Friday, 25 May 2012

Blogger is getting annoying!

Hey blog Friends!

Is anyone else getting grief from blogger.

I load my blog and then click on another post in my blog or a comment etc and it comes up with the "Internet explorer cannot find page" logo and stuff, or it takes a million years to load.

I can normally get in the first time I click on my blog, but I have this problem every day! I don't have it with any other site in the world, and I even cleaned my blog's background as I thought maybe it was too busy and graphics were making it glitch but alas no - its still being a pain in the arse!

I am getting really fed up with it, and I am thinking of getting another type of blog and linking it to here because this is really frustrating.

Typical scenario...

Click on my bookmarks
Click Weightloss Expedition

click on on of the blogs I follow on the left hand side...

wait massive time

loads an internet explorer error, (or a mozilla error, or a safari error because I have that too)
heres what I got today for for instance

then click back to my page

then MY page wont load so I go to home page and I get:

close window, open again go through same rigmarole. FREAKING FRUSTRATING.

I also had the problem of not being able to comment until I learnt from some kind blog somewhere that if you click "stay signed in" when you sign in, you sometimes cant comment... so that is solved, but surely this programme should not have so many glitches.

It was FINE until they overhauled it and made it really hard to use instead of user friendly like it was before.

God I miss the old blogger.

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