Saturday, 31 March 2007

6 Weeks + 3 days Post Op

Really didn't want to get up this morning. I could have laid there until now I think.

I got up and went to work, but I only had 1 pupil this morning, so when I came home I was planning on sleeping again, but alas it was not to be.

DH decided after 3 YEARS to repair the hole in our sofit or fascia thingy. It started as a small hole, and not its about a foot wide. He spent about an hour trying to patch it up with bits and bobs, wasting half a bottle of wood glue and a tube of no-nails and decided that its too bad and we have to get someone in. I get so annoyed. I am going to have to pay someone £50 odd to fix a bit of wood, which I could have done myself 3 years ago. I have asked him to do it every weekend for the last 3 years and now we have to get someone else to do it. If he didn't want to do it then I could have got someone in 3 years ago. ARGHHH.


Anyway, after that I remembered I needed to go to the City to get some music books because of the new pupils this evening. So I did that, came home and then crashed out for 2 hours. I get so tired. The best thing is simply just to sleep.

Today, eating wise, its been a bit odd. I didn't have any breakfast I don't think... just coffee. Then I felt hungry and I had a packet of those cadbury's animal biscuits which I find take my sweet craving away really well. But I was still looking around for food, although I don't think I actually felt hungry... So I had 2 slices of toast. I didn't have any butter, so I put a spoon of olive oil on it instead. This evening for tea I had a quorn sausage, a fried egg and a potato waffle. So a pretty good day all around. I feel a bit weird though.

I have had a persistent headache for about 2 weeks. It comes and goes, but by the end of the day, its there again. I thought it was gonna catch me up this afternoon too, but I think the sleep staved it off. I wonder if it has anything to do with the new adjustments at all?

Regarding my Port Hole problem...
I ended up emailing Dr. Clayson, as he said I could at any time, and he put my mind at rest. He doesn't think its an infection, because there is usually touch sensitivity and also heat and redness. He said that if I was eating normally and not being sick, then he thinks it is most likely bruising of the muscle. If the muscle gets pulled by the stitches, which is exactly what it feels like when I have the pain, then the muscle can bruise and this then creates the residual pain until it settles. Once again, my pain does seem to have gone away again, so I am thinking that he is right on the money. He did say that if I get more concerned or wanted to come in to get it checked out, I could do that at any time... for free! Good huh! Its only the fills that cost the money. So that has really helped me too.

But its settled down again, so we shall watch this space.

Night night all.

Friday, 30 March 2007

Day 44 - From now on I will just type weeks... its getting ridiculous!!

Well today was cool. Went out this morning for an hour and it was really nice. Had a good laugh with R and a good old chat too. We haven't been able to have a good catch up for ages, and I spent 3 hours on the phone to her last night putting everything to rights! I love her to bits! She is such a lovely person to know and have in my life, and I am very glad to have her as a Friend.

I found I got really tired today.

I started the day off well with 2 scrambled eggs on a piece of incinerated bread. Tasty, but I actually had a hula Hoop sandwich for lunch!! Can you believe it. I was hungry and so tired I needed to eat and then go for a sleep, so I grabbed a pack of hula hoops and 2 slices of bread and made that! I haven't had a hula hoop/crisp sarnie since i was at school! Tragic.

Had a nice sleep for 2 hours and then went to work. It was quite good, because it is my last Friday at work for 2 weeks because of the Easter Holidays. YAY! I love my job! So did that, and whilst I was at work, DH and DS went to tesco and bought a new hoover and a new lawnmower. The mower that I bought from eBay last year sadly died. It was a short life. Why is it that when other people buy essential tools they last FOREVER, but when we do... they last a year. This is just NOT on! I end up buying the cheapest because I am skint from having to replace yet another item that should have lasted but didnt! Grrr.

The new hoover practically rips the carpet out from under you, so the suction will probably give out within a month or two and then be useless for the rest of its days. Yes I am a cynic.

However, we have hoovered stairs and cut lawns this week. Long may it continue!

If they break again I am tiling the stairs and bedrooms as well and gravelling/AstroTurf the lawns.

I defrosted a pot of quorn chilli that I made last week and had that for my tea, as my DH and DS had had their tea before I came home from work.

Then there was fun and games at the 'old homestead' with my Mum and Dad so that kept me busy for the rest of the evening.

I am shattered. I am off to bed, and have to get up early to work tomorrow...

....but then I am FREE FOR 2 WEEKS!!! HURRAH

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Day 43

Found a great website
They make lovely home cooked meals and deliver direct to your door for FREE.
They do all kinds of meals from just normal meals to low fat or low salt or gluten free or vegetarian etc.
The meals are very very good value, and as I want to make sure I eat nutritionally well, are prefect for our evening meal as a family. So if you are in the UK, check it out!
I often get some of the ready meals since banding, because I find that when I get hungry, i get hungry quickly! These are cheaper than Tesco's healthy living meals too, probably save me £50 a week on my shopping! Brilliant.
I have found that I am wasting a lot of food since banding, simply because I don't know how much to cook... I have frozen a lot of things, but theres then not enough for the family.

My first order will be delivered on Wednesday 4th April. So I am looking forward to that!
Will write more later....

Here is the scan of my track record of slimming... Thought I would show you the ups and downs week by week over the last 2 years... HA HA

Wednesday, 28 March 2007


Hi all,
spent a quality hour or so telling you all about the lovely day that Travelling Buddy, DS and I had at M&D's house - my bunk mate from Brugge remember?

But the stupid computer crashed about 25 times and I couldn't find the will to write it all out again. Plus I obviously don't make notes... because these are them!

I am performing housecall as we speak!!

Anyway, we did have a wonderful time. It was so nice to see her again, but a shame we didn't get to see D because he was at work. We will see you soon though no doubt!

it was great to see each other after 6 weeks. M looks great. i can really see the difference from when we said goodbye in Brugge 2 days after the operation. Its so cool!

She has lost 27 pounds and I have lost 18.5.
We are doing so well aren't we!

Anyway, must go because I don't want this ruddy thing to crash again and have to do it all over AGAIN!

Oh, and the port pain has magically vanished... Very mysterious.... But then so has *star* week, so maybe it was that after all. We will see I guess. thanks for all of your concerns. I was really worried that it might be an infection because I have been really run down and poorly the last few weeks... But hopeful it was just bloating/swelling or something.

Oh yeah, and I finally ordered my skirting and coving for the MASS LOUNGE REGENERATION PROJECT. Phase 1 starts April 7th! We are packing DS away to my Mums for a week, and cracking on with it. I bought uPvc skirting with an ok pattern and uPvc coving too for ease and lightweight-ness! So I should soon have a living room that looks like tramps have moved in.... or is that already what it looks like. Yeah, maybe it will look like MORE tramps have moved in!

Ok, now I really am off.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007


Oh dear!

I VERY NEARLY PB'D this afternoon. (PB'd is a nicer term for sicking up food with a band)

I have had an odd day. Because of the pain in my tummy, I haven't really felt hungry at all today. I forgot to eat. Simple as that.

This morning I had a pupil coming to the house and I had over slept, so missed breakfast to madly dash about and tidy up. Had a coffee or 3.

This afternoon I was making lunch, when I went to shut the back French doors and realised they wouldn't shut! So I served up DS's lunch whilst I fiddled with the door, sprayed it with WD40 etc, and then scoured the WWW for the number of our double glazing company who put them in for us last May. We were due to go out, so I had to sort it. Hence missed lunch too. Had a coffee then as well.

Went out to the meeting, and then straight back to a Friends house to teach her two daughters. was not thinking about food at all, so when I got home DS was peckish - it was 6pm after all. So I said have a snack.

That's when I realised that I hadn't eaten anything all day. So although I wasn't hungry, I had a hot cross bun. No butter.

I ate it too fast. I got a pain in my chest that felt like bad indigestion. Saliva started backing up in my mouth and I couldn't talk (just like you said Erika!). It seemed to help to breathe in deeply and hold it, then slowly breathe out and repeat the process. I had a big bite of bun still in my mouth at this time too! Water kept coming into my mouth and the pain was really square between my breast and in my back, and then I thought, I just had to swallow the saliva, and very gradually the breathing got easier, and the pain lessened, and within 20 seconds I was back to normal again. I then spat out the mouthful I was about to eat when this pain started. I couldn't face swallowing that too!

I really did think that it was going to come back up, but it didnt. I really should not have eaten a dry bun after nothing else all day.

Anyway, to finish the weird day off, I went upstairs to read. I got a new book about Home Education from amazon, year on year lesson planning and tips etc. So I lay down on the bed to have a read. Then about half an hour later I thought I would have a little snooze.

I slept through dinner and its now 9:30pm and we are both going off to bed with a hot drink.

So very strange.

Today I have been mostly eating... 1 Hot cross Bun - minus 1 mouthful.

Crazy, but I still have not PB'd!

Day 41

I have pain below my 'port hole'.

I am not sure whether its do do with the fill: infection? too much saline? moved? twisted?
I am not sure whether it is to do with: 'just because'

Its *star* week, so I am wondering if any one else has had trouble with their port site during this time? Maybe bloating has contributed to it? or water retention? Because its the tummy muscles maybe that's all it is.

Anyway, it hurts. A lot.

Started Sunday and got worse yesterday and today I can feel it all the time.

I don't know whether maybe to call the doc, or see if it clears up....

any ideas?

Monday, 26 March 2007

Day 40 - Yet another pound down the toilet!

Oh yeah!

I am so thrilled. I have lost another pound. I am happy that it is nice and slow. I have, been on holiday for 3 days, eaten takeaway and had a KFC and home cooked food all week and just thinking about nutrition more than anything, and portion size. I have gone with my band, and when it said enough is enough, I have stopped.

Did all that and lost a pound. So I am Extremely happy. Its like I am a 'normal' person.

a pound a week is 4 stone in a year! That's a great start for me!

Over the moon.

See yaz!

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Good Grief - Animal Rights Activist in the making

My son has just told me that he now wants to be a vegan.

Just this minute.

Last night, and for the past few weeks, he has been hotly defending his choice not to eat meat.

He has been EXTREMELY animated about it (no pun intended).

We have always been supportive of his vegetarianism. He was never a meat eater even as a toddler, just didn't like it. But NOW he has really strong views.

Now, without any prejudice at all, last night he instigated a really adult conversation with us in the car about how The Eskimo/Inuit Huskies (or whatever they are... am not up on animal names or anything-sorry) get shot after only a few years, because they start to get slow pulling a sled.

He was very angry about this. saying why couldn't they "keep them as pets" etc, or "they could move to Greece and let them have the freedom that they deserve". These are actual quotes from that conversation. Why Greece? I have NO idea, but that's what he said. He said "how would you like it if you got a little bit slow at driving and I just shot you." I am telling you now, that he has NOT been talking to anyone either. He is home educated, and with me 24/7 practically! He just works this stuff out for himself.

We always try and put across a balanced view (not easy when your husband and his mate just had a Horse Steak with all the trimmings whilst in Slovenia!) of how he has a point, but then so do the Inuit/Eskimo's etc and Vegetarians/Vegans respect meat eaters, and meat eaters respect Vegans/vegetarians and so on and so forth... You know what I am saying?

This is a well complex issue and to be PREFECT LY HONEST, I don't really have any idea about why someone would choose TO eat meat, or NOT to. I eat what I fancy, as I always have. So have all my family, and I do love animals. I have never really thought of it as a conscious decision or anything.

But DS has a PASSION for animals. He really loves them. So I asked him what Vegan meant, and he said "I never want to eat or have anything to do with animals in my body again". The fact that he even knows, at 8 years old, what a vegan is and what it means says something I guess.

Anyway, any ideas people? I don't know what to do with my extreme son! I love the way he feels able to express himself, and I want to support him, but I am the chief cook and bottle washer here. GULP! Is it Safe for a kid of 8 to be Vegan?? WOW? I dunno?

I guess we can see how it goes, and just let him make his own choices. He loves ice cream.... lets see what that means hey?

But seriously, any ideas from people who have gone through similar would be extremely welcome.

Day 39

Today we all got up late... not because of the clocks going back or forward or whatever they did..., but just because DH didn't set the alarm right. We were still up at 3am or 4am whatever you want to call it waiting for our rubbish DAB radio to update itself to the new British Summertime. Well it didn't, so we set it earlier than we needed, but DH forgot to press some button or other. You need a degree in electronic engineering to work the thing out. I was a DAB radio that has buttons to set the time MANUAL!!! I can see why my Mum despairs of new technology. If it ain't broke, we really really don't need to fix it do we. *sighs*

I have grand plans for today.

1.)I want to change DS's light in his bedroom to one of those globe things. We bought the globe thing about 6 months ago and it has sat, out of its box, screws and all, on the landing window sill since then.

2.)I want to finish sorting the garden out where:-
a.)it has no lawn - sow grass seed.
b.)it has a pile of old fence panels and junk - dump it.
c.)the gazebo has collapsed under hundredweight of vines - search, chop and destroy.
d.)the kittens can't use the cat flap - erect a plank for them to run up to get back in the house.

3.)Tidy my WHOLE house

4.)List 4,000,000 items on eBay that we don't use and are currently filling my sons cupboards and the entire 3rd bedroom and BOTH of my washing baskets!!!!!!!

I also have to take it easy, because my port problem is still aggravating me.

Yeah, I don't think its going to happen. However, I don't think any of the rest will get done either considering my DH's past track record with jobs around the home. He has probably got a crisis with the computer... again - most odd, but it normally happens when there's work to be done. Strange huh?
So its most likely up to me to do it all again. :o(

Oh, and I am REALLY excited about tomorrows weigh in!!! YEAH BRING IT ON!

We did get the house clean at least. Every room has been cleaned except the spare room, which is still full of eBayable material. I managed to vacuum upstairs and was just about to give the corners a good scraping with the nozzely bit when it blew up. Great. Need a new vacuum cleaner.

We also got DS's light fixed. I am no longer worried about him hanging himself by the light cord, or getting tangled in it whilst in bed and electrocuting himself. Phew. Now its just a nice globe on the ceiling. If it was in the middle of the room it wouldn't have been a problem. Why do builders put ceiling roses off centre??? WHY? I simply don't get it.

This evening, I made one of those "Whats in the cupboard that I can throw together meals"
This is a MILESTONE. I have NOT been able to do this since the operation. My imagination is obviously returning.

I had an our of date packet of Mexican seasoning. Put it in a pan of water and boiled it with some soya chunks for my newly Vegan son (see the next post after this one!!!). then i fried some onion and 3 chopped garlic cloves in a little olive oil and then threw on some frozen roasted veg I had left over, a can of lentils and a can of chick peas. mixed it all about and decided a bit of frozen spinach would give it some colour and then bunged the pan of Mexican soya stuff in on top. I boiled it for a bit. I was reading a Friends live journal, so it was a while, and it had reduced, so I put about half a carton of passata in with it too, which made it really yummy looking.

Served it up and it went down a treat. If I was on slimming world, this would have been a really good meal. Lets hope so!

Weigh in tomorrow. YAYAYAYAYAYAY

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Day 38 - Day of my Brugge Bunk Mates fill!!

Hello bunk mate!! How was your fill?
I will call you later and see how it went.
I wanted to say "Have a good one!" yesterday, but I was in bed all day long. So rather belated. Sorry honey!!

Seems I picked up some nasty virus in Slovenia... Headache, achy joints, golf ball throat, double vision, arctic chills and Saharan flushes. However, today, I feel pretty OK! Not 100% but I went to work, and those who know me, know that I like to have an excuse not to work.

Going to see my bunk mate on Wednesday! She has lost more than me the absolute cow! (JOKE)

I am really happy that we are both losing so well. Neither of us have put on weight so far at all. I am at last relaxing with the band, and eating a normal diet and still haven't had any problems with any type of food at all. Not even bread or spices. I am very glad about that.

I have finished work for the morning. I actually enjoyed the 2 lessons I had this morning. I usually have 5 pupils on a Saturday morning, but 3 of them are on holiday. I should have had another 4 this afternoon, but I just have 2 because the others are not home today.

I am going to put a load of adverts about in the town today and try and drum up some more trade. I work much better when I have a lot of stimulation, so I am going to try and fill my Saturday rather than have 2 kinds of shifts. I get off track. I am also wanting to fill up a Wednesday if I can, and maybe eve a Tuesday afternoon... I don't know. Could be good. I feel much happier in my own skin these days, and much more confident about my skills.

I am still having pain when I brush my hair. I don't know what to do about it. I washed my hair in Slovenia, but there was no way I could have dried it, even if I did have a hair dryer. If I hold my arms up too long, it just pulls so much. The doctor said it was where they stitch the port to the muscle, and it takes a while, but this pain is nowhere near the port. I will monitor it and see how it goes. I am not going to book my next fill for some time, and hopefully by then, it will have healed properly and not bother me any more. I must say that it was only last night that I realised I am not bracing myself to roll over in bed like I had been doing.

Hopefully that means that everything is really bedding in (ha ha) and sorting itself out.

Bought some strange teas from Slovenia to try. Hibiscus is one, and the other in Fenchell... I guess fennel. I am having a sip of the Fenchell one right now.... WOW that is awesome. I love it! Its sort of like licorice/aniseed flavour, and sweet too. I am impressed. The box smelt like herbal health shops. I always wondered what that smell was, so it must be this. This is lovely stuff. I kind of want to cut down on coffee. I love coffee, but am starting to get bored with it. It is always nice to have something else to drink apart from coffee. I don't really like English tea much. I used to when it had 2 sugars, but I cut that out when I was 9. Since then , I have only really drunk coffee.

Yum. Glad I tried this fenchell stuff. Will now find I probably cant buy it here! That would be just my luck.

Cant wait until Monday to see my progress!!!

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Day 36 - 5 weeks + 1 day post surgery!!!

Hi, just walked in the door from Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Lovely place, Lovely people, Lovely food!!!!!! HA HA

Wow, talk about "eyes being bigger than the stomach" syndrome!

The HOSTEL actually turned out to be a 2 star HOTEL. The Hotel Emonec. Very swish, marble floors and entrance etc. Nice receptionist, electronic key cards and all that jazz. Room was spotless, beds fabulously comfortable, en suite wet room was lovely, and it was to all intents and purposes better than I stayed in in Brugge to have the operation!

Downsides? Well for those of you who think is not an ideal place to book your accommodation and the reasons this hotel didn't have the Star status it deserved, was simply the breakfast was a little limited, and the breakfast room was rather clinical, cold and quite small. It didn't have a bar or a lounge to chill out in later in the evening, and our room was cold.
There was also a pub down the road that we could dance along to in our pj's for most of the night if you know what I mean!

However, the heating was fixed the next day after we told them, so don't really have anything to complain about there. The breakfast was tasty and there was lots of it. Good coffee too.
And i guess clinical means dirt shows up, so it was extremely clean and you didn't feel like you had to wipe over the surfaces with dettox. The noise? Well If I had brought my ear plugs as I normally do, I would never have known. I use them routinely, what with having a very very good snorer who sleeps with me every night.

It was also very good location wise. Unfortunately we didn't find too much to do. It was snowy but very warm, but we didn't need 2 nights there really.

But, the food was fabulous.

The first night we were all starving, and I ordered for the 'old me'. I knew I wouldn't eat it all, but hey! I also had my first glug of red wine since the banding, and it slipped down there a treat. I decided to be naughty!!! I decided that I would, just this one time, drink with my meal. ARGHHH
I will never do it again. I didn't get fuller, but I was able to pack most of that meal away inside me. I didn't realise how much it really does change how you feel. I had a little mashed buckwheat and sauerkraut and a gulp. then I had some dumping and bacon, and a gulp. Then I had a bit of sausage and some more sauerkraut and a gulp... The meal went on like that. I gave away the DISGUSTING black sausage to DH who said it was yummy...

*VOMITS over keyboard*

Travelling buddies hubby devoured the roasted pork (less one small teeny nibble by me) and half my dumpling too. Travelling buddy also had a forkful of my buckwheat combo and so that finished the plate.

I was truly surprised at the difference drinking made to my ability to sink food. It slipped down there a treat. So,

DON'T DRINK AND DINE - My new slogan. Good init.

I was also half cut after 3 glasses of wine, which has not been possibly until this point.

But folks, note that there was NO starter and No pudding. The 'old me' would have definitely had them. Oh yes. So I feel good about the experience.

The next day was our whole day in Ljubljana, and I ate like a bandster. Lovely food, but just not much of it. I went with my full feeling and left half a plate of dinner even. (i could have cried!)

Restaurant portions now seem incredibly massive. They used to look normal. Its a learning curve alright.

It was a lovely place, and the people were very warm and friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am now going to bed as I haven't slept in 2 days... remember? I forgot my ear plugs?

I thought we had adopted a farmyard full of pigs!

Monday, 19 March 2007

Yummy dinner

Just made this yummy dinner. Had to share it:

Pork loin sliced into little half centimetre medallions - enough for 3
2 onions chopped
half a mug of water (5oz?)
slug or 3 of vermouth
2 tablespoons capers
half a small pot of sour cream
half a tin of Campbell's condensed chicken soup(low fat)
broccoli and cauliflower.

You use that spray oil stuff and fry the medallions for a couple of minutes both sides until nice and brown and crispy, then put them to one side.

Then put your 2 chopped onions in the pan and fry them until coated in the meat juices and looking a little kind of 'cooked' - 2 or 3 mins anyway.

Then pour in the water and vermouth and bubble away until it reduces to a thick sauce. Then add capers and chicken soup and mix it up and heat through.

serve the onion and caper sauce on top of the pork medallions and a serving of broccoli and cauliflower and a dollop of sour cream each.


It also tastes good blended up for you pre chewing bandsters. If you are 4 weeks then give it a go and see how it feels right off the skillet.

Chew chew chew though!! And a bit more!

Day 33 - Weigh in

Oh yeah!

I lose two and a half pounds this week!

Wooooooo Hoooooo

I am thrilled!

Went to town today as had to have an eye test, and get some new contacts. They are really cheap and its so great to bung them in on the 1st day of the month and then throw them away at the end of the month. So much less fuss and bother. Plus it shows off my cool permanent eyeliner that I had done in Hungary. All helps to make you feel better about yourself doesn't it.

I was starving by 12:30 so went in to Marks and Spencer's and grabbed a sandwich. I ate half of it and I was FULL. No problems with bread yet it would seem. I chose a nice wet filling - egg mayo and watercress, so that it would be more moist on the way down. As it was a healthy sarnie too, it made me feel good about my choices. I am glad I am back to normal and can just grab something on the go rather than have to take something with me.

So today has so far been great.

No puking, no burping, totally fulfilled and 2 and a half pound lighter!! YAY

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Day 32 - Solids again!

Back on Solids!!

*Does a little dance*

Wow, having liquids only really sapped my energy.

I had cancel all my work yesterday and go to bed.

Today I went to the meeting in the morning, but I felt so tired I can home after an hour. I was wiped out. I got into bed just after 11:00am and didn't get out until 6:00pm! I only got up then because DH was going to Badminton, and I hadn't seen my son for nearly 3 days straight.

Now I am up I feel better. I said I wasn't going to have solids until tomorrow, as one more day can only help my stomach feel better, but I JUST COULDN'T STAND IT ANY MORE!

I made a lasagna for us all. Really good recipe but I had to doctor it a bit.

Instead of pasta it said use sliced courgette (-zucchini for our US/Australian readers).
The recipe said cut them thin. I knew there was going to be a problem with that before I started as I love BBQ'd courgette and peppers, and that never goes well. There are always uneven slices. So.... I used a potato peeler to slice them micro fine! It worked so well. They were wafer thin and 3 courgettes went a long way.

The guts of this lasagna was a bit odd... I didn't have any minced/ground turkey so I used minced Quorn. Very good for me. It made a really nice thick 'meat' sauce with onions and 4 cloves of garlic (yes, 4!). I sliced a whole bunch of mushrooms really thin and chucked them in too. The white sauce they suggested sounded like sick... so I changed it. I am used to making a nice thick and creamy cheese sauce for the lasagna, but its too rich when trying to lose weight, so I used some half fat ricotta and milk blended together with an electric blender and threw in some fresh parsley and basil, salt a and pepper, a bit of nutmeg and half a packet (25g) of grated Parmesan to make it cheesy. It worked really well. I strongly advice blending with with an electric blender or you end up with lump of strange cheesy stuff. Not nice.
So I put it all together and just underneath the fake pasta layers and on top of the fake meat, I put a layer of fresh spinach. Just for kicks!! It worked really well.

I covered the whole affair with a helping of half fat grated mozzarella and baked it for 40 mins and it was YUMMY!

The whole lot made 6 portions, about the size of a postcard. One portion was all I needed, and I was full. DS didn't really like it because of the mushrooms, but he spat them out and ate it anyway. Delightful child.
So I put DH's on the side for when he gets in from Badminton and I am freezing 3 portions for when I need something quick.

The courgette pasta worked very well and it all stayed together in the dish, which is unusual for me. If I make a pasta one, it slops everywhere usually, but this looked like a really nice healthy beautifully layered affair. Exactly like the picture in the book! Except theirs had lumps of sick sticking out because their cheese sauce was terrible. Mine looked much better. HEE HEE

It was bliss to chew.

I know that I will have to go with fluid diet again once I have a second fill, and I am not looking forward to it simply because of that.

Also, I have good restriction. I feel very full. I have not been sick, but I know if I ate any more that I would probably be ill. I ate a significantly smaller portion that I would have post band, so that's good.

Tomorrow is weighbridge day again...

I hope I have lost at least a pound. Not too much to ask I don't think.

Friday, 16 March 2007

Day 30

Well, today I am taking on board the advice given my the doctor.

Fluids till Monday, might as well not bother with Sunday seeing as it can only help to give it a bit longer.

Before meals, I can drink right up until my first bite. Knew that already, and have been doing just that.

After meals, no drinks for half an hour... not an hour like I was doing (which was a killer!).

On the odd occasion I CAN drink with a meal. Doctor just said that it negates that meal for weightloss. Over all I should still lose weight fine as long as I stick to the rules 80% of the time.


I can handle this. This is actually better than I imagined.

I actually feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted from me.

I can eat what I want, when I want. This totally eliminates craving for anything. Just eat a healthy diet. He told me not to bother with slimmingworld and to spend the money on a holiday. I didnt tell him I have about 10 a year already!! HA HA. Apparently we dont need low fat diets, just a Healthy diet.

1st day post fill....
I had a 5oz coffee this morning. DS made it for me and said
"I made you a 5oz Mum, because you might not be able to drink an 8oz".
I thought "Mmm. Yeah sure. Oh well I can always get another one..."
But the little chap was right! I was full after a 5oz coffee. Wow!

I had to take my tablets after that, and down my co-codamol which I was told I MUST take for the next 3 days or else, and it did feel a bit to fill in there.

Then, because DS is going over to my Sis in Law's for a sleep over (SHOCK INVOLVEMENT WITH NEPHEW!!)I drove him to the dog quarantine centre where my Sis is Law was picking up her dog after 6 months, and we chatted for a bit (ANOTHER SHOCK!!) and then left him with her. I was then feeling a little peckish, so I ate my low fat custard that I brought with me just incase such a thing occured!! How organised am I? I astonish myself!

I am still full now. So this morning I have had a coffee and a custard and its 10:30. I would suggest that the fill is.....WORKING!! YAY

I have been advised that the first fill sometimes wears off a little. There can be a little evaporation through the band or port and once the stomach swelling lessens again, or I lose weight actually from the tissues in my stomach, it can get a bit loose again... So not to be suprised if it doesnt stay restricted like this.

I think 4cc is a heck of a large fill, but we will have to see.

I am going to phone the chemist now and see if they make a soluable form of my prozac or similar as taking 2 of those is like eating a 3 course meal at the moment!!


P.S. check out Helen and Erika's blogs......>
Helen and me are at the same place and Erika is a little ahead of the game. Cool to have people on the same page as me. I dont feel so alone...
all together now AHHHH !!!!!!!!

A whole day on fluids went well. I have had about 3 pots of custard and some soup that I made from a post op lab band recipe book. It was really nice.
You basically sauteed some onion and 4 cloves of garlic, added a tin of tomatoes, a pound of turkey thighs, a can of Campbell's condensed chicken soup (with 2 cans of water) a little cumin and a half teaspoon of chili flakes and boiled it away for an hour. after that you blended it with a hand blender until it was totally smooth and it was REALLY yummy! I will be making it again for sure. It made enough for about 6 people. I froze the other portions in take away cartons that I had saved up. I stockpiled them before my band as I just knew that I would need them!
So I had a bowl of that, some smoothie from "innocent" and also an Ella's kitchen one and a yogurt. So its more food than I was eating after surgery, but not so much as I was on say Wednesday before the fill!
I must admit I have drank a lot more water today, because we went to a quiz night this evening and they only had coke and lemonade or orange juice as soft drinks... so i just had water. I could have had the juice, but all that custard and orange juice... ooow no. Don't think so.

We came 2nd .... AGAIN! We lost out AGAIN to the swat team who obviously spend their entire lives behind encyclopedias and are all about 100 years old. None of them even smile. They sat there all smug and nodding. Tragic. Everyone on our team was trashed by the time it finished, except for me on water, and we still came second. We also only had 7 people! They do ti every time. Oh well. At least we all had a really good laugh.
I had SERIOUS wind. I was burping all through the quiz. I also had bottom burps!! I just had to let them out and wander!! Thankfully they were just gas.
So good day all round.
Work tomorrow... Also having our ceiling plastered in our front room. So thank goodness I am out whilst the mayhem happens.

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Day 29 - My First FILL!!

Well, today I had my first fill.

My good old travelling buddy came along for the 2 hour ride there and back; we started the journey together, so I was pleased she came with me.

The Doctor was very nice, went through my data and then said "you were banded on 14th February?" And I said "Yes" etc etc and at first He couldn't understand why I was there as he only does them at 6 weeks, but I explained my problems about being starving nearly all the time now and he said he would only do it if the area was properly healed.


He went into great detail about how if I was filled too early there could be all kinds of problems - erosion, vomiting, not being able to swallow your own saliva, death etc!! Then topped it off with how its not wise to go too fast and that I shouldn't hurry it. GOOD GRIEF!

AS IF!!! I was only there because one of his staff told me I should go earlier!!!

He asked me if I had had any problems with vomiting or problems with any foods. I told him I hadn't and he said "Don't just say that because you want a fill today." I was a bit annoyed to be honest. I was telling the flippin' truth!!!

I started to panic that I had driven all that way for nothing. I had driven all the way under the advice of one of his staff, knew others having their first fill the same day as me, who had also had their bands the same day as me, and I was worried that it would all go wrong etc.

I said to him that I didn't want to get sick, or like DIE and that I would not have come up if I hadn't been advised by a member of his staff to do so. I told him I didn't want to rush it and if it was a bad idea I would go home. I would have been well depressed, but I would have rather done that than have what he was describing happen to me!

I mean, who the heck would want that to happen??

Well, he must have realised I wasn't just there chancing my arm on getting an early fill. Or a stupid person who didn't know what they were doing. I told him categorically that if the wound wasn't properly healed and he thought it was not a good idea, then not to do it.

Maybe that was his way of finding out the truth for real... if someone had had real problems and they were fibbing about being hungry and just wanted a quick fix and stuff, they might have gone "OK mate, never mind I will see ya later" or something. I don't know, but I was now a little worried actually! He had a good look, and was like a totally different bloke after I had said about just going home.

Fear over, he got me on the couch and had a good long look at my scars. My port wound is very nicely healed apparently. He really dug deep into my tummy and pushed and prodded (like I have wanted to do but was too afraid to try!).

The port is apparently quite close to the surface, which he said was good news for him, logistically it makes his job easier and less tricky.

He explained that the 1st fill is the hardest because of locating the port under the most layers of fat... (thanks mate!) and that as I shrink it gets closer and closer to the surface. He was very impressed with a 15lb weight loss, and said that that was above average, so that made me feel good. He was talking about all this stuff whilst digging in my guts.

He told me all about what a fill does... that it doesn't stop you feeling hungry, but makes you feel fuller quicker bla bla bla, and all that stuff. He also gave me a sheet about what to do afterwards.

Because he had located the port and decided that the wound had healed right through He went ahead and did the early fill. I am wondering if he was just trying to scare me with how dangerous it all was... I dunno. (Justify the money? I'm such a cynic)

So he got a vial full of saline and a needle. He had the port between two fingers and then went for it. I didn't feel a thing. Not even a tiny prick. He then injected into me and it took a little bit longer than a normal injection... about minute or so, and then said "All done!"

He put 4cc in my band. Some of it is obviously taken up in the tubing. He said they normally fill the band until they feel a restriction, and then add another 0.5cc but he felt restriction quite early on so he continued because he thinks that that was not a normal restriction. Oh I dunno, but I have 4cc in there anyway.

Because he worried me so much before hand, I asked him a couple of questions (like 20) about how I will know if its not right, or gone wrong, or infected etc. I even asked him if it really was in there and he hit the right spot!!! Sauce for the flipping goose and all that!!!

I didn't have an x-ray or a barium meal or anything... he just stabbed it, filled it and bunged a plaster over and that was it.

He asked me to drink a glass of water to make sure everything went through OK, but other than that it was done.

I am back on fluid diet for 3 days, so I cant have a full meal until Sunday.

He also said that the 60g of protein and then veg then carbs is a load of TWONK! He said I can eat whatever I like in line with a healthy diet. I will lose weight, and they look for 1lb a week loss, so this time next year I will be roughly 13 stone!! WOW That's so cool to imagine.

He had also never heard of the phrase "PB" or productive burping. He obviously does not frequent lap band talk or other chat sites.

Anyway, he really took away my anxiety about food, and calories etc. He said that it takes time to get the fill level adjusted, but it works a dream. His wife has a lap band too, so he knows all about it in real life too. I do wonder sometimes when these doctors give us this info whether they actually are basing it on real life, or textbooks, so it was good to have info from someone on both sides of the medical fence. I started to relax after he was talking about all this. I am satisfied I am not going to die anyway!!

So I have a 10cc band ( i checked with him) and I had 4cc inserted today. I think that is quite a lot, but he said that it is often usual to be about 7cc to reach a sweet spot. That's cool.

I am to go back in no less than 6 weeks, and only when my weight loss has slowed right down. However, he said VERY IMPORTANT if weight loss stops, DON'T JUST LEAVE IT. I should come in for an adjustment right away, because there is a window of opportunity when the pouch is tight and working well, which is about 2 years. After this time, the band doesn't work so well, or stops working and your body adapts. This is the same on every diet... after a certain our clever little bodies adapt to the new situation and that's that.

That is why we wont lose too much weight. We wont regain the weight, but we will get to our goal and stay there which is FABULOUS.

See what I mean about complete change of tack. I was scared S**tless before, and after the fill he was sweet as anything and putting me at ease about food etc.

It was a very enlightening meeting.

It was also £75 for 30 minutes. I paid him by paypal in the doctors office.... how cool is that, and how random! I never thought I would be online in a doctors office ever in my life.

So I have had the fill, and I am to take pain killers every 4 hours for the next 3 days and only liquids. Stopped at Tesco on the way home and stocked up on Custard and semolina. Yippee Do.

Anyway, I just took the most cute photo of on of my new kittens Keith. I just had to share it. He was walking up and down on the piano for ages and ages. So funny. What a cutey!

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

4 weeks post surgery - 28 days!

Wow, 2 months ago I didnt think I would be 4 weeks post op for lap-banding!!

For my 4 week 'bandiversary' I celebrated with having a chill out with food. Today I am eating as if I wasnt banded or on a diet. Lets see what happens

Last night I had a CURRY!!! I had a prawn korma. I managed about 20 prawns and a tbsp juice and smae of rice and that was it. I felt indulged and happy.

I started the day off with a coffee today.

Tesco arrived putting paid to breakfast plans, so I then had a glass of Innocent breakfast smoothy which had arrived via full tesco carrier bags.

Then I had a creme egg ice cream (woooo naughty!) which had ended up in the house via the same method. They are for DS but as its 'lets not stress abotu food day' I had one! HUH!

Then after I had gone back to bed with my TWO NEW KITTENS (SO CUTE) and had we had all had a cuddle and a nap, I got up again and had 2 scrambled eggs and some baked beans!

I am now luxuriating with a coffee and writing this post.

So far no bad burps - I have been suffering with them quite a bit; just plain old gas every time I eat or drink...

I haven't been sick at all in the 4 weeks post op, I still have a mild pain in the middle of my back, but its not as bad as it was, and I feel fine.

I refuse to count the calories because I am simply above all that I don't need to stress about food do I!

(hey... anyone want to count up my cals for me??? Tee Heee. You see -I am trying hard to convince myself I dont need to stress! Shhh dont tell anyone though.)

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Best spot ever

Everyone who knows me knows I love spots. This goes beyond a passion. I would actually pay to squeeze your spots. No joke.
This is one of the best I have ever enticed out of myself.
I knew I would feel better soon.
Now I do!

Day 27

Feel really weird, because I simply cannot sabotage myself.

If I had been this good on slimming world and NOT lost weight I would MOST DEFINITELY had a Chinese last night, and NO HOLDING BACK. I would have enjoyed every sodding bite.

However, last night i had a healthy living meal from tesco 'cos I didn't get in from work until 10:30pm. I ate it and it was ok. I thought about eating a bag of crisps, but the thought turned my stomach.

I am not sure whether this is good, or not. I guess its good for my FAT CARCASS, but not good for my Psyche.



I am most upset, and I am not TOTALLY sure why. I am not totally convinced that I am upset because of staying the same, but rather because I am to ambitious in weight loss. I think maybe I am upset with myself for not thinking of the big picture...

I have, after all, lost 15lbs in 4 weeks. That's pretty damn good actually.

I am not going to obsess any more. I am going to eat, and be done with it. I cant help if I am eating too few calories, if I am full can I?

I bet them scrawny bints on magazines don't worry about eating too little.

Yeah, thought not.

I am full, and happy and content, and surely that is what matters...

Oh I don't know. Too confused and baffled by all the different ways I have been told to look at food over the years.

Stuff it.

This band will work, I am having a fill on Thursday, so its just going to work and that's it.

Contrary to what I have just said... I will take advice and eat a few more calories, even if it means adding mayo to my mackerel or having real butter to make my scrambled egg. I promise I will be a good girl.


I actually feel pretty grim. I feel like I should just eat liquids today. I know its weird, but I feel blocked up... like I did the other day. I can feel a hard feeling when I breathe in deeply.

I am going to flush myself today and see if I feel better. I wonder if those grapes are still stuck in there...

I don't want to eat meat tenderiser!!! I have heard that's the only way to get rid of a blockage.


Monday, 12 March 2007

Day 26






Sunday, 11 March 2007

Day 25

Drank a pint of squash W A Y too quickly this morning. I was running late for picking J up for the meeting, so I necked it back quick before I could have my porridge and yogurt. However, it made me fill a bit hard in my chest. I am still full now though, and usually by this time I am starving!

So today so far I have had baby porridge mixed with a peach yogurt and mid morning 2 of them Ella's Kitchen smoothies and 2 cashew nuts on the way back from the meeting as I had to stop and get diesel from the garage, and DS wanted a snack so I got him some cashews. He loves nuts.

I got the wretched diesel all over my hands, and now they stink like I work in a shipyard.

So far today then, about 300.

I am not going to bother counting cals after today as I just wanted to know how many I consumed in a week, and to have a bench mark to measure against. Also to check I was not over doing it!

I feel like I have lost weight and I several people have said I look great. A couple of my pupils have said I look well and my M in Law's boyf ' said I looked really good yesterday too, which was lovely of him. A few people in the congregation have said too, so that's really great, and its only been 3 and a half weeks!! Woooo Hooo

I Love My Band!

I have also told a few people now.
I will list the people who know just out of my own interest:
My Brother
Mum in Law
Sis in Law
My Sister (you know who you are!)
Travelling Buddy
Mich, Paul and kids
Debs (another one!)
3 of the mums
and another one that doesn't really count.

So 22 people. I told 1 of them today.

That's not bad. When I had the operation only half knew. It would have been less but the sheer logistics of it meant we had to involve some others.

I am much more open about talking about it now. I just didn't want to tell anyone before I had the op, as I didn't want to be put off. Just after the operation I didn't want to either because I wanted to see it work first. So now it has started to, I am not that bothered. The more people know about it, the better I think because it means others that might never have considered it will be seeing the results and choose it for themselves.

I will report back on what else I have to eat today later.

**update for today**
Had a really weird feeling all day.... Its sort of like indigestion... maybe a blockage of description...

I had a couple of grapes earlier today. This was my first try of fruit, and I have heard other people cannot tolerate them because of the skins. Maybe it is that. I must admit I didn't peel them (i mean - for goodness sake! like I am going to do that!) so they went down skins an' all. But it is a heavy pressure in the mid chest area... like indigestion but not heart burn...

I also haven't felt hungry since lunch.... mmm me thinks this could be the reason.

Anyway, Stomach acid is still able to enter my 'mini stomach' so it will eventually go I guess.

For lunch I simply had a bowl of prawns and cocktail sauce. I made a special journey to the shop because I really fancied it.

Now, I HATE fish. Or I used to anyway. I would eat the odd prawn, or cod or whatever, but FISH in general, or real fish that tastes like fish type stuff I could not bear!

Since banding I think I have eaten mostly fish as my protein. How amazingly odd is that? My body is obviously wanting the nutrients from fish.

I have had salmon a few times, all differently prepared too. Trout a couple of times, tuna and prawns and cod and hake. This is not like me.

So today my cals have also not gone haywire. I cant be bothered to work it out, but a bowl of prawns is not much. certainly not more than 300.

So there we go.

Guess what...


I have spent the evening looking for a kitten. what a nightmare. Does no one have free moggies anymore?? WHY?

Day 24

Manic day.

Worked, came home, worked again, then came home with a bad headache.

Well tired.

Have not kept track of the calories today, but its pretty small...

I have had some baby porridge, a pot of baby food, a smoothie, a pot of tesco couscous and some more baby food and two tomato juices... Thats it. The couscous was about 200. the tomato's 21 each, and the baby food about 160. The porridge is about 100 too... so its roughly 500- ish. I do feel quite hungry, but its been such an odd day, that I havent been able to worry about it.

Roll on Fill Thursday!

Weigh in Monday... cant wait. Its so exciting to go every week now!

Friday, 9 March 2007

Day 23

It's belch central here.

I have had the worst burps ever today! Real big MAN burps!! :o)

Its well funny, DS is extremely impressed.

Today has been particularly humdrum. Got up, did the housewife job, then did the school teacher job, then went to work and did my real job, then came home and did the wife and mum job and now I have time for myself (half ten at night) I am writing this.

Today's meals have been what I would call proper-ish. I didn't have breakfast as I wasn't hungry at all. As i wasn't hungry, I took the advice just to drink, so I have a couple of cups of coffee mid morning and then a pint of squash. There is no resistance at all to liquid now.

Just before lunch I had an:
Ella's smoothie = 52 cals

And then for lunch I made 50g pasta with half a can of tuna and 100g of arabiatta sauce.
Total lunch = 349 cals

I had 2 more smoothies, a red and a yellow, at work:
2 x smoothies 110 cals

For dinner I had:
2/3rds pack of Birds Eye roast beef in gravy = 153 cals
Heinz toddler meal 'sweet potato and beef casserole' = 169 cals

Total today = 833 cals

Not bad!
I have felt that today I ate quite a lot at my meals, but I made a conscious choice to eat the protein part first, and to make sure that I got 60g of protein in my diet today, as that is supposedly what we should all aim for before anything else.

I am going to try and do that each day, but its getting out of habits that's the hard bit. I am still used to going to the cupboard and grabbing some noodles or a can of beans, because I have been following a practically vegetarian diet for 2 years. I have to get used to thinking about protein first rather than bulking on carbs. Carbs fill you up, but I don't have that problem now!! So I can eat meat and fish to my hearts content. I am looking forward to having some prawns. I haven't had them for a while in a nice dressing! Mmmmm. Lots of pepper and they are yummy! Just like my Dad there I feel!

You might not believe this, but I am surprised to see how little calories I am eating. When I get the calculator out to count the days cals up I always think its going to be horrendous. Just shows how your mind controls a lot of our guilt and gets it soooooo wrong! I wonder how many times I have felt guilty when in fact I was ok, then ruined and sabotaged my weight loss because my mind thought it had been bad?? Interesting. Its so messed up. I am just over three weeks into band land and I feel like I have given up smoking, or drinking or some weird fetish or an anti social behaviour. I kind of feel like I should attend AA!! It funny how it feels to be banded. It is like giving up drugs, but still having them. Odd it really is.

Like going to AA and then going down the pub. Like going to NA and then having a spliff on the way home. Like fronting an anti smoking campaign, and then sneaking out the back for a ciggy.

I think us serial dieters deserve a lot more respect for our struggle with weight than we actually get.

How long would a heroin addict be able to stay of the smack if he HAD to have 1 hit a day?

How long would an alcoholic stay sober if he HAD to have just one drink a day?

We have to have 3 meals a day. We cant give up our drug. No one realises that when we slip of the wagon, it is usually every meal.

I think we deserve a bit more credit for how much effort we give to fighting this disease, because that is what it is. Its a killer.

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Day 22

Couldn't resist a hop on the scales... looks like a couple more pounds off... but not totally sure because my scales are crummy - I'll have to wait until Monday to find out for definite.

Been out this morning for 1 and a half hours, and by the end I was dog tired. I really needed a sit down. So popped back to L's (my travelling Buddy) for a cup of coffee and to eat my lunch.
She brought me back some Theraflu from Latvia which is excellent for colds. You cant get it here. Probably some cancer inducing chemical in it or something, but the Russians aren't dropping like flies, so it cant be too bad. I cant find any info about it on the web that looks bad either. Its already made me feel better!

For breakfast I had peachy porridge by Heinz at 9:30. I was hungry by 11:00. Not good, so by the time i got to L's I swigged my Theraflu and coffee down really fast then tucked into my baby meal I brought along just in case. I was so glad I did!

So, so far today I have had:
peachy porridge = 173 cals (44 grams of the stuff)
baby dinner = 161 cals
Red Ella's Kitchen smoothie = 52 cals.

I am going to the hairdresser to get my hair washed at 2:30 because I am still struggling with my pain in my side. This morning it felt more like a stitch than a tugging, but I just cant keep my arms above my head long enough to shampoo my hair 2 or 3 times and then condition it. Shampooing this mop once is just not enough, and because I am hurrying, I think I am also leaving too much residue in the hair. I last washed it on Thursday (1st March) and my Friday morning it was grotty again. Its difficult to tell whether its greasy and looking rubbish because of the new diet, or because I cant wash it properly. To be honest I think it has to be the latter. My skin is clear and feels fresh, no greasy patches like usual, so I think if anything it would have dried my scalp out rather than make it more greasy. But there we go. Its getting a good wash today whatever the problem is. At least it will look nice for the meeting tonight and work tomorrow and Saturday.

Still haven't had any responses to my adds I put in the local shops to try and drum up more business. I have decided that I definitely want to work Wednesday too now. It will be really god for me. But isn't it always the case that when you want to work more, no one wants you!! How annoying. It will come eventually, it never ever takes very long to build up a client base. I will tell my pupils tomorrow that I am looking for pupils, and normally that does the trick!

Anyway, will post more later. I am planning to do a few miles on the treadmill, so I will let you know if I do or not! :o)

I have just been B A D.

No actually, I don't feel bad.

I just had a Cadbury's Rolo Egg = 185 cals

I knew how much cals it had, and I made a conscious decision to buy it, rather than just grabbing it and throwing it down my neck. I consciously enjoyed it too.

That is the first piece of chocolate I have had since banding. It was nice, but it was not that nice. I certainly didn't want anymore than I ate, which is great! I keep forgetting that I simply wont be able to gorge any more. Its nice to be able to eat something which a normal thin person might consume, without worrying that I wont be able to control myself.

Chocolate melts, granted, but its still makes me feel full... That was a good experience.

I had Young's Mediterranean fish bake. (Half of it. The cats had the rest) = 150
green beans = 22 cals
mushy peas 100g = 78 cals

So total today: 821 !

Well pleased. Even had a treat and its still under 1000! This band is THE BUSINESS!!!!

I wish I had done it AGES ago!

I am just having a nice cup of coffee before going on the treadmill.... yep! I am going to do it!! ha ha. Bet you thought I wouldn't!

Its the first time I have used it in a long while.... well a really long while, but DS uses it a lot so at least its not been gathering dust. I have to tone up the old skin though, otherwise I am wasting my time losing it in the first place.

Work tomorrow.... :o) Looking forward to it. How very odd!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

3 weeks post op!

I was rudely awoken by the cat jumping on my head to get my ear plugs. I have never known such a strange cat as Pauline. She will eat ANYTHING. She sits like a dog whilst we eat our dinner and particularly likes curry, garlic bread and sponge cake.

She has an ear plug fetish. Back in October I decided that I could no longer put up with DH's snoring, so got myself some tesco ear plugs. They are excellent. They are bullet shaped and bright orange and even come in their own little case. 6 pairs in a box - a bargain at £1.49.

However, my stash is rapidly depleting. Every morning Pauline jumps on me and tries to eat them out of my ears, or steal them out of my drawer. If I accidentally forget and leave them on my bedside table, they are gone in a flash. Apparently, when I was away she still used to jump up and have a look for them! I don't understand the excitement, but she get immense pleasure from chewing them to death. I find them all over the house. We just moved our piano and there must have been about 15 under there - all half chewed!

Normally I am awoken by her purring and prodding at my ears, but today she literally landed on my head. I was not impressed.

I felt hungry when I woke, ravenous in fact. I went down stairs and had my chewy bassets vitamins and my tablets, and a coffee and then I was full. I didn't get to eat my brekkie because I realised I had an eyebrow wax and facial at 10am. It was lovely. Its the new beauty place in my village. It only opened 2 weeks ago, and I am so pleased there is somewhere local for me to have my bits done. I hated having to drive all over the place just to get an eyebrow wax.

So got back and had lunch. I had 2 slices of weight watchers bread with 2 tablespoons of spaghetti and a bit of grated cheese. Now, this is the first bit of bread I have had in 3 weeks. It is laying rather heavy, but not any bad problems. We were told that bread would give us grief, so I am thinking that I really need that fill!!

I thought about it a little more, and I am starting to get hungry quite regularly. I am not staying full for 2 or 3 hours like I was last week... I am still not eating much, but I am not content like I have been. So I rang up one of the clinics where they do the fills. Apparently a fill is usually done at between 4 and 6 weeks. Some people don't get a fill for months because they are happy as they are, but others need it adjusted quicker. The woman on the phone said that the things to look out for are:

non sustainable satiety
looking around for food

Well over the last few days that has been the case.

So I have been booked in for an earlier fill. I will be having my 1st fill on Thursday 15th March.

I am also going to a different center, because it is closer to me by 45 minutes, and £15 cheaper too!! The clinic where I was going originally on the 24th was also only on a Saturday so that would have meant missing work, so it would have worked out a lot more expensive all round.

Its a shame, because I wanted to see M. We had an appointment on the same day, but maybe we can get together another day that week or something. We will have to organise something or other.

So, today's food:

2 slices brown weight watchers bread = 88 cals
100g Heinz spaghetti = 60 cals
activia kiwi and fibre yogurt = 91 cals
Yellow Ella's Kitchen smoothie = 65 cals

This evening we had:
Chicken and Broccoli pie with assorted veg = 340 cals
Red Ella's Kitchen Smoothie = 52 cals

So today's total is: 696 cals

I had to go to bed again this afternoon. I just had to lie down. It seems to be that I need more sleep that I did before I had the band fitted.

I have changed my blog photo today. It shows me the day after surgery in the hotel in Brugge. I cant wait to take a comparison photo in a few months time.

I have added a few other peoples blogs to my site, one of them, Helen, had her surgery the same day as I did! So that's 3 of us who are at the same place that I know of.

Right, I am off to play Sims as DH has gone to the pub with J for a pint... or 6!



Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Day 20

Not much to report, other than that I have a stinking cough, cold and sore throat. Also a sore side from coughing too much. Great huh? Feel very sorry for myself.

Today Mum, DS and I were supposed to go to Rome this morning and come back tomorrow evening, but as Mum still has her poorly foot, and I still feel very raw, we decided against going. I am glad we did now, as I feel grotsville. What a bunch we would have made. Mum sitting with her foot up on the trivi fountain and me snotting all over the Sistine chapel. HA HA

We can go another time.

Anyway, spent the first half of the day in bed and have just had a coffee.

In the oven today are some roasted vegetables... from Tesco. I am going to give them a whirl with some pasta.

I have had one of those Ella's kitchen smoothies which are YUMMY but cost a fortune. Well... I guess they seem to. They work out about 50p each, so its not that bad. Its just that I didnt want to go to tesco again, it drives me INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE, so I ordered 4 boxes. 2 red and 2 yellow and it came to a ten spot! However, I used to buy 48 pepsi max and it was £12, so its swings and roundabouts. It just feels bad because I am not used to buying them. Or wasting money on those silly things as I usually say to DS. Now he is looking at me all permp thinking "Oh, its ok for her to have them is it...?" YES it IS, 'cos I get nothing else now!

I love my fruit, and its been really hard not grabbing an apple and biting into it. I just don't feel ready for it yet. I know I will one day, so until then, its Ella's organic smoothies.

So... I shall be adding to this post later as I want to keep a track of what I am eating, and to give you all an idea of quantities etc...

*Coffee with milk (a splash from 200mls = 96 cals)

*Ella's Smoothie (52 cals)

*Roast Vegetables (119 cals) and Pasta (50g = 172 cals)

*1 Lemsip (unknown cals... why don't they put stuff like that on the packet?)

*Coffee with splash milk.

*Organic Ambledown Roast (a rustic combination of lentils and vegetables with apples, cheese & roasted hazelnuts topped with cider soaked... wait for it.... GROATS!) and a selection of boiled veg. (282 cals - if I eat it all, that is)

So total for today is: 721 cals. That is not a lot, and that's also expecting me to eat all of the Roast, so a little less.

I keep thinking I am going to put on weight. But its just not possible is it.

I did my first long purposeful walk today. Not really long, but it was a strain on the old guts. The village and back. 1 mile. I really felt my tummy pulling when I got home, and I had to go to bed!!! HA HA! can you believe it. It wore me out totally! I slept for 4 hours. So there we go.

As of tomorrow, I am going back on regular meals with the family, even though it might be a struggle. The struggle is thinking what to give the family to eat because I can't seem to dream anything up any more. If I was a chef my job would be in crisis!!!

P.S. I didnt eat all the Ambledown roast. I ate 2/3rds of it...
So new calorie total for Roast is: 188 cals
Daily total cals = 627