Saturday, 25 May 2013

Absent friends

As is usual when I don't post for a long time, I have normally fallen off of the waggon, gone back to bad habits, drunk too much wine and had too much life than is necessarily for my 'inner big girl' fighting to get back out.

However I didn't fall off the waggon into a pit of donuts... but I did actually fall. Before Easter.

I tripped up, then tripped over my feet which were stumbling to gain purchase on the pot holed main road that runs through our village and fell smack hard down on the pavement.

It resulted in an immense amount of pain, loss of skin and savage weeping that could not be covered.

There was absolutely no skin on the the whole of the underneath of my knee, it was constantly weeping too. I covered it with plasters, but they fell off because they soaked through, so I went to the doctors where they gave me these mad dressings that were made of a rubbery material...

But as you can see by the towel underneath my leg and the vague right hand ooze shot - this bandage could not contain the beast either. The bandage - called a hydrocoloid dressing - is supposed to be permeable and the oozy stuff is supposed to bubble up like a blister beneath it and gradually get absorbed by the dressing and evaporate... Well mine was so epic that it just burst and soaked me in my sleep. We left it till morning with a towel under my leg... but basically it was back to the top photo where I attached some cotton wool underneath as a drip tray.

After leaving it open to the air, a crust formed across the lavarous wound... this would crack and kill me all over again on a minute by minute basis with each step or movement.

The above is after 3 weeks. Yes 3 WEEKS! I don't take to healing very well having lupus and all kinds of other crap, so its always a waiting game. The above shows the crust on top trying to form me a new knee cap... I was quite worried about in growing hairs or something like that. I know that's funny, but I really was! haha!

But after 5 long weeks, the savagery had subsided and new skin was formed over the hole...

5 weeks of hobbling and cursing brought me to this... still extremely painful to bend my knee and walk about, but much better. The purple part is scar and the scabby bit is the deepest part of the wound.

I hadn't needed to worry about ingrowing hair as the hairs here fell out of the follicles and even today 8 weeks on, there is no hair growth in the scar at all. At least I gave myself a bit of free hair removal - although I wont be recommending it as an alternative. I think electrolysis would be far less painful!

Now, I am left with a purple version of the above and a numb, hairless knee. The achey pain has gone too and I dont 'feel' my knee all the time as some alien waiting to escape so it must be healed. 8 weeks was a long time for such a silly little stumble.

Why have i told you about the above... well 8 weeks injury meant 8 weeks out of action at the gym... What do you think might have been the result of sitting on my butt, feeling yukky, sorry for myself, in pain, not doing any exercise a year ago?

Weight gain. And a lot of it!

What did it result in this time?

Weight MAINTENANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! What a result!

I kept within my limits, but I did indulge my sadness and poorlyness. I just played poker with food. I played them all off against each other and managed to get through what could have been a diet disaster ditch, and instead climbed up higher that my wildest dreams.

I have realised that this last year 1st May 2012 to 1st May 2013 I have accomplished what I never ever ever thought was possible:


And I have aced that class!!

In the last year I have lost 25 KILOS
25 KILOS - 55LBS - 4 STONE

I am exceptionally proud of myself, because I did it ALL BY MYSELF!

So for the last 10 days, I have been going back to the gym. I started with 3 minutes gentle walking, then upped it to a bit faster and longer. Then gradually I have built back up to hills and fast walking at lvl 13 yesterday for 70 minutes and I am fine.

Today I am off to have a go at lvl 13 random hill for 90 minutes :) 1000 calorie burn is back baby!!