Friday, 4 May 2012

More foodies

Yesterday was also 100% amazing. I had ordered a food delivery so that I wouldn't be tempted by foods that I couldn't eat, but also money I couldn't afford to spend out either!

For lunch yesterday I made a jacket potato with a tuna and onion mixture.

Low fat salad cream
sliced onion
flora light margarine.

Now I don't know if it was the tuna not being my usual brand - it was tesco's own - or the salad cream being a bit random, or just the combo, but this was really not good. It tasted really yukky. It didn't really smell like fish and the cats didn't come galloping across the lawn from far and wide either. I had about 1/8th of this and then flung it into the bin. DS ate his, but said it tasted weird. He also hasn't died, so there wasn't anything wrong with it per se.

After that, I wasn't very hungry. Whilst making room for the new stuff in my fridge, I saw the parsnips needed attention, and also a bag of mixed veg. I made some curried parsnip soup:

1 onion
4 parsnips
curry powder
1tsp flora diet

Then I made a soup with the mixed veg

1 bag mixed veggies - broccoli, carrots, sprouts
1 onion
veg stock

Yeah, I know they look similar but they're not :-)

Then I was feeling a bit peckish, so I ate half the veggie one, and froze the rest.

For our main dinner I made chilli con carne sans fat hee hee

Now this is VERY gross.

Here's the recipe:

serves 10

1600kg Mince beef (2 x 800g packets)
4 Peppers
4 Onions
1 large packet (400g)Green beans
3 x 400g cans kidney beans
1 500ml box of tomato passata
2 tbsp mustard powder
2 tsp salt
3 beef stock cubes
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
however much cayenne pepper you want
8 heaped tablespoons cumin
4 heaped tablespoons ground coriander
4 tbsp garamasala
6 cloves garlic

Now I made enough of this for 10 people... i.e. eat half / freeze half.
but you can halve the above if needed.

1st = VERY important = Pressure cook (if possible) the beef mince in enough water to cover with the mustard and salt. If you cant pressure cook, you must boil vigorously for 20 minutes.  And here's why... If you just fry your mince you will be eating ALL THAT LARD!

Disgusting right???  Yes. In that mince there was 250mls of pure lard. This handy little device lets you drain off the mince in your pan through the sieve on the top of the jug and has a really low opening spout so that you can pour the flavours of the meat back into your food, but throw away the revolting lard.

Just look at this oil slick - ewwwwwwwwww

Anyway, gross out over with! Pour most of the liquid back onto the mince in the pan. add the onions and peppers and pressure cook/boil again until tender. Then add everything else except for the green beans and bring to a boil.

In a separate pan, cook the green beans and add then at the last minute before serving with a boil of boiled rice. Yummy :)

Syn free my friends :-) Enjoy bowl after bowl. As a bandit though, I only ate 1/3 of this :-(

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