Tuesday, 26 October 2010

same old shizzle - different day

Still here, still chugging - even though I have had a few semi bad days eating wise - but have at least managed to not get anywhere near my "maintainance" calorie limit.

My weightloss calorie limit is 2017 cals per day

My Maintainance cal limit is 3017.

So, I dont want to be getting anywhere near that swine!

I have had a few days in the mid 2000's which is... okayyyyyy..... but I want to lose more, so I have to kick my butt, and not slack here.

Talk about not slacking - I walked 5 miles on Sunday. It felt like 10 though! It was the roughest walk ever. The pathway was all dibbeted with horse hooves and rabbit holes and great clumps of grass. You couldn't enjoy the scenery as you were too busy looking down at the ground so as not to break your ankles! Thankfully after 4 miles (!) the track levelled out and it was pretty flat and dry. Trouble was I was so dead from the 4 miles walking over the devil's scaly back I didnt enjoy those last 1600 paces.


I am still absolutely stuffed. My butt aches and so does the back of my knees and shoulders. I just have to put it down to the rough terrain and all those funny muscles moving in a tense wierd way. I never get so achey or killed after such a walk. I am going to stick to roads for the next few walks for sure.

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  1. Hi, I've not been blogging in ages.

    My band is not really working much any more.

    I am on the re-gain wagon; and give me a yr or two and I'll have regained the 90 pounds I lost.

    I hope you do better. As of now, I am thoroughly depressed.

    Does gastric banding work? Short term, yes, it can be great.

    Long term, I am not so sure.

    You are doing so well - and you are lucky - my maintenance level of calories is about 1000 a day, and to lose weight I need to go down to 800.

    It is soooo hard!