Friday, 11 May 2012

Dinner crisis averted.

Housewife's Crisis! I had a packet of mini sweet peppers in the fridge that I bought reduced for 30p, 2 courgettes that were on the edge of doom, a couple of onions and that was it. Trying to defrost the freezer at some stage and running it down meant that the only thing I had in there was chicken. I did the veggies in my Le Creuset griddle pan I got for a wedding present - that and my Portmerion quiche dish are the only things that have survived 15 years!

 The chicken I did on a large cast iron griddle that fits directly on top of by two back gas burners on my stove. It gets super hot and sears those chicken slices without any fat and looks amazing when its done.

I have absolutely NO IDEA where the griddle came from. I didn't buy it, and no one brought it here when they moved in... but thank you to the fairy that delivered it. Who ever it belongs to is not getting it back!
The result of this crisis was actually awesome!

I made a dressing with Lemon Juice, Lemon curd, Soy Sauce and a splash of Levi Roots' Reggae Reggae Sauce and drizzled it all over and served it on a bed of egg noodles. It was fabulous. I added the broccoli spears as an after thought, warmed but raw to add a bit of crunch. Mmmm

So I had a lot of good days over the last few weeks, but it started to go wrong after Mum and Dad went home. I felt really low, mainly because even after eating on plan and low fat and stuff like that, I still hadn't lost any weight and I was really ticked off by it.

I hadn't heard from the radio either, and was wondering if they really did want me back, and also the thought of that filled me with dread as I found the last time cardiac arrest inducing. I did want to go but I didn't want to go. Rock/Hardplace.

So as with all good things... the weight hadn't budged an ounce... I resorted to type.... See next post.

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