Thursday, 1 October 2009

I allowed myself some nice things

I really don't want to say that I have been BAD. I don't want to say that I have been NAUGHTY or something. Its so loaded with guilt and self loathing and I think, being someone who eats emotionally, its not a good thing for my psyche to think like that in any case.

So, I allowed my hands to put things into my mouth last night. It seems to be a patten, that when I can't eat, or don't eat (drink) properly during the day, then I crave food at night so much that I can't stand it, and eat more than I should.
Yesterday was one such day. I didn't get anything to eat all day because of the various things that I blogged about yesterday, and when I could eat, I couldn't...!
So last night whilst watching Atonement, a bottle of red, and a bag of minstrels crept quietly into my gullet. Then we decided to watch Hot Fuzz too, and during that, a slice of the leftover pie and 2 or 3 potatoes and carrots got down in there too.
So yesterday I probably had a normal amount of calories for the day, as opposed to the usual 2 protein shakes and small meal I have been having.

Anyway, during yesterdays trips all about the place, I came across this tub or fruit compote. Yummy! It goes nicely with my vanilla protein shake, blends to moosh and slips down a treat. Gives me a few extra calories, but actually not much as its surprisingly low. Also it's getting a touch boring having just chocolate, or vanilla or the 'way out there' coffee flavour I make myself by adding a teaspoon of coffee to the vanilla one.


  1. I never thought of trying it with unfrozen fruit-or fruit juice. I always mixed my vanilla with frozen fruit in the blender. I like the ice-cream like texture but it is a bit of work to get it made. I will try your way with a blended fruit and see if it is easier to mix. I tried my vanilla protein powder with just water by the way....NASTY!!!

    I am having a bad few days..I think the fall weather has me depressed. I am glad you have your head on..I think the minstrals and wine are a blip. Keep up the good work!! Dont let your body win the battle :)

  2. Great taste in blogs-just went and read word tangle hahaha...thanks its a good one.


  3. Must have one of those days for the both of us - I also had a junkfood kind of day (dare I say it's because my husband is out of town for a few days with the kids lol)
    Hey, did you like atonement? Did you cry? (I did!! It was sooooo sad!)