Sunday, 28 July 2013

Challenging myself

I have officially finished work for the summer YAY!

With that, I gave myself a couple of challenges.

The first challenge:
Keep on my eating plan after having ALL THE FLUID REMOVED from my band!

Yes, I finally decided that the band was being more of a hindrance than a help these days and as my eating is under my own control and has been stable for a year, that it was time to bite the bullet and have a complete de-fill.

I was also a little worried about erosion. It can't be a good thing to have something squeezing your tummy permanently. I haven't really considered this before, or even in the few years that I was trying to get the band working. I have been thinking about it a lot recently though.

My eating had been being hindered by my band to such an extent that I was being sick a lot, or having to drink very hot green tea before a meal to loosen things up etc. Now, I hear you saying " that's not what you should do!" but that IS what I should do. That is what I needed to do to eat a full meal and you just don't need to do that kind of thing if you get rid of the fluid and find enough will power. I haven't been using the band to help me lose weight for over a year... in my opinion the only thing it's done (and that only marginally) is stop me feeling hungry. Once that window of opportunity is gone, the only thing we can do is move more and eat less.

I was finding that the band was stopping my enjoyment of my meal and making me a social outcast as I went everywhere with my tea pot and it was impossible to plan meals out etc. It didn't stop me eating the meal - it just slowed it down until it was stone cold and everyone else was thoroughly pissed off with me.

So I had 5mls out on Sunday 14th July.

I don't know if any of you get this feeling, but when I have a fill or a de-fill, I get a hot flush and funny woozy dizzy feeling. It is so strange and this one was a biggy. It just shows how sensitive our body is and how we need to be careful about these things. I was worried that the constant aggravation of the nerves at my band site would or will cause me some issues with my health in the future, so having it loose will hopefully lessen the impact it has. I don't know quite what I am worried about - cancer mainly, or erosion or something really unpleasant. I just hope it's enough.

When I had the fluid out, I felt amazing. I was by no means tightly filled, but I would definitely have to 'plan' meals. I couldn't just drink a big glass of water straight from the tap if I was thirsty. I couldn't just have a coffee whilst out shopping. Everything was pre-thought. Everything had the "ok... here we go... how does the first mouthful of this feel.... blimey I hope this is going to go down as I don't have a cup to throw up in handy" it was always that kind of mental process going on. Being able to drink a cup of coffee and have no ill effects by no means meant that a second would go down either. Being able to eat half a dinner by no means meant that the rest would follow suit. I was just fed up completely with it's fickleness.

It just annoyed me too much. When it got to the point that I couldn't go to the gym one day because for the previous 2 hours I had been standing in my kitchen trying to drink something (start with a hot water, then a green tea then get cooler and cooler until BINGO! We are off!) that's when I decided quite frankly I had had enough. I had been faffing around trying to drink something to get things moving that I had used up all the spare time I had anyway. How can you go to the gym and not refresh yourself? Impossible. I found I was stressed and dreading eating/drinking at all times.

That people, is no way to live.

Now, this is my experience, and I fully know that I seem to have had a completely different band experience than anyone else on the planet, but there you go. That just shows you that it is not always the miraculous answer to a prayer. It has been the bain of my life to be honest.

Anyway, the fluid was out, I immediately downed a pint of water at record speed - or basically like a normal human.

It was lovely. I ate normally and I drank more cool drinks that I had for a couple of years and even had ice in a G & T! Delish!

Having my fluid out didn't mean I ate more, I have been able to keep to my plan and feel that my eating habits are more in line with a regular person these days and that I have successfully conquered this overeating nightmare for the time being. I am by no means being smug here either... I mean, who knows what will happen in the future, but for now - we are cooking on gas!

I still don't feel hunger, but I do feel a weakness that wasn't there when I had my fluid in. This I have found disappears if I have a pint of squash or water. I was always under the impression that you feel weak because you are starving or have low in blood sugar or something and need food. Well I am eating exactly the same way, and only spotted this feeling since the un-fill. This suggests to me that this purely psychosomatic, especially as it disappears so easily.

A struggle that I am having is not to gulp food. It is so lovely to be able to take a big bite of sandwich and know that its not going to be gurgling down the sink 30 seconds later, that chomping food down fast is something I have to watch.

To curb this I am trying to eat with a pastry fork and or teaspoon. This has helped. I have kept my small plate and I am still using Livestrong to keep track of my nutrients and my calories.

Keeping to my eating plan will remain my permanent challenge, but knowing that I can eat more and exercise more is a great tool. It's something I find I quite enjoy... the play off.

The second challenge:

Exercise enough to burn of 1000 calories per day

This is a personal fitness challenge. I can easily manage 1000 calories, but it's usually the time that I have available that dictates the amount of exercise I do. I usually manage 4 days a week and usually I burn between 500 and 800 calories a time.  If I have more time, and a great book, I do 1000.

Now it's the summer hols, I have decided that I am 100% committed to getting rid of the last 2 stone and I am going to try and manage 1000 calories each day. I am sure there will be days that I can't do this, but so far so good.

To give you an idea, 1000 calories takes me 1 hour 20 minutes on the treadmill at level 18 doing random hills at 5.3kph (or a brisk walk).

I have a good book on my iPad and prop it on the screen of the treadmill and plug my ears with foam to deaden the ghastly boom boom thump of the power music on the sound system that all gyms seem to think we all want to listen to, when in reality everyone has their own ears plugged with their own music on their iPod.

I can be completely engrossed and I get a kick out of knowing that 2 meals are being walked away under my feet. It also means that I can enjoy about 2300 calories a day and STILL lose 2 pounds a week! How awesome is that. I just don't feel like I am on a diet. In fact, I guess I am not. I can pretty much eat anything I darn well please and get a smile back from the scales each morning.
For instance yesterday I had a big bowl of granola for brekkie, tuna mayo sarnie for lunch and as I couldn't be bothered to cook a meal, we just settled for Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato (with butter!)sarnies for tea, a big back of Thai chilli crisps and 3 Gin and Tonics and I was STILL under my cals for the day! Like... who wouldn't love that??  

So there we go. My 2 challenges.

Happy summer everyone!