Sunday, 3 October 2010

well... day 3 is nearing a close and we are all ok...

I am another day closer to being slimmer. YAY.

Today I slept in late. It was very nice curled up in bed with Geoffrey, our Cavelier King Charles. Hes so cute. Tragically if he gets too close he makes me sneeze so its a little bit of a sad story for cuddles. DS makes up for it though - with me and the dog! He loves that dog to death.

Today has been pretty good. I have spent a considerable bit of it online on Livestrong, because keeping track of everything is quite interesting, and also time consuming but I am enjoying it. I have entered all my food for the day on there, and I go into far more detail - every ingredient and suchlike is there so that I know that I really am not going over my allowance and hopefully remain on track. I just list the meals on here and a few recipes, but you can be assured that the calories I put down on the 'Today I ate...' bit are correct.

Housebrick has taken his wife to the airport. Now the fun begins. thankfully he is at work all day and I am determined not get get dragged into his inane chatter about the dog. I will try and just tell him, but the English way kind of has a habit of stopping us being blunt or tactless, but I need to try with this dude or he wont get it.

We must remain at all times regimental on the time of dog walking and the amount of craps the dog has, and amount of pees it does and report daily on those bowel habits. Its simply ridiculous. How someone can be so anal retentive about their dog I dunno. Infact, come to think of it it's a bit like OCD. He is so analytical about stuff - I guess because of his work as a chemist - but boy! Its tought to live with. I have no idea how his wife, who we shall call 'The Saint', manages to cope with him!

Its funny like that sometimes. He just asked me if he should get a blood test to check if he has immunity to Mumps. I told him  - LIKE 5 TIMES - that I am not infectious now. I am finished with it. I also told him that if he caught it off of me before he went on holiday, he would be sick RIGHT NOW. Considering his mum told him he had it, and that he said to me he remembers having pain in the correct area and being really poorly as a kid, you would think that would be the freaking end of it. But this is Housebrick we are talking about.

Anyway - get a test - dont get a test - I care not. I hope it costs loads of money though!! HAHA

It could even be a blessing if he does get a really bad case of it, as the human race will be owing me a serious favour!

Bandwise, I am doing good. I feel a bit hypoglycemic right now cos I havent had my lucious dinner yet, but its gonna be anytime soon! Mmmmmm cant wait. Thinking of that, best go and check on the veg.

C U 2morrow

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  1. Love the new blog page. Sounds like life is busy as usual. Keeps us out of mischief huh? Well, thats the theory.