying to lower his body fat and remain at about 200lbs. Now he looks pretty buff actually so he must be tall and work out and stuff, because I am not too far off 200 pounds and I look proper dodgy!! HA HA.
Anyway, he was talking about this very rapid weightloss diet called the Tuna and Water diet that you do for only 3 days and he lost 6 pounds.
Now I know that there are these websites out there that profess this and that... but this is just a blog or journal about this British chap trying to lose body fat... a bit like this blog really. So he had photos of the scales before, and after etc and it was about a month ago and this is what he did for 3 days:

9:00 am 1 tin of tuna & Multi vitamin
11.30 am 1 tin of tuna & 2 teaspoons of Benefibre (3.5g)
2:00 pm 1 tin of tuna
4:30 pm 1 tin of tuna & Multivitamin
7:00 pm 1 tin of tuna & 2 teaspoons of Benefibre (3.5g)
9:30 pm 1 tin of tuna

With this he drank 3/4 litres of water with every can of tuna.

Now, I actually feel like giving this a serious go just to see if it really does work, and considering I have my holiday in Crete in 4 weeks, it would be good to get some pounds off quickly. Now this guy has quite a lean physique, so I am thinking that maybe someone with much more fat in their body - and lets face it, I have the same analytical fat content as a Pork Scratching - might actually lose a lot more fat. I would much rather lose fat than weight that's for sure. At the end of the day it's the fat - not the actual weight - that makes us look horrible in a bikini... so I am going to have a go. Today is Wednesday, so I am going to start tomorrow. I honestly don't know i my band will let me eat tuna that early in the morning, but I will just swill it down with water and see what happens. I think it will be a seriously cool experiment, and only 3 days so its quick and I can see the end of it.

Also being as that its such a short time, my body wont go into survival mode, and also the fact that it is tuna means the extra protein will be fabulous for skin and hair etc.

So tomorrow, I am going to go for it as above and see what happens. I will weigh myself that morning and Sunday morning just to see a comparison, but I will rely on the Monday weigh in as usual for the true result. My scales are not that accurate to be fair. So i will continue on plan for today and then do this Tuna thing and see what happens. Will be lush to lose a few really quickly. Maybe even do this once a week until the holiday to really shift some lard. I guess it depends how horrible it is to do it to be honest.

I love tuna though... so that's cool.

Yesterday was actually a pretty bad day. Thankfully I stayed in the 2000 calorie range, but it was not with good calories. I had a chicken salad for lunch which was about 150 cals if that, and then I made this lovely Chicken Liver and pasta dish. Sounds horrible, but actually chicken livers are divine. I spent ages making sure that it was all slimmingworld fayre and then I couldn't eat it and actually had to HMS for the first time in a loooooong while.

The recipe for anyone that cares:
This serves 4 and is completely free on Extra Easy Slimmingworld plan
1 packet of chicken livers - washed and chopped
1 onion finely chopped
2 garlic cloves grated or crushed
1 pack of smoked back bacon (fat removed) and chopped
4 tbsp's olive oil to fry (use as healthy B choice on slimmingworld plan)
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp paprika
1 tbsp sage
1 tub quark (very low fat soft cheese)
200mls skimmed milk (from A choice allowance on plan)
salt and pepper
Cooked pasta spirals and salad

Fry the onion, garlic, bacon, chilli, paprika, sage in the oil and then drain out the oil back into the pan and set aside pulp. Use the spiced oil to gently fry the chicken livers for 4 or 5 minutes, then add the pulp back in and mix it up. Set aside. Mix the tomato puree, quark and milk together to make a thick creamy pink coloured sauce and pour into the liver mixture and stir up. Throw in boiled pasta and mix up. Serve with a salad. Serves 4 hungry people!

Voila! This is what I couldn't eat: I had prodded it and pushed it about for half an hour before I took the photo so its not looking it's absolute best... In fact it looks like shit doesnt it. It wasn't though

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The march of Mrs. Blobby

Hate self hate self hate self HATE SELF

Want to eat

Hate self hate self


Hate self hate self hate self hate self HATE SELF

want to eat more

battle with mind battle with mind



...and the result is 2 and a half pounds of lard re attached to my butt.

Such is the week I have had - an endless battle with my own willpower. Groan.
My name is Bunny and I am a foodaholic.

I have also been having thoughts such as "Well what the hell, I've seen fatty's in bikini's." "Who really cares about my weight except me?" "Do I want to be slim really?" "Can I be bothered to lose weight" "What if I just give up and do what I want... will it really be that bad?"

To be honest, its been a really rubbish week - had the painter's in, and missing DS as he's at kids camp etc, - and I knew I would gain this week, so I just went with it. As you all know my weigh in is on Monday's, so on Saturday we had a slap up Chinese - aromatic crispy lamb in pancakes, shredded smoked chicken, seaweed, shredded sticky chilli beef, chicken fried rice and sweet and sour sauce and prawn crackers to the tune of £35 + bottle of red. YUM. Then on Sunday we had a huge Indian takeaway which set us back £25 and I enjoyed every mouthful.

Yesterday I went to the weighbridge and faced the music. I stayed to 'image therapy' which I think is a completely pants and pointless title seeing as all it is is reading out peoples losses/gains and asking each one how they did that week. I don't know why they don't just call it Confession! It usually ends up with a load of old biddies talking about how they do their knitting whilst watching telly, or their Friend is going to Scotland and their husband is ill and they think they have swine flu or other such petty crap that has nothing to do with slimmingworld. And then you get the ones who are blatantly not doign it, but expect to lose wight anyway and will NOT listen to any suggestions and you just want to throttle them, and then the ones who just sit there and list all the food they ate menu by menu each day for a week and its terminally boring... BUT, that said it does focus the mind sitting in front of said biddies and having them say "oh well, maybe next week" and "how can you get on track" because they all do genuinely care. Staying to Confession as I am now going to call it is good for me. If I stay I usually do better, and even though most of the people there are dappy, at least they are there to talk to and its kind of a social occasion for them, so whatever.
They all know that I have a lap band, and that I can eat any amount of rubbish, but struggle with real food, so its useful to me to be able to share my joys/failures with them. Sometimes they come up with good ideas too... like one lady found a trifle that was low in syns as she brought it in for me because it was soft and sweet and said it might be easy for me to eat and nice when I want a sugar hit rather than chocolates... so that was nice. I hate trifle though, but bless her anyway.

So I got a rap on the knuckles and I was on plan 100% yesterday and so far 100% today.

Yesterday was a bit weird... I could not drink my coffee after slimmingworld, probably because I had a spoon of pea soup and one of the shucks got stuck or something, so for most of the day until 5:30 I could not eat anything. Then after I went to tesco I was able to drink 1 litre of Innocent smoothie, which was about 700 cals for the whole carton. I was glad of that as I was needing sugar and pure fruit smoothie is about the best I can grab. Then I made a roast chicken dinner and I ate this:

Then in the evening I managed to keep control of myself and had a muller light and some home made tomato soup. The tomato soup was luscious:
10 very ripe large tomatoes
1 onion
2 sticks celery
3 carrots
teaspoon of thyme
1/2 teaspoon of dried chilli flakes
2 tablespoons of tomato puree
3 litres of water
1 vegetable stock cube
1 tablespoon of olive oil to fry the onion a little (but you can omit this)
salt and black pepper to taste
Boil to death for about an hour and then blitz with a hand blender and then portion into food bags and freeze.
Its just great. I am about to have a bowl now actually!
Then today I have been on plan too. I woke up at bout 9:30 (DS is away on camp remember) and filled in all my stuff for the CRB enhanced disclosure check I have to do each year as I work with children, got that down to the post office and that took about 45 minutes to sort out as they never know what the hell they are doing and I have to wait and wait and wait for them to read the guidance notes (again just like the last 6 years running) and then make a phone call because they are still baffled, and then I tell them they should write "just fill in the 'check&send' form" on their guidance notes so that EACH YEAR we don't have to go through this farce and they say "what a good idea, I will do that" and then not bother again like they haven't done each time they have said that (Yeah, I get a little grieved by this!)... and then came home to find I had a music theory paper to mark for a pupil, so I did that and then had to trek back down the post office again to post that, then came home and had a coffee. After all that it was 12:30. So I made a chicken salad with the left over roast chicken from last night and added honey mustard dressing (8 syns for the WHOLE bottle so very low syns to use) and now its 3 o'clock and I am peckish again. Heres the chicken salad:
I am able to eat quite a lot of food at each sitting as long as I go about it right. I think that this is a good thing.
To eat and have nothing stick I must do the following:
1.) Drink 1/2 pint of squash or water and then have a coffee - immediately before eating
2.) Chew teaspoon size mouthfuls for the first 5 or 6 bites and do it thoroughly
3.) Chew thoroughly every other bite of the meal
4.) Stop eating immediately on sensation in chest and wait a full minute until next mouthful
These are MY golden rulz. they are not the same for everyone, but this is how I manage my band and food intake.
If I follow these rules:
I do not HMS (aka PB)
I do not have to eat between meals
I do not have any problems what so ever.
If I don't follow these rules:
1.) I have to HMS
2.) only manage one mouthful and then sit for an hour with pain in my chest
3.) not manage anything else to eat for hours and feel weak
I always call it HMS'ing rather than PB'ing because I NEVER have 'productive burps'. That has never happened. If I have a problem it always ends up in me Having to Make myself Sick or HMS for short/decency reasons
I have never in my entire time with the band burped and had blowback. Nope.
If I get a heavy chest, it usually will not pass, and I have learned to stop eating if I have the slightest sensation because experience tells me that if I carry on it will only be a.) more painful and b.) mean it could get embarrassing if in company where I cannot wait and have to throw up immediately. If I stop on first sensation I can usually wait until I am at home/safely installed in a bathroom to get on with the HMS job and I can wait out the pain as its not terrible. On very rare occasions the food does pass through, but it normally takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to do so.
So that's me for the last few days. I will try and keep with the programme guyz and girlz and let you know how its going. I am going to take more photos of meals as I find this really helps me, and I guess you too, know how much I am eating and the type of foods I can eat as a restricted bandster...

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Camping was cool... in the real sense on the word. It threw it down with rain and thunder and lightening for the first night - thankfully after we put up the awnings though!
It was so heavy we could not even hear ourselves talking, but rhythmic enough to fall asleep. To be fair, I think I would have fallen asleep anywhere that night I was so tired.

We didn't get to be until 1:30am because of setting the folding trailer up and getting everything straight inside and then cooking the lunches for the next day. So that I could stay on track with my diet pretty much I made pasta salads each day, a snack bar, yoghurt and chopped melon.

The pasta salads alla slimmingworld were:
Pasta spirals
chopped onion
chopped olives
spoonful extra light mayo

Pasta spirals
Puttanesca sauce - Cooked at home and taken with us(Red peppers, chilli, Onion, Black Greek olives, tuna (hate anchovy!), pine nuts, tomato, capers)

Pasta spirals
chopped onion

Very uninteresting, but all doable with one gas ring in a tiny caravan.

In the evening however, we ate out. On Thursday we had Fish and chips en-route. I have 2 fishcakes and a few chips. Haven't had them for ages and it was goooooood. Then Friday we went to pizza hut. I had mixed olives to start with, a small thin pizza and NO PUDDING!!!!!! GO ME!
Saturday night we went to Nando's with some Friends and I had a very random meal. Nando's is all about chicken really and how spicy you want it. Well, I had Olives and garlic, Hummous, Green Salad, ratatouille, Chicken livers. The Olives came in a dish on their own, The humous came with about 60 chopped pitta breads, The Ratatouille came in a little dish too, the salad was like a handful of lettuce greens on a huge bowl/plate (the plate was warm too.... a pet hate is having salad on a warm plate. That's just rubbish), and the chicken livers win a luscious creamy spicy gravy were on their own too. So the Banded Lady at the table actually had FIVE dishes on the table. Well, I just dumped each dish on top of the lettuce bowl and Bingo! Salad of the year.

Oh man... the chicken livers, ratatouille, olives and garlic and humous all on a salad is the best combo and dinner out I have had in a long long time. It was heaven. I was on a roll and I did order the GAWJUS caramel cheesecake and ate every tiny crumb and enjoyed each and every delicious mouthful!

Then Sunday night we got a quick happy meal from McDonald's for the drive home. I got mozzarella dippers and a cheeseburger. When we arrived back at the ranch, Sue had made a full Roast dinner - Lamb and all the trimmings! Phew, so I knocked that back too. It was ace.

So it was with a little dread that I approached the weighbridge yesterday morning. I gained 1 and a half pounds! That was all!! I was really really pleased.

Obviously to people in the world at large, I must stress that it might sound like I ate a lot of food, but the portions were all very small in reality. DH ate much more than I did, and also put on 5 pounds, even considering he was on Slimfast milkshakes during the day! So the band is a limiter I guess. I also have to go so slowly to eat normal food, that its not such a problem. That little fill has done me the world of good as it just slowed me down that little bit more.

Not that its not a battle still because I don't feel like the band has restricted my intake of normal fattening foods at all. I could easily put on weight each week, so I need to keep with slimmingworld to lose weight, but what the band has done is slow me down, make me less prone to snacking and not feeling hungry between meals.

Maybe that's the perfect solution. This time last year I could not eat much of anything as it was so tight, but I am tighter now that last year, and I am going fine.

I just find the whole band thing a very weird experience.
So, we continue...

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Off Camping

Had a good week really... Finished work last Tuesday - YES! No more work until 12th September. Hip Hip HOORAY. I am so glad I got through it though. Its always the same with the end of term... people farting around cancelling all over the shop and it just makes me want to say 'stuff it - see ya next year'. But I did it. I did all the lessons on the schedule that didn't cancel me, and I re-arranged the ones that did if it was possible and got my hands on as much cash as I humanly could. 6 weeks without work means the next few weeks are pretty lean unless we are really careful with our budget.


So, being completely DeMob happy, I have just chilled and relaxed and done nothing much. Apparently the word Chillax is the most annoying word in the world. Actually I think its pretty cool.

Weight wise, well I stayed the same this week. No change at all. I think I am pretty darn luck to be honest, because I really was a bit naughty. That said, I didn't probably eat too much over the top. One day I just had a family bag of malteasers. That's 900 cals... but that was all I had. I am sure that its calorie intake at the end of the day as opposed to what you eat. Obviously its not going to be a great source of nutrition to just eat chocolates, but one day ain't gonna hurt.

So this evening we are off camping for the weekend. We have a big convention to go to in Norwich which requires smart attire during the day, but then when we chillax (HA HA) at night, that will require more of a casual approach. We also have to have a 1km walk to the venue and back each morning and afternoon, so hopefully all the meals I have planned (on slimmingworld) will be good, and if I do succumb to a little naughtiness, then I will walk it off!!

So see you when I get back folks

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Feeling the pull of the Dark Side

I'm writing to reassure myself again. Today I feel like I have blown it. I feel like its not worth carrying on with dieting today and should just give in to temptation and scoff whatever I fancy.


Because I have eaten about 35 Hot Tamales - about 11 syns, and therefore have blown today's syn value.

BUT I also have not had ANYTHING else. I know this is crazy but I have just been sitting all day working at the computer nibbling Hot Tamales and thinking how crap I feel and I haven't actually been hungry until right now.

I have probably ingested no more than 300 cals for the whole day so far so I should really get upset right?

The calorie thing and the slimmingworld thing are what mess me up. Because I have a band, slimmingworld has to be a little bit adjusted anyways, and when I do have random days like this I HAVE to remember that if I am only eating Sweets, but the calories are low, then I haven't busted the diet at all. If I was just a regular un-banded person then would have a problem because I would be eating sweets on top of the other stuff and then that would definitely mean I had messed up.

At the end of the day, If i eat less calories than I expend, it doesn't matter where those calories come from, just how many there are.

If I eat 1000 cals today and its made up of Hot Tamales and full fat rootbeer, and tomorrow I eat 1000 calories made up of meat, salad, egg, pasta etc... its STILL ONLY 1000 cals right?

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A pound's a pound

Well, this week it was just 1lb off. Bit disappointed with that, but not too bothered. I have had a lot of stuff that was junky this week due to the massive cooking marathon that started Friday and ended Sunday 3pm. I had some of the truffle mixture and some of the finished article, and I had some of the Red Hot Tamales and Big Red gum that mum & dad brought back with them from Oregon for me, also some other bits and bobs that I shouldn't have had really, so really I should be thanking the scales!

The Piano recital went really well. I dont have many photos because I was too busy 'presenting' it all, and the ones DH took are crap.

Anyway folk, just thought I would check in and tell you all's good in the hood.

Felix getting better, Recital went great and we raised over £600 for CLIC Sargent to help children with cancer doing the sponsored Practice-a-thon, The lap-band is being good, no drama's right now thank goodness and no swine flu in the area... yet.

Travelling Buddy's DH plays Gymnopedie No.1. By Eric Satie.

Friday, 3 July 2009


Roll on Sunday when we can eat it all!

Desert Canape's

Worked out what I am going to do for the desert canapes... I am going to make a kind of weird chocolate truffle. actually its probably more like a soft crunchy chocolate ball covered in chocolate vermicelli rather than a truffle, but it will do the job. I am not going to bother making different types, but the one will be fine I think. I will make one with digestive biscuits, butter and plain chocolate and the other with dessicated coconut and white chocolate and butter. I have to try this out first (what a shame) and see it it holds together and stuff, but I think they will be ok. I bought 100 petit four cases and I will pop them in those on platters. Should be nice.

I also bought some cocktail sausages and bacon to wrap them in, which I thought might be good too and also some chicken tikka pieces.

So I have catered for meat eaters, vegetarians and coeliacs but could have a problem if there is a vegan in the house! LOL.

I am going to cook the falafel today too and freeze them. I think that's the best thing for those. I can't make it all up on Sunday otherwise I will stink of cooking and be shattered too. All I really want to do on Sunday is fill the vol-au-vents and put the stuff on the blini's and the pitta and that be it. So I think even the sausages are going to have to be done on Saturday evening, along with baking the vol-au-vent cases. Ho hum.

All this talk of food is making me hungry! Mind you, one look at Felix in he corner of my eye turns me off again. I think he is really going to struggle without his eyes. I mean today we got all the paraphernalia ready for his morning nursing care:
  • warm salt water and gauze for the eye
  • Iodine and cotton buds for the leg pins & stomach tube wound
  • 10mls water with 1 antibiotic for initial flush of tubing
  • 50mls of liquid cat feed
  • 20mls of water with 4kg dose metacam pain relief for second flush
  • 2 puppy training pads for below the vet bedding for when he wee's
  • Clean vet bed liner

None of this worries me too much, and once you have it all laid out and prepared it goes ok. I mean it only took about half an hour this morning to do all this stuff. But what worries me is the toilet situation. The cage is too small for a little tray proper, so the vet said get a little baking tray and put some stuff in it so he can feel it. The trouble is he can't SEE it, let alone feel it, so he just goes to the toilet where he is laying. This morning after feeding and bathing his wounds and doing all his bits and bobs he has to have a little walk for 5 minutes and he just squatted and went for a poo. He didn't find a corner, or scratch. He just squatted and did it on the floor. I have ceramic floors throughout my home so its not a problem at all, but there was no normal cat behavior like scratching to clear a space, or scratching afterwards to cover. Maybe this will improve when he feels better and knows that he is back to normal. I am just worried that its because he is blind and stuff.

But, hey. Its not my problem in reality. He is Sue's cat, but I am the one who is here all day. If he is in the cage its no biggy, I just clean him up but when he is out of there and back in the land of 6 other cats and 2 dogs... hmmmm interesting. What happens if he just craps where he likes. I am going to have to clear all that up man. I don't mind too much, but its a bit of an ask. I suppose we will just have to suck it and see.

Yesterday I was really positive and stuff, but today I am back in the 'was this the right choice' camp. There is a LOT of work and nursing to be done - so much so that after it all I guess I will be a qualified Veterinary Nurse! HA! I just wonder that after doing so much for him, spending thousands of pounds on him and stuff, that he won't be able to cope being blind. I dunno. I guess I have to read up about it. I think I am more worried about how the other animals will be with him, because Sue will get angry with me and my animals because they are harassing Felix, when in fact its her problem and my house.

Apart from all that malarkey, eating is going well. Yesterday was a good day again and I was well within my calorie count for the day. I had 3 squares of chocolate, 1 harvest crunch bar for a snack and dinner was watercress, rocket and romaine lettuce salad with spicy grilled chicken breast pieces and sugar snap peas in a lemon and thyme dressing. I also had a big bowl or strawberries with a vanilla mullerlite yoghurt on top - as opposed the double cream that DS and Sue had on theirs! DH hates strawberries so he just had a yoghurt. He is doing well on Slimfast and has lost just over 14 pounds now since we returned from the Czech Republic on June 1st.

I am itching to weigh myself, but I am not going to. Even if I do and I have lost weight, on Sunday we have the recital with all that other food, so I might be tempted to eat a little bit and I would be annoyed that I lost and then put on in the same week, so I am going to just wait it out and see what Monday brings. Its only 3 days after all.

Looks like the weather has changed here. Its got fresher thank goodness, but also got darker outside as I have been writing this and I think we might get a load of rain. With that, I am off to check the rain situation and get the washing in.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Felix is home

We collected Felix from the vet today and he is chillin' in a nice big cage in my office. The other cats have come and had a sniff and amazingly he knew they were there. His Mum Mary sauntered right up to the cage and he got up and mewed! How do they know that their are others about, and who they are when she was silent and he is blind? Wow, their senses are strong. Anyway, he is settled and here is a picture of the poor little baby.

I am off to tesco's now to get a few bits for the canapes I am serving at the recital.
here's the menu:
Smoked Salmon and cream cheese Blini's
Garlic and Herb Olive's and Cream Cheese Blini's
Vol-au-vents with Egg Mayonaise
Vol-au-vents with Cheese and Onion
Vol-au-vents with Prawns in cocktail sauce
Falafel balls
Toasted Pitta pieces with Cream Cheese and Spicy Tomato Salsa
Red and White wine and also a lot of fruit flavoured water.
I was thinking of serving strawberrys dipped in chocolate for a sweet, but its a hassle. I cant think of any other kind of sweet canape to make. Any ideas?

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Ramblings - sorry bit boring

I was going to blog yesterday but our Internet router was playing up last night. I have no idea why, but seems to be fine this morning. Maybe it just needed a rest like I do!

Well, beginning of the month again and i would love to say 'yippee payday' but our overdraft was so huge that we are about £25 in credit after both of us have been paid and all the bills accounted for. That is what I call rubbish. Mind you we use one of those Tesco Clubcard Plus accounts for our shopping, which means in reality all our petrol and food are paid for already, but it still feels crap to only have £25 spare cash.

The reason we are so skint? We booked 2 weeks in Crete for the end of August. Yay! But it meant that all our hard earned savings are gaaawwwnnnnn! I don't really mind going without a little bit though seeing as we have something ace to look forward to. It would be a bit pants to have no cash and nothing to look forward to, which is the normal state of play around this house!

So yeah, we are booked 2 weeks all inclusive in Crete and I am counting the days! Also it gives me a real incentive to lose the flab, as when we went to Malta last June I was 15 stone 7. It would be nice to be well on the way to that figure if possible. I have 8 weeks to do it, so lets rock!

We have our annual Piano Recital on Sunday too, so that's something nice to look forward to. I chose my dress about a month ago and it fit snugly, but comfortably, so seeing as I have shed about 9 pounds since then, it should fit brilliantly now. I pick it up on Friday and then have to take it back on Tuesday. Cost £80 to hire it, and I have paid £40 already, so that helps out. I have already accounted in this months bills for the other £40 so I don't need to worry about that either.

On the 16th We are going to go to Norwich camping for the weekend. Paid the deposit for that and accounted for the other £75 to pay the balance there too, and that is a relief.

There was so much to take into account this month that I nearly forgot about paying for Norwich. That could have been a bit painful, so just at the last minute I remembered to add that onto the sum total.

This months bills were £2265. Horrendous I think. Ok, I did have a few bits and bobs on there that wont be there next month, but that's a lot of cash. When you think that a lot of people just getting married will have similar bills, that doesn't leave a lot of space for enjoying themselves and having fun does it. When you consider this amount its easy to see why people argue about money and stuff. I wonder what kind of people these days would be able to get married, buy a house and have this type of bill package and then have their wife give up work to start a family. I doubt that's possible for most people these days. There is no way on earth DH ever earned near that amount even when he had a good job, let alone now. There has to be the 2 of us working or it would be curtains.

Our bills per month, just for the hell of it are thus:

Cost to run 5 bedroom house, village location, East of England, nothing special:

Mortgage (aka millstone).......................... £946
Council Tax................................................. £127
Life Insurance for Me and DH................... £88
Water Rates .................................................. £35
TV Licence .................................................... £12
Mobile Phone Me ......................................... £22
Mobile Phone DH ......................................... £22
Gas and Electric ...........................................£148
Sky TV ............................................................£20
Cinema passes x3.......................................... £40
Gas/electric/white goods homecare plan ..£40
Buildings and Contents Insurance............... £22
Broadband Internet....................................... £13
Landline Phone.............................................. £40
Car Insurance for Me and DH..................... £64
Loan from my Mum to buy a car................ £50
Dog Insurance................................................ £10
DVD rental........................................................ £4
Games Rental................................................... £8
Musicians Union Membership...................... £12
Food and Petrol (minimum!)....................... £450

Total ..............................................................£2173

Now, apart from the 3 Unlimited Cinema passes and a dvd and games rental there isn't anything on this list that isn't run of the mill and kind of a necessity. Ok, I guess you could argue that if really necessary we didn't need Sky TV, but that's only £20.

You can see why people think 'stuff it! lets run up a credit card and live a bit'. Its unusual if we ever have any spare cash, and pretty horrifying when you consider the above does not include Clothes, shoes, haircuts, school dinners, trips, decorating stuff or general things needed for the house day to day, entertainment etc. How on earth do people cope if they smoke? 20 fags a day would be about £40 a week... OUCH!


Would be good to compare this with other countries, as I expect that there could be some significant differences.

We don't own credit cards anymore, but boy they are tempting hey! So easy to max one out, but the rest of your life paying it back. I could easily go out tomorrow and spend a couple of thousand on stuff, but with no spare cash ever, it would take the rest of the century to pay it back.

Credit cards are a wicked temptation for people and its horrible. Its so easy to get so far out of your depth that you have to shove 2 straws up your nostrils just to keep breathing a bit. We've been there, and it wasn't pretty. Everything is fine until 'life' deals you a bad card. Ours was job loss and half pay in the new one. Gulp.

The only thing that saved us was getting a couple of lodgers and that is all. It would have been the streets mate! I am glad we have lodgers though. It makes life a little interesting.

Talking of lodgers, Felix - Sue's cat - is coming home tomorrow after his ordeals. He is blind, has one leg with pins and a bar attached to it and a broken jaw, but he is getting better by the day. We will be feeding him with a tube that goes into his tummy, and keeping him in a big cage in the office until he has recuperated fully. Hes not out of the woods completely, but he is on the mend. We saw him yesterday and he looked very well.

Eating wise, well things have been going well. Yesterday I didn't have much. I had a square of chocolate in the morning, some peanuts for lunch and a mashed potato, tomato, jalepeno, frankfurter and cheese concoction that is FAB on slimmingworld diet that I made up. Its just 4 syns.

4 chopped frankfurters - 4 syns
mashed potato - I use instant
chopped tinned tomato
chopped jalepeno's
grated cheese allowance (54g half fat)

Its brilliant. Great for the band as its soft, but great on slimmingworld too.

Today, I had a smoked trout flaked on green salad, and it was yummy. So a syn free day again so far. I am going to do a beef stirfry for tea, and then enjoy a couple of glasses of red whilst watching Big Brother. Yay.