Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Work over for the week!

Thank heavens! I hate work - might have mentioned that before!! LOL

Anyway, its over until Monday.

Between then and now I have loads of stuff to do. Its my Mum and Dad's 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday and my brother is being a pain in the butt. Nevermind, I couldn't be bothered with his procrastinating rubbish any more and booked a champagne cream tea at the Brighton Pavillion. Then I booked an Italian restaurant around the corner and ordered a cake to be made. Sorted. Its like Wednesday for goodness sake! We need to get a move on! Then I rang him up and told him what we are doing and thats that. I could see us not even getting together at this rate.

Anyway, all he has to do is pick them up, and get them to the ball on time!! We are going to be installed at the pavillion tea rooms before hand - and deliver the cake to the restaurant ahead of our arrival - and then it will be a nice surprise. Mum thinks we are at a ballroom dancing competition with DS!! haha

So I am really looking forward to that. I might have to fogo the diet for one day, but I might just try and keep to plan a little bit. I am not envisaging it being that hard - I know how many cals are in a scone and cream at the end of the day and if I stay away from lasagna or heavy creamy dishes, all should be great. Salad!!!!!! oh yes.

Right, I am off to have my dinner - Nasi Goreng followed by a crunchie and a daim bar!!!! I am still 600 cals under my allowance for the day! GO ME!


  1. Well done you - how lovely to read you so upbeat. And what a brilliant plan to celebrate your parents' anniversary. Go easy, mind: it's not the calories particularly, it's what happens in your head... that lust for food never goes away and it might alter the thermostat if you don't plan a tiny bit... don't you think? I'll shut up if you don't agree.
    (I've been watching the Chilean miners all day and feel absolutely drained, so I'm probably a bit over-wrought!!)

  2. lol, yep I totally agree. I think italian is the best choice it could have been as I can have a huge salad -hold the dressing- and not worry!

    I have been watchign the miners too.. 2 more to go up! YAY.

    it's so amazing that no one got killed! such heart warming viewing too.