Tuesday, 14 February 2012

5 Years of hell

Well ho ho ho. 5 yrs since banding and I just paid off my loan. Was it worth 6K?

Hmmm currently 1lb heavier than when I was banded so will let you all decide...

This blog ain't nothing if not truthful.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Raw food…?

I read this today on a raw food website. I find this interesting...

"Ponder this for a moment: of the 700,000 or so species on the planet, one species cooks its food and one species suffers with obesity, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, widespread mental dysfunction and other chronic diseases. The only exceptions to this rule are domestic and farmed animals, also fed cooked food..." by Fresh Network

...But I guess domestic and farmed animals would eat raw food if we didn't 'own' them and pen them in.

I am thinking a lot about this. With my numerous health issues, weight battles and other assorted quirks I wonder what raw food would do to me for a month.

Anyone tried this?

I have visions of sitting with a broccoli floret and a couple of raw carrots for dinner which doesn't really appeal to be fair... but I like juices and things... I am just worried a little cos my band does not like hard to eat foods.

I wonder if I could starve to death on this kind of diet!! I like the idea of raw food, but I am not sure it is compatible with banded people...

Would appreciate thoughts and ideas...