Tuesday, 27 June 2006

A great result.

Been well good this week. Have followed the diet pretty much all week with the exception of a few days where I went over the syn level for the day. I have been making a lot of meals purely because we now have our Slovak lodger living with us. Because she gets a meal in the evening, it means I have to cook rather than just grab a sandwich.

Anyway, this week I lost....... 3 pounds!

Wooo hooo. This means I now weigh 17 stone 1 and a half pounds. I am well chuffed. I hope to lose next week too and it would be really fabulous if I was able to lose the 2 and a half pounds from my whole holiday weight gain, but I am actually not bothered if I dont. I would definately like to have lost though, and I will be annoyed if I have only lose half a pound or 1 pound or something.

I have not been so good this week. I have done a lot of walking and biking though because I now have a new bike. I also went to play badminton and did much more than usual. I bought a new bike as I thought it would help me and it definately has. I rode 6 miles last wednesday and then went to play badminton in the evening!!! WOW.

I have decided to change our slimmingworld class though. I am fed up with the consultant raising her eyes to heaven and being so bossy and rude to people. We will now go to another class which is not so close, but still nearby.

Anyway, watch this space for Monday's weight loss as I will now be goign on mondays.

Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Post Holiday Flab....

Went to France for 2 weeks. This meant in actual fact 3 weeks away from slimmingworld. I went to weigh in on Tuesday and it was not good really. It was 16stone 13lbs. So I had gained. Just havent been in the mood really. Anyway, that meant that I didnt bother with the diet from that point because I was going on holiday on the following Saturday. Then i was away from class for the next 2 tuesdays. I didnt see the point of doing the diet for the 2 days before the class after I got home as I knew I had put on.

Now remember, last year I put on 12lbs. I was a little worried, because I had eaten the same amount, if not more to be honest, this year!!! I certainly didnt worry too much about counting sins or having free food. The only exception being that I did try to eat fruit when I was peckish, but we ate out 4 times at an all you can eat buffet (MMMMMMmmmmmmm!) and had 3 macdonalds meals! Wine every day, for breakfast daily I had 3 pain aux chocolat.... etc etc.

So I was thrilled to find I had only put on 5 and a half pounds!! So after my holiday blow out I now weigh 17 stone 4 and a half pounds. This is great news for me. I feel motivated and happy to get cracking. I am over the moon that its not goign to take a long slog to get rid of my holiday weight.