Saturday, 9 October 2010

oooh cheeky post

This is a quick post to just mention the fact that I am having serious guilt issues over my food.

I need some reassurance people!!

If I scrupulously add my calories, and I stay under the 2031 daily allowance this is OK right?

What I mean is... if I ate 2031 calories worth of Lettuce, its the same basic thing as 2031 calories of chocolate right?

It's still 2031 and therefore I expend more energy than I consume so I will still lose weight yeah?

Wow, I cant even believe I am asking this dumb question... but I just feel so GUILTY at eating some chocolate every day, even though I am way under my limit.

I mean, I lost 2.8kg this week but I still dont trust this basic maths... or believe it could possibly be this easy...

2000 cals of fish
2000 cals of plums
2000 cals of lard
2000 cals of pickled eggs
2000 cals of peanuts
2000 cals of celery

...they would all be in varying quantities - weight for weight they would differ... but they would all be 2000 cals!

2000cals of celery would be about a truck load but 2000cals of my favorite LaoGanMa Chilli paste would be only 280g whereas 2000cals of cod would be 2kg...

They would all be better or worse for you,
and better or worse in nutritional value,
and better or worse at filling you up and keeping you that way...

BUT they would still be 2000cals right?

Ok, I have satisfied myself that its all ok.

I am goign back to bed now.



  1. you want me to let you in on a little secret--i had something sweet in some form every day. You might need to drop down eventually in calories (you know that). You might need to make sure it is not all chocolate but certainly you can always have some chocolate--or whatever other sweety treat you desire.

    I hope you are sleeping guilt free right now now :)


  2. lol I like your chocolate/vs lettuce theory but dont forget, the choccie has fat whereas the lettuce doesnt.. BUT you know what.. chocolate is GOOD for you! It helps us feel good and hey, I eat chocolate almost every day too and it hasnt harmed me. Have it, enjoy it and bugger it all. Cant be perfect ALL the time. xx

  3. The thing about chocolate is it's addictive. You get used to having it every day and it is just NOT ON to skip a day, and you crave it... Like a smoker maybe? As a diabetic I've often been told that if I must have something sweet, then chocolate will do less harm than straight sugar treats such as sweets - and I've been known to use that reasoning in the past to eat chocolate. It's also better than pigging out on ice-cream...

  4. Lol, that logic rocks. I am thinking that could be fun, while it lasted, until the hundredth tomato....or the tenth egg.....or the 2 tubs of icecream (scratch that last one, I reckon I could suffer that ;-) )

    I reckon I would have to do a 50/50 split between crisps and biscuits/cookies = heavenly 2000 cal day!

    I wonder if it's actually possible to eat 2000 cals of celery in one day?! Not that I'm going to try or anything....

    Peace x