Monday, 10 January 2005

Gentle walk

Today was actually not bad.

Breakfast was just cereal, so had that with some juice and a cup of coffee then drove my son to school.

On the way, a friend phoned and asked me over to discuss some stuff.
So I flew home from the school run and went over there armed with my ears.

So I had endless coffee and then she made a roll with cheese and beetroot. My friend is very slim and the portion's were small. I was actually still hungry and if it hadn't been for the tea and coffee I would have had a whole to fill. However I went straight from her house to work! I didn't have time to get anything extra, so I just waited until I got home.

I eat a few crackers as one of my snack options and then realized the my husband was off out to play sports! I could have had my tea there and then, but I thought I would wait for him. I had an apple and watched TV and then went online for a bit, then spoke to my friend again about bits and bobs.

Hubby came home and I cooked the tea. It was turkey bolognese tonight. It was yummy. DH (dear hubbie) hated it as it was too tomato-ey. I just love the convenience of it. Its just sitting in my fridge waiting to be cooked! Brilliant!

Then we watched some more TV and went to bed.

dietwise, I think its been a really great day all told! I didn't find it difficult as I was busy busy busy all day and occupied as I thought I would be, so bit like a gentle walk really!

onwards and upwards!

Sunday, 9 January 2005

Day 2 - storm looming

Well, the storm clouds rolled in last night.

For breakfast yesterday I had some cereal or something. It was about 2 tablespoons worth in a plastic bag. They did say all I would need was milk...And that is seemingly true!

Lunch was ok too, tuna salad and two slices bread. Nice full tummy.

Then we were invited to stay over at friends. Nibbles and wine flowed. Once I had a glass of wine I couldn't resist. The boat rocked and I was totally caught in the storm. I did not have any other tea as such, so I am hoping that by having a glass of water between each glass of wine rather than matching them glass for glass, that I will have put into effect a form of damage limitation.

However, the nibbles were vol-au-vents (or however you spell them) with egg Mayo, cream cheese and salmon, mushroom stuff and another had chicken stuff. I have no idea how many calories are in them, but I bet there's a lot. I know there's about 200 cals in a glass of wine, so there's 600 gone totally before I start!

I am not impressed with myself. I can't believe I haven't even done a single day on this diet yet.

I guess that I have still cut back though. If I had not been on my diet, I would probably have had no breakfast at all, and then for lunch a big baguette from the bakery filled with lashings of butter and chicken/Mayo/fat combination. Then in the afternoon, maybe some cake or a chocolate bar or sweets. I would then have had a big meal in the evening and some wine too. So I guess I was reserved, even though I totally blew it.

I feel bad. This morning when I woke up I felt guilty. I hoped no one would find out that I had been naughty on my diet. My husband hasn't said anything, so I hope he hasn't noticed or doesn't think it matters.

I have to be firmer with myself. I am realizing I have very little self control. I must work at that.

Today has been ok. I ate the breakfast (beans on toast - yummy!) and the lunch and the tea.
I have had a few coffees with sugar rather than sweetener though...Its 16 calories a spoonful, so I have had about 100 extra calories than I should have.

My daily calorie value is supposedly 1600 on this diet. Its all worked out for me. So If I have had 1700, when my body is used to 3000 a day or something, then its a plus right?

I know its not just calories, but the proportion of fat to protein and carbs, but I am no scientist. Sugar is carbs I think, so that should be ok. The big part of today's meals seems to have been carbs and little protein and low fat, so hopefully the balance is still right.

OHHH! I must try better tomorrow. I have a feeling the weekdays will be easier as I am busier.

lets hope so!

I am off now to watch the rest of the Home and Away Omnibus that I recorded. Yes, I am a sad wretch, but I never said I wasn't! :o) Then I think we are going to watch the film "Down with Love" .

Saturday, 8 January 2005

Set Sail

Today I embark on the ever elusive quest for whippet-ness.

I don't care what it takes, this is my Everest.

I think even Hilary and Tensing would be daunted by the bulk of the journey that lays ahead of me.

Today I weigh:
19 stone and 2 pounds
268 lbs
121.5 kgs

I have taken control of my life and with the help of Body Chef, we will be having our (includes my Darling Husband) meals delivered in a box bi-weekly. It costs a bit, but its worth it to lose the bulk.

Watch this space.