Wednesday, 31 October 2012


HA! Result.

I now have less to lose than I have already lost!! YIPEE.

This morning I was 99.3kgs and that means I only have another 22kgs or so to go until I am at my goal weight. Or what I think my goal will be any way.

If I am really really good do you think I could lose 1kg a week? I doubt it. Nice thought though!!!

I am hoping to be at goal around April next year so I can buy a whole new summer wardrobe of clothes. Ahhhhh that would be awesome, and then in the autumn I can buy a whole new winter wardrobe!! It would work out perfectly.

Anyway, today I wanted to share a miracle with you.

Sharpie pens. They. Are. A. Nightmare. To. Get. Out. Of. Clothes!

Unlessssssss you have some antibacterial hand gel!! Check this out.

DS comes in complaining that he got pen on his really expensive heavy cotton Jack Wills jumper I just bought him *Flared nostrils and steam from ears*.

I dash to the car and grab my 'manky piano kid degrimer' aka hand gel.
liberally dump on gel
rub a little bit violently
keep rubbing
Rinse and then....Ta Da!!
Ok, so there is the tiniest weeniest bit left, but I couldnt be bothered any more and it's so miniscule that on the whole jumper its near on impossible to see.
So, I thoroughly recommend this for all forms of indelible inks - expecially sharpies!!



Saturday, 27 October 2012

No longer in treble figures!!!!!!!!!! 99kgs!!

Yes! At last I have broken into double figures!! I have been struggling with this last few pounds, made harder because of my 5 day break in Majorca - All Inclusive - and then a horrible cough and cold thing.

I also hadnt been able to get to the gym for the middle weeks of October which sucked because I was either away or too ill.

I went back to the gym on Thursday for the first time in what seemed like a billion years, but was in fact only 18 days. I was glad to see that I hadnt slipped too far from grace and after 1 session was back up to my old level and workout times.

I also have VICTORY on the trouser front. Remember my fave trousers I havent been able to wear for about 4 years?  This is how far I got them on last time

And today...

What a difference 12 weeks makes! The first photo of the trousers was taken mid July!!

YAY! I am so happy. I know it's now not really the weather for these kind of trousers, but I love them :-)

Also the T shirt in the first photo is the white version of the black one above. This only reached by belly button in the first shot as it strained to contain my buxomness... today the T shirt sits much nicer.


Looks like I am on track to be goal weight within a year of starting this mission. Half way there if you check out my diet ticker above.

Hope everyone has a fab weekend.