Saturday, 28 July 2012

Stable... Neigh

I have had a bad couple of weeks and feeling a little bit annoyed with myself. In some cases I couldn't have changed anything... in others I could have made smarter choices...

I was 107.4kgs this morning (in full menstrual mode too so I guess that's a result!) and a bit peeved.

We have had a couple of big events where staying in a hotel with no facilities to cook/cater for ourselves have occurred, and last week my weight stayed the same... however, considering everything I am surprised I stayed the same weight!

We had my Mum and Dad up for a few days and although it would have been easy to stick to plan, there were temptations and things happened and we went out and other stuff that gets in the way and sticking to your guns is harder. This is where my will power let me down. I caved too easily.

Then we went to a convention about an hour away and stayed in a hotel for 4 days... No fridge, so shopping each day, packed lunches, naughty evening treats, bar meals... etc etc  :-(

I find packed lunches and conferences really hard. Packed lunches are normally a torture for me. Sitting in a football stadium seat from 8:30 in the morning until 12 noon and then having to eat a packed lunch? Nightmare.

What usually happens at lunch when we go to these conventions is that I sit looking at everyone eating around me, smelling foods, hearing the much and the crunch and the joy in others hearts whilst I sit looking at my packed lunch with a glurp of stuck food in my gullet and not being able to up-chuck as the bogs are too far away.

I dunno about all of you but when I have been sitting down for a long time I find it difficult to eat/drink immediately. I need to go for a mooch and then have a slow sip of hot tea or something to shoot through the collected sticky juices that I seem to have settling in my pouch.

So with a numb backside from chairs that are not designed to be used in my opinion, I had a wander and then came back to my lunch. The tea goes down easy and then strangely the food does too!! Wonder of wonders. I got my pack lunch from Tesco... Olives in a sealed pot. A waldorf-esque salad in a pre sealed pot (creamy mayo with celery, raisins, nuts and other stuff), jaffa cake roll and a pecan Danish pastry.

Now, I was being seriously over ambitious, and thought that I would only manage the Waldorf-esque salad but I polished the lot off! I couldn't believe it. I had quite thought that DS would be eating it all as I never get through much in the Stadium as lunch is a short break, but they gave us 2 hours so it worked a treat.

But... why is it when I see a wall saying "This is gunna be difficult!" I think "This is impossible might as well give in to my desires and blame impossibility!"

Ah well... so back at the hotel we ate in the restaurant. The next day I chose salmon and cream cheese sarnies - not too bad a choice - and cakes and other crud. Ooops. All went down a treat. Then when we came home we followed up with a big fat Chinese take away.


BUT whereas before I would have caved completely and written the week off I went to the gym on Sunday when we got back and busted my ass out of 500cals. Then I went Monday and did the same too. The previous week I had done 3 sessions and when I got on the scales at Slimmingworld I had stayed the same.

The freaking biggest sigh of relief ever!

This week though... Tuesday was a good day. On track, On plan and A OK.

Wednesday I went to the gym for a 450 cals burn up and the evening meal was Duck Goujons in Red wine, 5 spice and Rosemary Sauce, new potatoes and green beans. There was also a bottle of red involved. We were saying goodbye to our lodger Mark who is awesome and we are going to miss royally, so I cooked up a storm. However, I had not eaten a thing all day, so I was ok.

Thursday was a good day too.

Yesterday (Friday) was a Chinese takeaway. :-(

I had gone to a small village near Stratford to take DS to see a mate from his school. 95 miles. Then when I dropped him off, I went to Hockley in Birmingham to smelt some gold and then kill a few hours looking at bling in the Jewellery Quarter :-) 42 miles. I then found the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter where you get a guided tour around a really old fashioned jewellery manufacturers.

The museum is awesome. I don't know how many times I have been to the quarter and never seen it! The factory closed in 1981, but the company had never moved with the times - the secretary had been working there since the 40's and never got up to speed with new things, and neither had any of the bosses etc so it was all really old fashioned - just like a 30's/40's office and workshop - even older really as it opened in the 19th century. In the files they had on the shelves there were invoices from 1890!!  They shut up in 1981 and literally walked away leaving everything standing as it was. Even cups of tea half full (obviously all dried out!) and sugar in the bowl and plants etc. So it was collated and catalogued. Something like 30,000 articles were catalogued and then it was opened as a museum.


So then I drove back to Stratford to get DS and his the traffic to Global Gathering. SIGHHHHHH!!!!
I back tracked and went another route as Stratford was shut down entirely according to twitter. God bless twitter man!!! so I drove for another 40 minutes around the houses and then got to DS. 56 miles. And we came home. Another 90 odd miles.

I left at 7am and arrived back at 7pm. I hadn't eaten all day and DH was angling for something spicy so I had a shower and told him to order dinner. I could have easily got some fish fingers out of the freezer or made a quick salad or something but I revert to type so easily.

Oh well... At least I haven't gone up in weight. I just wish I had utilised these weeks better rather than lose ground in the battle. I have lost 2 weeks from my schedule to be a fit skinny beast by christmas so I need to up the anti!

I am going to go to the gym every day this week and see what happens. Starting today!!! 

Monday, 9 July 2012

Downward ho.

This morning I was 107.3kgs (236.5lbs - 16 stone 12 & a half)

When I went on the radio on 1st May I weighed 115.7 (255lbs  or 18 stone 3)

Just  10 weeks later I am 8.4kgs lighter!!! (18.5lbs or 1 stone 4 & a half)


It's going really well, I am feeling happier and I think even taking more care of myself even though it is a bit of a slog.

I am still logging every single morsel that passes my lips on and that makes staying in control very easy.

I always try and meet my daily calorie goal of (at the moment) 1500 cals and if I come in under this then I top it up with chocolate.

I have very rarely gone over the limit and when I have, I have stayed below my resting metabolic rate of 1947cals.

Here are some meals:

Minted lamb kebabs with curried rice, beans and peppers

One of my lunch options:
Tuna and mayo sandwich with BBQ rice cake, Mint chocolate biscuit and some olives

Surimi (fish stick) Salad with cocktail sauce

Just delicious. I must admit it's not hard to do, I'm not hungry because the band helps out with that and although I do fancy a Chinese or a curry now and again, it's meant our food budget for the week has gone down dramatically by not ordering dinner.

I think we have had Chinese twice and Indian twice in those 10 weeks. Not bad when I was a 4 time a week take out girl!!!
I have also re activated my gym membership which is £20 a month for off peak membership. I think that is amazing value and I go three times a week and work out for an hour. I set the treadmill to 'random hills' so it goes up and down all the time and varies from hard to totally fine throughout the workout and it switches off after I have done 450 calories which mainly turns out to be roughly 50 minutes each time.

I think I have lost more weight this week that any previous week because of it. We shall see as I go to slimmingworld tomorrow for weigh in.

I cant think what to make for dinner tonight, but I am thinking a salad of some kind as I had a tuna sandwich for lunch. It's my new favourite... 1 can of tuna, loads of extra low fat mayo, vinegar to make it all wet and gooey and ALL stuffed in 2 thick slices of bread for 450 calories followed with a light alpen bar. Yum.

If I have a salad it means I can partake of an enormous 125g bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk and still be within my calorie goal for the day... that's with a couple of gin and tonics too :-)

Love it!