Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Radio 2

Ok, I was on the radio again. It was really good. And really horrible.

There was a lady who came on the show with me called Linda and she is a life coach, NLP, holistic dietitian type guru. She was LOVELY.  You know when you meet someone and they just 'get it'? I have met a lot of people who say they do, but this lady really did. She said things on air that were exactly what I needed to hear, and exactly understanding of what I am doing to myself.

Then after being on air for 45 minutes they got the bloke from Fat Families on the phone. I don't know if you have seen anything he has been in, but one one of his shows that I watched on TV he got these 30 stone people to actually sign their own death certificates.


I don't know about you but I don't warm to a kind of approach whereby someone considers all fat people Lazy (which he called me on air!), unmotivated (obviously not as I would not be DOING this) and in need of a "good a kick up the arse" - direct quote live on air 10:45 am!!

He insulted me on air without asking me basic information, obviously hadn't been listening to the earlier part of the show and issued me with an ultimatum that he can shove up his butt.

Bullying people doesn't work. It never has! I can't lose weight in fear of upsetting him. I have to do this for myself, which also contradicts some things he said too!

However, after listening to it back I think I stood up for myself and sounded like a confident and intelligent woman, which is of course a very weird thing as I have never considered myself as such, but hearing the way I speak on radio, I am really proud of myself and my bravery and also my candidness. But why hold back or lie? Its the truth. It's my life and I am still anonymous.

It's also very hard because there is so little time, you get interrupted a lot while you are speaking, as is the nature with interviews I guess, and you often haven't got time to think fast enough and get caught off guard. I thought he was also very rude to Linda and made assumptions about her way of dealing with the issue of overweight without actually knowing anything about her. Her resume is AWESOME!

I can see why they got the pair of them on there though. One was a whole person, change whats in the mind and you will sort out the whole problem with eating, the other was a complete contrast boot camp Sergeant Major 'break em down to build em up' style.

Both must get results I guess, but that's not for me. I was in tears after the show from the high emotions of it all. Thankfully I kept my cool and my head together to the end!

Thankfully, Linda has offered to help me too, and I have accepted. The researcher at the radio station told me I could choose which ever approach I wanted and I guess we will both be on again in a couple of weeks to see how I am doing.

I have kept a food diary for her and for here... so I will try and update this regularly so that she can get an insight too in how I feel and what I am doing.

yesterdays luncheon:
Prawns in a low cal dressing made with low cal mayo, levi roots reggae reggae and tomato sauce (mmmm) 200 cals :-)


  1. It wound me up too and I ended up thinking castration was too good for him. I've written at length about it on your FB so won't start the rant again!!
    Brave Bunny.

  2. It was an awesome facebook post thank you :-) Thank you for your support Caroline, I really appreciate it. xxx