Thursday, 3 November 2011

Ki Fit - it is mine!

Yes, Bunny has embarked on yet another expensive way to lose weight.

After yet another month of staying around the same weight, I have decided I have to do something about this.

I was reading blogs today, and came across a new one - Diary of a Fat (and often Mad!) White Woman - where Trisha talks about her Lapband adventures.

About a week or so ago she got a Bodymedia Fit. This is a device that straps to your arm and you wear it 24/7 and it tells you how many calories you use during the day and night. It tells you all about when you are moderately exercising or vigorously going for it and it also tells you how well you sleep - how good your sleep is and how much you are just laying down when you think you might be asleep! You also get to enter your calories into the online package - very similar to how I do with My Plate on Livestrong which you know I love.
So after ages trying to find a BodyMediaFit available in the UK I realised they don't make one. Drat.
Then I thought that I would search for similar things to the BMF. This didn't come up with much until I typed in something or other about Multi Sensor fitness monitor or something like that and it came up with Ki Fit.

Ki Fit and BMF are in fact the same article. Ki is obviously made directly for the UK market and the BMF is available in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The BMF is white toned and the Ki is black. I am not sure if you can buy the Ki in USA, but why would you bother when you can get the BMF.

However, what is coooooooool is the demo on the Ki Fit. Have a look at this video!!!!!

This shows essentially the same data as the BMF video demo but is SO MUCH more detail. This was a deal clincher for me. I had to have it.

Strangely for me, I chose to go for the slightly cheaper Standard option of £99 and £16 a month subscription fee rather than the Premium option which gives you a little monitor that you can pop in your handbag to check minute by minute on how things are going. Several reasons - £30 difference in price and the fact that I don't use a handbag and I would lose the thing in a matter of days. Also, I am home a lot and can get the computer to check/update stuff. That's cool. I know it would mean I could make sure I hit my targets, but hmmm I am gunna try without. I can always get one if necessary at a later date.

(BTW - The subscription fee is elevated for the first year as some of the price of the unit is spread out over the year within the fee. Next year it will only be £10. )

So my new toy might end up in a drawer in a month or 2 but I really really hope not. It looks involving enough and engaging enough to draw me in. The only drawer back that people are saying about it is the fact you need to log all your foods... well that has NEVER bothered me as I have been using TheDailyPlate and then My Plate at Livestrong for years - before it was Livestrong! LOL

To be honest, that is the least of my worries, and if anything it is because Livestrong falls down on the exercise calorie burn things that I shy away from using it a bit. It's not really interactive enough if you know what I mean.

So, will Ki Fit kick my butt into gear and show me that actually when I whinge that "I don't eat anything how come I put on a kg????" actually I eat bucket loads and move little. I guess it will! I will be intrigued to get to know exactly how much I do burn in a day and I am tempted to just carry on as normal with it on for a week or so to see what the actual results are, rather than start on a rigorous course of dieting/exercise immediately. To be fair, I cant get up to much because of my flipping foot so it's gunna be interesting.