Friday, 8 October 2010

2.8kg off! Yes!

I am so pleased with my weightloss this week. 2.8kg which is just over 6lbs. I havent had a loss like that for a very very long time. I am not normally one to lose big amounts and I can remember the times I have pretty well.

One of them was when I came back from France one year - actually it was the first year I started the Weightloss Expedition, way before banding - and I had put on 12 pounds in just 2 little weeks. I lost 6 pounds the week after that holiday, but it was then a big struggle for me, as I could not get past the fact that I had undone all the hard work I had done in the 3 or so months before that holiday. You can read about it here: 1st time I lost 6 lbs

The second and third times I lost big were in the 2 weeks immediately after having my band. I lost 8.5 pounds the first week #2 biggest loss and 5.5lbs the next #3 big loss just 12 days after banding it was an amazing amount in that first 2 weeks after having the operation.

Then the last of the biggies was 9 pounds after I had my re-do surgery #4 1 week after repair

So my friends... the last time I actually lost a big amount of weight under my own steam was back before I had the band - and I remember really really trying to lose that weight. This weeks, with little Albert in there, we have managed 6 pounds all our own!

Anyway, getting away from the pounds thing, as I really want to use Kg now, it means that I lost nearly 3kg in my first week. I am aware that this trend will not continue, but it was very satisfying indeed! Especially when it really didn't take too much effort - simply tracking what I was eating, staying away from junk until the end of the day and having some if I had calories to spare. Well that works for me!

My calorie intake allowance has dropped to 2031 calories per day now because I weigh less!!! haha! but I never ate that amount all week, so we are still on safe ground.

I think putting the fill off until such point that I am struggling to eat less is a great idea. I have only 5.5mls in my band right now, which is pretty low to be honest, and I guess will get harder to manage on as the weight comes off. So, I booked a fill for 6th November - by then I should be significantly lighter and probably ready for 0.5ml in little Albert. He's my friend at the moment. Long may it continue!!!!


  1. Bloody well done Bun!! Aren't you the teacher's pet...
    (And thank you for following my Eavesdroppings!)

  2. Wow 2.8kg in one week...thats pretty amazing. Well done Bunny