Friday, 24 August 2012

New stuff

Oh I am really happy.

I have had a great couple of weeks, with a minor scare in the middle.

It started like this:

I want to be blonde.

So I went to my hairdresser and got my hair highlighted. It was the first time I had had him do it as the girl I usually have has left. I say 'usually' in a loose way because I am the kind of person who has one hair cut a year.

I had a full head of highlights and a cut and because there wasn't enough time to blow dry it, I came home with wet hair. No probs. I live in a rural place and that kind of thing is accepted. They also are of the opinion that we will only get home, wash it and blow dry it ourselves anyway... that's the folk around here for you - I am a 'foreginer' remember.

I got home and thought I would just let it dry natural and bummed around on the computer for a bit. DS walks in from a mates house and yells "What have you done?!?!?!" I go to the mirror and - NO JOKE - I am as grey as my great grandmother.

The highlights were pure white. I was stunned a bit, recovered and grabbed my car keys. I drove to tesco and grabbed a bottle of my usual blonde colour (I have been au-naturale dark blonde for some time though) called Helsinki by Loreal.

Got home, added the jollop and waited. Took it off, washed it, dried it and was gulping back tears.

It was now blue where the white was, and orange where the dark blonde original was.

So I phoned my Mum for advice. She suggested getting a dark or beige blonde and putting that one and then letting it fade.

I went to the chemist in the village and grabbed medium blonde and dark blonde just in case. I put the Dark blonde on and all the palaver that follows... Once it was dry I was gutted. It was darker than my own natural hair colour, and a kind of auburn/reddy colour on the parting and crown area on the top of my head. I should have gone for the lighter one :-(

Mum was out so this was dissolving into a nightmare situation. I googled. I found a product called Colour B 4 which basically strips the colour you just put on out of your hair.

They had one at tescos. We drove there, DH and I, and grabbed a bottle of that, a bottle of Lightest Ash Blonde and a dark brown hair dye.

My reasoning was that after the stripper, I was going to try and get it blonde again, but if all else failed I could go brown!

The stripper scared the total shit out of me

It went day-glo yellow where the white bits were and violent orange on my natural.

I looked like I had been tangoed!

After all that, and at 11pm I rang mum saying we were good to go for ash blonde. She suggested I put it on and after 5 minutes have a look and see if it was a shade that I could live with... if not then keep checking until I was. I liked the colour at 5 minutes so we washed it off and it had neutralised the violence and toned the rest.

Its not quite what I wanted... which was golden honey coloured hair... but it was blonde.

All night and most of the next day my head ached and felt hot. It was as sore as a slapped bum. I had blisters the next day on the top of my head and I was just glad the hair was still hanging in there.

I am going to give it another week or so and then put a helsinki on it again and tone it to the right blonde as this is really not what I wanted... its still mildly orange on the top and the only way to solve that is to bleach it further. ( the photos seems absolutely fine, but orange is there trust me!)

I did this because Darling Husband said he loved it when I was blonde. I was blonde when I met him, and was blonde for many years via loreal and being darker these last few years I haven't particularly enjoyed enjoyed either.

I countered with, I loved you WITH hair... but we just giggled and I succumbed to the bottle. I think he would just love it if I had the red lipstick and stilettos to go with it!! Perve.

So I am happy with my new shade and then I went out looking at cars.

I went to have a LOOK. Just have a few test drives of different cars and see which one I liked and felt safe and comfortable in. We didn't intend to by one just yet as we still haven't finished paying Mum back for DH's car. Our last payment to her is 1st October. His car was a bit of a treat and they wanted us to have it, so they said get it and then pay us back. We have paid them nearly £300 a month so that we get rid of the debt in a year and that's worked well.

It also showed us that we could easily afford to have a new car over 5 year finance because we would pay less that £300!! So we decided that we would get a new car for me, as mine poor old nag is bandaged up and on morphine daily. I was intending to get the new one some time in October but...

I came across this LOVELY new stallion of a horse. I tried out a load of cars on Wednesday and I just loved this one.

It has just about everything I am never going to use on it - like 6 speed gear box (?!?!) and cruise control HAHA!

My stipulations for the new horse were these: Cheap tax, iPod Connection, Diesel, As new as possible, big enough for a growing teenage monster + friends and assorted paraphanalia.

I didnt care what it was, what colour or any of that shit.

This is a Kia Cee'd 2 EcoDynamics which is 6 months old. It's perfect.

The payments are just £225 a month, so I kind of feel like I have got a brand new car AND a reduction in my monthly payments!! I feel quids in :-)

So I signed on the dotted and I pick it up on Friday 31st August - the day after our 15th Wedding Anniversary which I think is just lovely! Its like the best present ever.

I went to tesco after this, and I was just grabbing a few bits when I spotted this lovely dress. I loved it, but I didn't try it on because the changing rooms were closed. I grabbed what I thought looked my size and thought I would just take it back if it looked rubbish.

It looks ACE!

Phil took this with my iPhone and doesn't know how to use the focus, but you get the idea. I love it and I feel like I am starting to get somewhere with this blubber girls!! I feel like sunshine when I wear it... I haven't had that feeling very much in my life. It kind of doesn't matter what I look like to others, but I just feel a billion quid wearing it ya know?

So wearing my new dress and hair I went for an interview for a position as a Music Teacher at the local Academy High School. Its a strange job because I won't actually work there, but in the 'feeder primary schools' giving piano and theory of music tuition to the kids there so that they get the opportunity to take it further in senior schools. I think I will have 2 schools to start with and then that will increase to 4 as I develop the course.

This will be the best job ever because I don't have to drive around the world doing 4 lessons in the time it takes to do 12 - and nor do I have to buy music, enter them for exams or deal with fussy parents!

I got the job! The director of the school said he had decided 20 seconds after meeting me which was such a lovely thing to say!

So I have a LOT of new stuff!

This morning I was given yet another beautiful gift of 104kgs on the scales!!!!!!!!!! That's probably the best gift ever! I am now at the lowest I got with my band before it broke. I am also only 6kgs heavier that both my husband and my lowest weight ever!!!!

The title of my blog has always been Weightloss Expedition, and I think my graph shows the mountains peaks and troughs of that trial. But at the moment, thankfully, I am free falling down the side riding on the waves of an avalanche - hopefully back to base camp and finish this bitch of a journey!!  

I hope you are all having fabulous things happen to you all, and if not then believe that they will happen! My husband said this morning we've had the "For Poorer" and we've had the "For sickness" bit of our vows and now we want the rest :-)


  1. What a wonderful day that you had! The stars must have been in perfect alignment for you! lol Congrats on the weightloss. Keep it up!

  2. Hair - crazy woman, you'll go bald if you put so much gunk on it. Let it calm down for a while!!
    Car - sounds lovely, bet your son will love it too.
    Dress - Just the sort of design I like, and wow doesn't the weightloss show.
    I'm just going to wash off my envy.

  3. Thanks ladies! Love ya xxx