Monday, 11 October 2010

Back to work

I am now totally back to work since my Mumps hell. I did 2 lessons last week because they have examinations very soon and also they have whingeing Mothers and it was just easier to do them than ring up and say I couldn't. I hate pupils parents. They either don't give a rats, or they give 34 rats! There is never a happy medium.

Anyway, work was ok, but I was annoyed for most of the morning thinking about going back. I hate work so much its unreal. Well I don't so much as hate working, but just hate what I do. I would happily sit in our shop, or do something else, but I just hate teaching. I loathe it. There are a couple of lessons I really enjoy doing, but other than that, its pants. I keep trying to reason it out but I never can. Maybe its because I have only just finished dinner at cleaned up and put the NEW dishwasher on and its 11pm. That sucks so much. I have already been up and cleaned the house from 8am, then doing Shop accounts until 12, then helping DS with French, English, Geography and History homework, then cooking dinner and at 4pm when I am ready to have a sit down and a coffee I have to then get my hair washed, dress up all smart and go out to work for 5 hours. I get home at 9, serve the dinner to all 5 of us (I already rang at 8pm and told DS to put the oven on as the lasagna was sitting in there since 4 waiting to be cooked), then clear the table and put the new dishwasher together, tidy the downstairs - AGAIN - clean up the kitchen and sweep and mop the floors - AGAIN - and now I am on here. My evening starts at 11pm and my husband is already asleep on the sofa.

For heavens sake. Who invented womens lib man - cos it SUCKS! Give me domesticity and stay at home FREEDOM any day fo the darn week. I would love to be a poor sad kept woman. I cant think of anything better!

If I was at home full time I know things would be better. for the 4 days I am here all day things run really smooth. When I go to work I leave a spotless house, everything in its place and I come back to a heap.


oh well, nothing has changed over the last 15 year when I have moaned about it, and I am sure it wont change if I continue, but I just wanted to get that load of crap out of me.

So, today had the prospect of being a junk food day cos I feel annoyed and fed up and put upon, but I saved it. I skipped lunch at lunch time as I wasn't hungry and I had to get DH's taxes down on excel too. So when I went to work, I thought I would get a sandwich from the little shop, but they were out. I grabbed a Sausage roll and a lucozade - mainly because of lack of funds. DH had lovingly deleted my £5 from my wallet for parking without telling me, and they don't take cards in the shop under £10, and the cash machine charges you £1.75 for the privilege of getting your own money. So with £1.90 in my purse, I was a little low on meal options.

However, I hadn't had anything else, so drove to my first pupil munching away. I stopped halfway through because I had had enough, and I was at the house - well lucky I did cos there was 500 cals in that bad boy!!!!! I just hadn't thought. So i threw the rest away. They taste like pants anyway, so I would rather spend my precious calories on stuff I like than chew the rest of that cardboard pastry and grizzleage. The lucozade was 140 which was also hideous, but I was so thirsty i drank it.

So I was semi saved. The lasagna was made 'skinny' but it was still pretty high, however as I was serving up (the lasagna made 6 portions) I just knew I could not eat a whole portion so I just had half of mine which obviously also halved the calories for the dinner from 900 to 450. I had a roll and butter with it too, but today's total cals (including the daim bar I am about to devour) was a respectable 1367!

Here's the lasagna I made :

And here's my little portion:

I am so glad I can eat salad, as I really really love it. I am surprised that after my Mumps infection, I haven't had the craving for some foods like dressing or sharp things. I also have really gone off red wine. Big style!! I had 2 glasses at our mates house on Saturday night, and I was a bit disappointed. I had actually wanted to heave thinking about wine while I was sick, and even now I kind of feel a bit ill thinking about it. How random is that! I loved red wine! Oh well, its not going to do me any harm. thankfully Salad has been one thing I have really really wanted to eat over the last few days, and we have had it with every meal which was nice.

Anyway, I am off to watch telly and throw the occasional pillow or rock at my husband when he disturbs my viewing pleasure with his snoring.

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