Monday, 21 May 2012


A delicious 3 egg cheese and onion omlette with a yummy crunchy salad and I drizzled this lashingly with tesco's light choices honey and mustard dressing. YUM. How did I never find that dressing before??? Far better than the fat laden salad cream of my choice, or even brown sauce which I would usually have. Dressing + omlette is really yummy and so much lower in calories! I will try and remember that :-)

Today was fine, didn't do much apart from give myself a migraine finishing off the end of year accounts ready to go to the accountant. It only took ALL day. What have I got to complain about. I could hardly see/walk straight by the time I had finished. When I had a quick glance at it before popping all the files and paperwork in DH's car I noticed 3 stupid mistakes I had made. Yay, so I had to do those before anything else could occur. I certainly couldn't sit down and eat before I had finished it, so DH was wasting away before my eyes hurrying me along silently by telling me how clever I was and how lucky he was to have me at his side.

Flattery will get him everywhere!

So it was all done, and I sat down to eat this gorgeous meal in front of the telly.

Who would guess I was banded huh?

It is actually he best of all worlds I think, because I can eat this - all of it - and never feel hungry at all. Maybe this is the secret that I have needed to get. The little key to success for me.

I am finding this really easy to stick to so far. Because I am not hungry at all, like ever, I don't crave stuff. As long as I keep under my calorie limit, I should get to where I am going sooner or later.

Bring it on!

Monday's stats:

Date:May 21st, 2012


Meal Item Name Calories Sugars Carbs Fats Protein Cholesterol Sodium Dietary Fibre

Refreshers 85 ….. 18.5g 1g 0.1g ….. ….. …..
lunch Szechuan Hot & Sour Cup Soup 114 1.1g 13.0g 0.1g 1.1g ….. 0.75mg 2.4g
dinner 3 Egg 240 ….. 0g 5g 7g 250mg ….. …..
dinner Cheese, Cheddar 180 0g 1g 6g 7g 20mg 240mg 0g
dinner Cherry Tomato 31 ….. 7g .5g 1g 0mg 13mg 2g
dinner Cucumber 16 1.8g 2.9g 0.2g 0.8g 0mg 3mg .9g
dinner 3tbsp light choices honey & mustard dressing 25 ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. …..
dinner Iceburg Lettuce 10 1g 2g 0g 1g 0mg 7mg 1g
dinner Olive Oil 120 0g 0g 13.5g 0g 0mg 0mg 0g
dinner Onion 30 ….. 6.9g .1g .9g
2mg 1.4g
evening Bottle Red Wine 630 5g 21g 0g .547g 0mg 31mg …..



  1. Your calories are great, but......I only count 20 g of should be getting in at least 60 g per day, if not more.

  2. Hi Jacquie,

    thanks for reading my blog.

    I find info on protein intake varies greatly country to country and bandit to bandit.... so I go with my surgeons reccomendation of 46g per day. I often bust this amazingly, or come in underneath but I find on average it is about right for me and I havent found any decrease in muscle mass or hair/nails etc. I also have kidney trouble so I think this formed part of his reccomendation.
    Maybe he will change it but he hasnt this last 5 years and I have asked him occasionally. :-)

    I am currently banded, but can eat anything and everything so am follwing a calorie controlled diet at present too, and although the data on the sheets is there, I only double check the calories for accuracy as I load them from the online database at The calories are right, but the other stuff may or may not be correct.

    Thanks for the hints though :-)