Tuesday, 4 April 2017

20 years on, I weigh less that when I met my husband!

I cannot believe this, but it is true! I officially weigh less than when I met my husband back in 1996.

I was 19 a little cuddly, but just a bit overweight. That is what I weigh now:

84.9kgs - 13st 5lb - 187lbs. 

I am officially OVERWEIGHT not MORBIDLY OBESE :)

Everything is brilliant with the bypass. I have nothing to complain about, in fact it's like normal life to be honest. Even avoiding sugar and high fat things is a non issue.

I've changed the way I cook things a little by buying an Tefal Actifry which uses hardly any oil and makes a wicked curry and risotto including boring chipped potatoes. I cooked everything from scratch normally before anyway, so nothing much has changed in that sense.

I use Birch Xylitol as a sugar substitute in any recipe that calls for it, or on my cereal if I fancy making it a little sweeter. Its half the calories and alkaline too - so good for the gnashers! but apart from those small differences it's like nothing has changed other than the amount I eat.

I will give you some snap shots of meals so that you get an idea of the food I'm eating since losing 39kgs - 85lbs! I have eaten out several times, had takeaway pizza, macdonalds and all kinds of things that I used to but I have just swapped out some of the more rubbish options for healthier ones.

I know some people might be like "Omg, why would you eat Mcdonald's after having surgery, what a waste", but you know what, you're wrong. Let's be reasonable. I didn't do this to not eat, I did this so that I could eat normally! NORMALLY! Why shouldn't I enjoy any kind of food on occasion? And personally I think it's pretty normal after a 13 hour work day followed by a 2 hour meeting to turn the car into Mcdonald's at 11pm to grab some mozzarella dippers or a happy meal. It's not normal in my opinion to carry on driving and get home an hour later and start to cook something and eat at midnight. Right? However, it still might not be normal to only manage 1 dipper out of three, or 3/4 of a kids hamburger ;-) that's the bit I LOVE!

People are quick to judge your food choice, but they know nothing about how your life works. As with all things, everything in moderation. I also never ever go over my calorie guide set by my surgeon. He says I should be at about 1000 calories now I'm 7 months out, but I haven't  managed that yet. I get about 850 on average and that's all I need and all I want. I don't think I should push it to 1000 just for the sake of it. If I am happy with my food and nutrition, then I think this is good. Time to worry is then its creeping up over the 1000 before he says it should. I don't think theres a danger of that just yet. Add me up as a friend on MyFitnessPal! @byebyeband

My Chicken Madras made in my ActiFry - YUM!
Not the best photo but Chicken and Roasted Mediterranean veg with pasta and pesto. Also coked in the ActriFry so very low fat.
Halloumi with sun-dried tomato and olives on a Warburtons toasted Thin

I love the fact that I can eat everything in moderation and I'm satisfied. I was absolutely paranoid that I would not be able to eat with my family again, or I would have to look on in longing at what they're eating, but this isn't the case. Bypass fabulous. Even went to a carver last week for a full Sunday roast, and I had a 1/4 of what I would usually have, but because there was a little of everything, I was 100percent satisfied and felt just normal. I haven't felt normal for years. It's truly liberating. I am still getting used to portion sizes though as I throw away most of my dinners. I keep thinking I should put less on my plate, but I still throw 1/4 away. I use tea plates or saucers and this works well, but my eyes are still bigger than my belly by a long way!

Its so hard after the band because the full feeling is there, not a stuck uncomfy feeling or anything. Its just brilliant. Sometimes the full feeling is there after a couple of mouthfuls, sometimes after a cup of food. I can eat ANYTHING at all without chucking my guts up, or my food going cold while i trip back and forth the the bathroom. I don't have to drink endless hot tea to get stuff down. I don't have to wait to go exercise because I can't drink water or a protein shake etc. Everything goes down, every time, but just not a lot! I love it. LOVE IT! I am finally getting over my fear of eating out, and knowing i can choose 'hard foods' like meat, pasta, bread or similar. I don't just have to stick to soup or slider things. It's hard to get outta that head space.

Weight loss is still going strong too. No sudden slow down or anything. I have managed to adjust my work life to make sure I get food in, but it seems that water is my life saver.

I get a weird pain in my shoulder which is really crippling if I don't drink about 2 litres of liquid during the day. I noticed that I was getting this pain on Wednesday, Thursday and to a lesser extent Fridays. All other days no issues. Now W, T & F are days I work Looooong hours. I work in schools, and am full on teaching without a break for the entire day, except Friday when I get an hour break for lunch. I was forgetting to take water with me and only grabbing the occasional coffee. I upped my water on those days and BANG no pain. I was thankfully able to test this theory when I forgot my water and lunch which I packed last Thursday and what do you know… pain!

Apparently you can get that pain because of gall stones as the nerve endings are weirdly in your shoulder, so with rapid weight loss it could be that I have got a few niggly stones. My mum and my nan also had gall stones and had their gall bladders removed when they were 40ish, and neither were over weight. It's possible that I will need this too, but I'm hoping too keep it at bay by drinking a ton.

So how about hair loss? Well at about 4 and a half months I started to lose hair in a big way… but it slowed and my 6 months had stopped. I think by 4 months I was eating about 600 calories a day which is not a whole lot so it rapidly depletes all your stores of vitamins. Although I was taking the best multivitamin I could (Forceval - prescribed for patients who cannot eat due to anorexia, cancer, malnutrition etc) it still wasn't enough and the hair suffers. However by 6 months my calories had increased and I was eating a wide range of things and up to about 700 calories. Theres still a little more hair on the brush after a hair wash than I'd like there to be, but it's not coming out in handfuls any more. I kept it all in a bag as it was quite horrifying at first!! I wanted a way to measure how much fell out in a month for comparison.

I am now awaiting the regrowth as Im told that this is quite annoying with all the short little bits of hair sticking up everywhere haha!

But safe to say that I am doing great, living this bypass and just wishing I'd had the guts to do it sooner.

Oh and a funny thing - I got a letter through the other day from my local hospital saying I should attend the Obesity clinic… Only a year and 4 months after I went for my initial hospital appointment. So glad I went privately and didn't have to wait all this time for my first appointment!

Here follows some comparison pics!

(excuse the facial burns on the right photo)

Friday, 3 February 2017

So close to ONEDERLAND I can taste it.

When you are seasoned weight loss warrior like I am, you will take every tiny prop to keep you encouraged!

I currently weigh 92.7kgs, which is roughly 204lbs or 14 stone 8.

So we are in uncharted territory. My lowest ever weight was in the 93kgs, so this is simply epic news… given that I have lost over 31kgs/70lbs/5 stones in 5 months? Well thats INSANE!

I knew it would be good, but never in my wildest dreams thought that it would be this good or that it would actually work for me!

In the 12 years that Ive been writing this blog, I have never achieved the proverbial and mystical Onederland so cherished by my American cousins (because they weigh in pounds!)

But as the world has gotten smaller via Instagram and Facebook groups etc since I first started this, so many more people claim Onederland too now, that I'm getting some of that action too!

4 more pounds and I will be there.

What's on my plate recently? Well over the last few days I have been incredibly hungry! I mean, hungry is a bit of a strong term - in need, or in search of food more often than I have in the past is probably closer to the mark.

As I think I've said before, I don't feel hunger like I used to before the band or even when I had the band. It kind of feels like a bruise in my tummy area.. like when you accidentally bump yourself on something and then the feeling dissipates to a dull achey sensation. It's not unpleasant, but definitely noticeably not quite right.

The last few days I have had loads to eat - but none of these days have I eaten more than 1000 calories. Today I had a folded flatbread for breakfast (100), salad (watercress, lettuce, pepper, cucumber, celery, avocado) and tuna for lunch (235), 2 x mini babble light cheeses and a flatbread for snack (180) and for dinner Crab Gratin (150), sprouts, green beans and broccoli (80) and then for later I have prepared some kale chips (60). So today will amount to 800 in total. That is a pretty much standard day, but today I have upped my water as Ive been feeling so peckish! I am still under my surgeons goal of 800-1000 every day at 6 months out. I'm currently 5 months post surgery. I think the last few days I can put down to the imminent arrival of shark week :( Nothing seems to have changed on that particular score!

Here are some treats for your eyes into the life of a RNY Gastric Bypass patient. Hopefully you will see that I am eating well, and this can break the fear and misconception that you will never eat again, or you'll have to low carb/keto diet etc.

We don't do this to be on a diet for the rest of our lives do we!

Cajun spiced green beans, half a jacket potato with sour cream and spring onions and a juicy Rump Steak! This is a tea or bread plate. I ate about half of this.

My take on Chicken Satay - 2 mini breast fillets , smothered in chopped cucumber and homemade Gastric Bypass friendly Satay sauce (crunchy peanut butter, sugar free diabetic apricot jam and soy sauce) with a little rice. About a cup worth of food.

Roasted sweet potato slices, a bit of thick cut ham on the bone, cauliflower and mixed veg with a cheese sauce. This plate is smaller than above, a small tea plate.

Homemade lentil dhal - Green lentils from a can (already cooked), chopped onion, passatta and some xylitol sweetener  with mild curry powder. I stir in some Skyr icelandic set yoghurt at the end to balance it.

Little chicken and blueberry salad with fat free french dressing and croutons. Yum!

Eggy Bread, or French toast if you are posh ;-) I love this with Reggae Reggae sauce. Adds a little fire!

A delicious breakfast! Poached egg on toast with bacon and tomatoes. 

One of my days plate sets. Lunch was a lovely egg mayo and cress sarnie. Dinner a mini chicken fillet, green beans and red cabbage and onion colcannon, with a packet of ridges for a snack later on.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Yes! For the first time EVER, I lost weight on holiday.

I went away on 24th December weighing 96.4kgs, and today I'm 95kgs!

So I now officially weigh 95kgs - 14stone 13 & 1/2pounds - 209.5lbs

The 14 stone 13 and 1/2 pounds is cool! Being under the 15 stone zone is a kick!!

It's strange that us Brits weigh in Stones and pounds, Americans use Pounds and Aussies and the continentals use kilograms. I wonder why or how that happened? I know the lines are blurred these days as more people use kilograms (like me), but I wonder why so many don't understand stones and pounds.

The reason I wonder this is that a lot of the population of the US and AUS were from the UK so I would have thought that they would have taken the UK's measurements with them… but maybe they wanted their own version? Or was there more people using KG's that went to AUS that swayed it?

The states though use pounds though, and thats not a european thing at all… hmmm.

I will have to look into the history of it a bit. Let me know what you think!