Tuesday, 5 July 2005

Slimmer of the Week! - who me?

"Yes you!"

I haven't been posting for months....I have been lost at sea, presumed dead, but found to be surviving and ready to show the world 'ow good I dun!

I am after all a serial dieter/eater so what do you expect?

Well expect better. I have been meaning to write this for ages, but the weeks keep slipping by.

I joined Slimming Class.

The delivered meals were getting too expensive to continue with for any length of time, so I decided to bite the bullet and do the hard stuff...re educating myself and really trying.

I joined in March. I had lost a few pound from when I wrote before - starting in at 18 stone and 12 and a half pounds! NOT GOOD

I have done well, and even though I have also had a massive gain during this time, as you will read about shortly, I am still patting myself on the back.

I lost 1 stone 1 and a half lbs by June 1st. Then I went on holiday for 3 weeks.


I put on 12lbs while I was away. I was HORRIFIED. I mean it. However, I made the choices to put that food into my mouth, all the croisants and chocs and French bread, cheese, butter and wine and nice meals out. I was still half expecting to see a loss. CAN YOU BELIEVE THE CHEEK OF ME? I must be crazy. I was so depressed by the gain like you would not believe.

BUT - now this is the excellent thing - I GOT BACK ON THE WAGON! I went straight home and made something lovely to eat which would not pile on the lbs and at the next weigh in I lost 6lbs!

in 1 week I lost half of the weight that I put on in 3 weeks. I was thrilled. This week I lost another 3lbs. So next week if I lose another 3lb I will have lost the weight in the same time it took to put it on.

I am half wanting to lose 3 and a half pounds or more, simply because I will feel psychologically more motivated to think that I lost more in three weeks that I put on. I know its messed up, but I feel that if I lose more than I put on in the same time, that the diet is therefore working more effectively that if I was trying to pile it on. Obviously diets do work better, but its just more satisfying to think that this one is the best ever, even though I know it is!

So I have now lost 12 and a half pounds. I am pleased, even though I am not at the 17.11lb mark again yet, but I know its either going to be next week that I hit that target, or the week after.

If I lose nothing next week, I will be upset, but not distraught. If I lose a little, I wont be too bothered as its still the right way. If I gain....I will be very upset indeed, as I really need to break back to where I was nearly 6 weeks ago now. That's the worst thing...Knowing that 5 weeks ago I weighed 3lbs less that now.

Slimming is a challenge, but I will not let this fat beat me into submission.

I worked out that I have been fat for 8 years. That is terrible. I don't want to be fat any more. It has to end here. I have stuck a diet for 15 weeks (WOW!!!!!) and I go every week and stay for the whole meeting. If I can do it, everyone can.

Watch this space, as this weeks "SLIMMER OF THE WEEK" is getting smaller!