Friday, 3 February 2017

So close to ONEDERLAND I can taste it.

When you are seasoned weight loss warrior like I am, you will take every tiny prop to keep you encouraged!

I currently weigh 92.7kgs, which is roughly 204lbs or 14 stone 8.

So we are in uncharted territory. My lowest ever weight was in the 93kgs, so this is simply epic news… given that I have lost over 31kgs/70lbs/5 stones in 5 months? Well thats INSANE!

I knew it would be good, but never in my wildest dreams thought that it would be this good or that it would actually work for me!

In the 12 years that Ive been writing this blog, I have never achieved the proverbial and mystical Onederland so cherished by my American cousins (because they weigh in pounds!)

But as the world has gotten smaller via Instagram and Facebook groups etc since I first started this, so many more people claim Onederland too now, that I'm getting some of that action too!

4 more pounds and I will be there.

What's on my plate recently? Well over the last few days I have been incredibly hungry! I mean, hungry is a bit of a strong term - in need, or in search of food more often than I have in the past is probably closer to the mark.

As I think I've said before, I don't feel hunger like I used to before the band or even when I had the band. It kind of feels like a bruise in my tummy area.. like when you accidentally bump yourself on something and then the feeling dissipates to a dull achey sensation. It's not unpleasant, but definitely noticeably not quite right.

The last few days I have had loads to eat - but none of these days have I eaten more than 1000 calories. Today I had a folded flatbread for breakfast (100), salad (watercress, lettuce, pepper, cucumber, celery, avocado) and tuna for lunch (235), 2 x mini babble light cheeses and a flatbread for snack (180) and for dinner Crab Gratin (150), sprouts, green beans and broccoli (80) and then for later I have prepared some kale chips (60). So today will amount to 800 in total. That is a pretty much standard day, but today I have upped my water as Ive been feeling so peckish! I am still under my surgeons goal of 800-1000 every day at 6 months out. I'm currently 5 months post surgery. I think the last few days I can put down to the imminent arrival of shark week :( Nothing seems to have changed on that particular score!

Here are some treats for your eyes into the life of a RNY Gastric Bypass patient. Hopefully you will see that I am eating well, and this can break the fear and misconception that you will never eat again, or you'll have to low carb/keto diet etc.

We don't do this to be on a diet for the rest of our lives do we!

Cajun spiced green beans, half a jacket potato with sour cream and spring onions and a juicy Rump Steak! This is a tea or bread plate. I ate about half of this.

My take on Chicken Satay - 2 mini breast fillets , smothered in chopped cucumber and homemade Gastric Bypass friendly Satay sauce (crunchy peanut butter, sugar free diabetic apricot jam and soy sauce) with a little rice. About a cup worth of food.

Roasted sweet potato slices, a bit of thick cut ham on the bone, cauliflower and mixed veg with a cheese sauce. This plate is smaller than above, a small tea plate.

Homemade lentil dhal - Green lentils from a can (already cooked), chopped onion, passatta and some xylitol sweetener  with mild curry powder. I stir in some Skyr icelandic set yoghurt at the end to balance it.

Little chicken and blueberry salad with fat free french dressing and croutons. Yum!

Eggy Bread, or French toast if you are posh ;-) I love this with Reggae Reggae sauce. Adds a little fire!

A delicious breakfast! Poached egg on toast with bacon and tomatoes. 

One of my days plate sets. Lunch was a lovely egg mayo and cress sarnie. Dinner a mini chicken fillet, green beans and red cabbage and onion colcannon, with a packet of ridges for a snack later on.