Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Loving it

I am loving things right now.

Long may it remain so!

It was so nice to sit down tonight with a pizza, salad and coleslaw and have a cadbury's crunchie on the side waiting for me, watch telly and eat it allllllllll up - and NOT FEEL GUILTY!

I am not hungry at breakfast time. I am just thirsty. I don't get hungry until about 2-3pm. So what? What does it matter really? I don't think I should eat just because the clock says so,so I am not going to bother. So today I got a sandwich and took it to work with me - egg mayo and cress - my fave! I grabbed a water to drink too rather than a high cal soft drink like yesterday.

Today is my late one, I don't get back from work until 10pm. DH takes DS to roller hockey while I am at work, and they usually get fish and chips on the way home for everyone as they are both starving and Tuesday's are really pants for me - I never get it together quick enough to make a meal for them to cook when they get in, so its just easier all round to get take away.

But for me... this is never part of my dinner. Re heated takeaway fish and chips is just rank, so they always leave me out. I used to order a curry when I got home... but not any more! Tonight I stopped by the Co-Op on the way back from work, and picked up a little individual cheese and tomato pizza, salad, coleslaw and a crunchie. The pizza is teeny, but I just love them as they remind me of when I was a kid. they are only about 4 inches across, but they are yummy and fill a bandit's tummy. Pile the salad high and it looks like a feast:


So still fighting the fight, and doing the do.
Total cals today 1515! WOW!

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  1. Fighting the fight and WINNING the fight by the sounds of it!
    Love the pic of the healthy food - right next to a crunchie. Made me laugh :)