Thursday, 7 October 2010

Wicked and naughty

I feel sick with pleasure. This is so utterly awesome, and I am so glad I have resumed this diary/blog. Again, another great day, sticking to the calorie guide on Livestrong... 2081 cals or under per day is my goal.

Today started a bit oddly. I slept until 1pm and awoke to my son going mental because it was the 8th powercut of the day and his laptop kept running out and the Internet kept obviously dumping on him, so his online French class this morning was rather disrupted. Anyway, I phoned the power supplier and it turns out there was a fault at the sub station and all the surrounding villages were affected. So I am sitting in my car at the bottom of the drive 'talking' to a computer voice as one does these days, when some friends from our local congregation turn up. Now, Its not the kind of usual thing I do, sit in my car one my mobile at the end of the drive, but there is absolutely no signal in our house. Its like a nuclear bunker.

Anyway, the friends have turned up and as I have been infectious for such a long time, it was so nice to see them. They came in for a coffee and left and 2:30pm. As they were leaving the power came back on - awesome - and my mate TB and her hubby arrived. DS then begs me to give him something to eat and I got the curry I made last night out of the fridge, boiled him some rice and served him up a pile. There was a little bit left - not much - but I put it by and decided the have it for my lunch. By the time TB and I had finished yakking, it was about 4pm. So it was then that I weighed my curry and SURPRISE it was half a portion of what I had made last night. So it was half the calories, and as I had finished all my rice up giving DS his lunch, there was none for me to eat. So I just ate it up and it came to 300 cals.

At half 4, I started to make dinner and my freezer is so full its hard to see whats inside, but I found a long pork loin in there, and I had a cabbage in the fridge, so I peeled some tatties, chopped em small and boiled them up. I then coated them in fry light spray, rosemary from the garden and some garlic salt and roasted those babies. I put the loin in some paper, drizzled a spoon of honey on it and some wholegrain mustard, wrapped it up in the paper and oven roasted that too. It was delicious. Worked out all the calories, 100g potato, a great pile of red cabbage and 1oz pork and it came to 400 cals!!!!!!

I always allow for 600mls of skimmed milk per day as I hate measuring milk for some reason, and the family doesn't get through a litre a day, so I reckon its about right (probably over estimate to be honest) and my calories were 1100 UNDER my target. Now, I could have been really good, but I decided that I was going to treat myself and this is why I am sooooooo happy right now. I have no problems doing this thing if I can have my treats. Being TOTM too is just a chocolate craving nightmare as you ladies all know, so I got DH to pick me up some apple juice and some Minstrels. Minstrels are chocolate in a crispy shell and they are yummy. Now I didn't get the little old bag, no I had a complete FEAST on them. 853calories worth!!!!!!!!!! OMG, this so would have cost me my diet before, but livestrong is cool for me like that. If I didn't have it and use it then I would just think "stuff it, I have blown it" but today is also a day that I am UNDER my calorie goal for the day!! Yaya.

I know its not a good habit to get into, but I am so happy that I was able to eat a DIRTY amount of chocolate, get my 5 veg/fruit a day and be under my limit. I am going to bed this evening a happy happy woman. Wooo hooooo!

Oh, and tomorrow is... weigh in day! cooolio!


  1. Bunny - how brilliant to read you so upbeat. Those Minstrels... I came to the same conclusion as you a few days ago, when I succombed after buying petrol. Miraculously I managed to eat them in two goes instead of one, so that was 440 cals a go... When I first looked at the packet I thought it said it was 211 cals, but as I munched my way through them (love Galaxy I'm afraid...) I realised I was in a fools paradise...

  2. haha! Yeah, its well cheeky how they con you with the info for the weeeeny packet! I also ate mine in 2 goes - the first half of the bag during one of my fav shows -and episode of Shortland Street, and the second half during the new series Haven, which was a pile of shit. It was only bearable because of the minstrels. Oooh i luv em.
    Gla dits not just me who gets annoyed at the dumb nurtitional info on the back of the packet.

  3. haha I have been doing candy corn here...I think earning a treat is cool!! :) I prefer fruit and nut if its chocolate..Minstrels bah. By the way..have you tasted Cadburys lately? are we safe from the recipe change by evil Kraft?

  4. About time you had some nice things happen for you. Glad you're feeling better for a start.

    Nutritional info gives me the screaming shits.. I swear. Half the time it just doesnt tell you enough.. the other time.. well its crap all over.