Saturday, 5 May 2012

Why cant fat people stick to diets? The answer.

Yummy lunch. Cooking 'fried' eggs this way is totally fine really. I spray a good frying pan with that frylight oil spray and then when its hot add some water to about a cm deep. Then break the eggs and cover it with a lid. Its poached/steamed eggs but in a fried egg shape which is yum.

Last night I made a really really tasty chicken dish.

I made a marinade from
3 tbsp lemon juice (1tbsp for each person)
3 tbsp of lemon curd (1tbsp per person)
1 tbsp roughly ground cinnamon
1 tbsp fennel seeds

I brushed this all over some frozen chicken protions and a couple of chicken breasts, covered with foil and cooked at 175 degrees for about an hour. I then basted them again with the juice that was in the pan and then turned down the heat a little and did them a little longer until thoroughly cooked.

I served it with green beans and mashed potatoes with quark (low fat skimmed milk soft cheese) and it was delicious. I put some of the meat juices in a ramkin to dip rather than add a high calorie sauce or gravy.

On top of the above I had 2 banana's and a non fat plain yoghurt during the day.

So, on plan 100% for 3 days - and I mean totally -  and I thought I would check the scale... ya know have a little peek... after all I started tuesday, and its now saturday right?????

To refresh you...

I weighed in at 115.7 (18stone 3) on tuesday evening at the group and 112.9 (17stone 11lbs) on Wedesday morning....

today I weighed... THE SAME.

Good Lord. Seriosuly.

Ok, they asked me on the radio why I would give in and sabotage myself even after everything I have been through...? Why I couldnt stay motivated...?

the Answer?

Moments like this ANUS!

Gotta keep that momentum I really have, but wow what a head and butt kicker.

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