Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Yesterday i had a bit of a crisis. I hadnt had much to eat all day, so that might have been the reason, but who knows. Maybe it was the comedown from the weekends happiness... dunno

I felt horrible in the evening. I wanted to have some pleasure.

I had 3 kitkat chunkys. All in a row. they were yummy as I was eating them, then afterwards I felt horrid. I logged it all in the livestrong plate, and I knew I could have them, so at least I was in control, but I still felt bad.

If I have a controlled blowout though, it limits the damage so its better. I had only had 2 banana's and some salad and chips for my meals, so no damage done. I also chose to eat just 3, rather than blow out over the top of my calories.

So its the control that makes that little butterfly above move down the scale, which it did this morning. It was all I needed to give me a boost and keep on track. I knew that sticking to the plan would eventually bring rewards, its just not possible to eat less and gain weight. So I look forward to it moving some more and me keeping it together.


  1. off topic-but your hair looked good in the anniversary pics. Not curled but good nonetheless. :)

  2. LOL, thanks hun! I straightened it to within an inch of it's life so it looked ok on the day! I am resigned to doing this until the shitty perm has grown out. Its simply attrocious. Oh well, you live and learn.. i my case I need to learn a bit more! LOL