Saturday, 2 October 2010

Housebrick is back

Dunno if i ever mentioned this but we have a freaky lodger who we shall call Housebrick on here. He has a really wierd long old fashioned German name, but as its so unusual we will stick to his nickname.

He arrived home about 8:30 this evening. He has been on holiday with his wife for the last 2 weeks down at the tiny westernmost tip of England where the Cornish live. It has been blissssss.

He has a dog, called T, and it is more important than his wife. Everything revolves around the dog or his work and it gets very very very very very boring. He is very loud, very dominating, very know it all and I hate that.

Anyway, he is back. He couldn't have picked a better 2 weeks to be away seeing as I was sick for 10 days of it. There would have been no dinner to eat except for takeout and it would have cost me even more money!!! thank heavens for small merices!

Anyway, I am sure he will piss me off in the next day or so. He usually does. I will obviously let ya'll know about it ;-)

Its been another good day today, walked very quickly through a city near here to get some sports gear for DS before the shop shut and burned off 175 cals in the process. Very happy about that. That's what I love about Livestrong. Its really good for logging all your food and exercise and working it out to your personal body weight. Obviously Paris Hilton would burn far less calories than I would marching through the town, so its very clever how it gets that sorted and you don't have to guess!

Anyway, another good day with food, under the calorie limit for the day and off now to watch a bit of telly.

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  1. I'd feel like a prisoner in my own home if I had a lodger I didn't like or respect. Plus you have to feed them.... double ugh.