Monday, 4 October 2010

"Mum, I can't find any socks so I am just wearing the one. Love you Byeeeee!" SLAM


You have to love them for their cavalier attitude. My son has a loathing of clothes full stop. Even since starting his new cyber school, he still sits at his laptop, dogs by his side - in his birthday suit. I was assured when he was younger that he would soon grow out of it, and be 'normal' but I must rapidly mention that he is nearly 12! He has absolutely no shame. Today's flying quip was announced just after a friend called for him and he must have decided that he'd better get dressed. He just simply doesn't give a rats. I admire him really. But one sock??? Why bother?!

The door slammed before I had even had a chance to rectify the situation.

On a less worrisome note, finally the "do your homework right after the lesson" advice has started to sink in as he sat doing 8 assignments yesterday afternoon. Mwahh haaa haaa. Its nice to be able to say I told you so!!!! Today he logged off from his maths lesson at midday and said "yeah, kinda hungry but I am just going to do these exercises thanks mum, so I don't have it all at the weekend" YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The dawning of responsibility! WHOOP! He really hated sitting there for 6 hours yesterday afternoon doing all that. about 8 mates called for him and he had to keep turning them away. Hopefully this will last.

Today has been pretty good. Sorted out the jewellery shop accounts and other random money based annoyances. I cant believe its time for another VAT return to be produced, but this time I am not so excited. Last time we got nearly £3k back!!!! sweet. This time we owe them about £900. Not nearly so tasty so I will be waiting on that one!

Food today has been good, even thought I got up early and therefore had 3 full meals - breakfast is a nice one to skip, even though I read the other day somewhere that 78% of people who successfully lose weight report having it religiously. I am going with skipping for now, but I think that's generally a band thing as most banded people I know/read about cant 'eat' anything until the afternoon. I just don't feel particularly like eating to be honest.

The band fill I was considering, I have not pursued further. I have accounted for it like I said and put the money aside, but I am not sure I actually need a fill. I seem to be successfully sticking to my plan with hardly any will power necessary at the moment. I occasionally feel a bit stuck and have to wait a moment, so its obviously not really loose. If I can consistently and comfortably eat below my daily calorie limit, then I think a fill is not needed. But, that said, I am eating within 2-300 cals of this limit which I know is a lot when I look back over my food diarys of old. It is also real food though, which I like. Oh i dunno, but I think when I get to the point that Livestrong tells me I need, for example, 1600 cals a day to lose 1kg a week, and I am struggling to keep it under that amount, then that's when I might need a squeeze in.

I must admit, like Dee, I think the sweet spot is like a unicorn. I have never felt one and I am not entirely sure how the whole fill thing works, but I think for me it just stops me feeling hunger and makes me eat really slow to the point that I cant be bothered to, or to desperation that I just want shite for dinner. So I want to get to that place where I can eat nicely, but lose weight. I know that its working right now, so if it ain't broke, then I don't need to fix it. £125 is not something to rush into throwing away!

So you can check out my foods for the day on "today I ate" up in the right hand corner if you really want to be bored to death, but if you cant, then this was dinner:

And it was delicious!
Here's the recipe: Serves 5
2 cans tinned tomato's pureed
2 cans of kidney beans
450g minced beef
2 onions
2 green peppers
Loads of cumin (jeera) powder
pepper/chilli as per preference
2 cloves of minced garlic

Boil the mince in a pint of water for about 20 mins and then strain off all the lard water
Then add the onion, peppers and another pint of water and cook until water is gone, but not bone dry. Add the pureed tomatoes and kidney beans and reduce the liquid a bit. Add the cumin and chilli and garlic then serve with rice. YUM

Bye for now!


  1. if it is working then go for it! I think you are smart to hang onto the fill money for when you need it and wait until then.

    I will have to go check out the online school...sounds kind of cool.

  2. lol Boys huh. I have been having trouble with my own, my son is doing my head in. Love the food part of your post. Looks yum.

  3. I think you are right about waiting for the fill if you dont really need it.
    No1. That is freaking expensive - way more expensive than here, like double the cost and its saline for gods sake!!!!
    No2. If you are staying under the calorie count why mess with it.
    And I love that he went to school with one sock - thank god I thought my kids where the only ones that did stuff like that - ahhh normal - whew!