Monday, 15 November 2010

weigh in + fill

Ok so the blogging went off course for a week or so there, sorry!

I was good all month and made inroads into fat loss, and then on about the 2nd of Nov Jane emailed me and said "So you up for the 13th for a fill?"


I was sure I had told her that I was attending a wedding on the 13th and we were staying over so it would not be possible but i must have forgotten! Drat it! So I couldnt do the 13th at all.

So we sent a few emails back and forth to see if I could rush down there to her in the depths of Devon and get a fill in a Gordano again... but  it kind of didnt fit with anyone's schedule so I just thought lets just leave it and wait until she was in the area again. I hate putting people out.

But... the prospect of waiting another month.  BOO HOOOOO. I was really down about the mouth as driving down to her house to get a fill would have meant that I could have met up with Caroline from over at Lonicera's adventures in Band Land. That would have been ace. We had planned to get piccies taken of us (waist up!) and have a good old chinwag and she so kindly invited me to stay over too which would have made the 6 hour round trip bearable. But it didn't happen.

I had kind of been working all month for that fill and it was keeping me going thinking about it. I didn't have too much trouble sticking to under 2000 cals but it was not a walk in the park if you know what I mean. I would still like to have snacked, and eaten junk, but I just chose not too. I have limited restriction - like just the one Big Mac rather than 2 - that kinda restriction!

So it was with great delight that on Friday I got an email winking at me asking what time we would get back from the wedding on Sunday. Well thankfully we were going to be in and I got fill I needed. A nice big fat whole millilitre. YAY

So I now have 6ml in my bandito. Its early doors, so I don't know if I have any restriction, but its 3pm and I ain't hungry. That's a rare occurrence. I have had 1 cup of coffee and half of another which is now cold, so this is good going. I am about to eat some sloppy porridge as I have to go to work and don't want to faint and I have also had 3 days of some horrible, bathroom dashing, backyard trotting stomach bug. *ewww*

Suffice it to say I am still weighing decidedly less, although I think I gained a kilo or so during the ticked off patch last week where I didn't blog and didn't Livestrong. Thankfully the lord let my bowels wreck havoc to lose it again. this morning I weigh 118.1kg. A new low since my band restart!

So armed with a nice big fill, and a little weight loss, I am ready to rock again.

Note to self - get a grip and stop eating like a moron when things don't go your way.