Sunday, 5 August 2012


Updated Photos from September 2016

This section has not been updated since January 2013.
I will update this Photo gallery each month. Please bear in mind that I put back on ALL my lost weight PLUS another 21lbs - 1st 7lbs - 9.5kg in the last 3 years.
These photos start with my pre "Band to RNY Bypass" shots weighing 
124kgs - 273lbs - 19stone 7lbs
5th September 2016 - 124kgs

25th September 2016 - 115kgs 
16th October 2016 - 110kgs


N.B - 1.10.2010 - I have decided to re-start this photolog as it did not reflect my journey at all at the present moment in time. The first photo is of my initial surgery on 14th February 2007 and the following 3 photos were taken today, 1st October 2010 - approximately 3 and a half years after then. I am currently 17 pounds heavier than I was when I had my surgery. This however marks the start of my new Journey. Thank you

15th February 2007

Day after Surgery

Weight 18 Stone (252 lbs) 114.3kgs

BELOW: 1st October 2010

BELOW: 10th March 2011

116.7kgs - Down 5kgs

BELOW: 29th MAY 2011 112.9kgs - Down 10kgs

BELOW: 4th August 2012 - 106.2kgs (DOWN 15kgs)
AUGUST NOTES: I am not sure I can see a difference other than the fact that the line of my knickers seems to be now covering my belly button and has gradually krept up over the it through the set of photos... this must mean that my belly is diminishing. I also think my bum looks less sticking out/back less arched so thats good too. My bra is also not cutting into my side so much and the roll of fat on my left hand side looks gone completely... although it looks like I am leaning on my right leg although I was unaware of this... My legs look a little less doughy too... I dunno. roll on the next few shots - that will be at 20kgs down - 102kgs! Note to self... DH must stand level with the dining room wall!

BELOW: 18th January 2013 - 96.6kgs (DOWN 25kgs)


  1. You can see a change between the 116 and 112kgs. I am currently between those numbers, up and down over the last few weeks, and I can feel the difference when I am down to 112kg.

    You have just inspired me to keep on going. I may not think there is a difference between 116 and 112, but there clearly is! :-)

  2. I know right? I know it's horrible to see myself in all my glory, but it does keep me from gaining. I am just touching the top of 111kgs now... hopefully by next week I will be safetly within them, but I really want to get rid of the next 5 kgs and do another set of photos. I have been hovering around the 112's for a year now... time to BUST IT!

    and, likewise, you are an inspiration too. It's nice to know people are reading and cheering me on :-)

    X hugz bunny X

  3. Best wishes on the restart of your journey :) XXOO

  4. Sweet!!! You have way less Arse missy..congrats. I did notice another photo where your face was looking much slimmer.


  5. :D yeah my arse has certainly shrunk too!! I used to call it 'table butt' cos you could perch a pie and pint on it!!!!

  6. you can totally see the difference! well done! please update for under 100kgs, i was 112 and am now 98 and think i am the same height and build as you. Would be interesting to see - you are so brave even putting this online, i am not brave enough to even take a photo!!! x

  7. Hi Jen, you know what I will do it tonight! I am 96.8 today after 2 weeks on holiday in Spain and am really pleased with myself so I will do it tonight just for you

    Hugs bunny! X