Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Do they get paid extra or what????

I have totally had it with DHL home delivery couriers. What is it with the current lazy sods who can't be bothered to ring the bell...????

Let me get this straight, its the DHL home delivery drivers... they are like a contracted out man+car delivery driver not the real ticket from DHL if you know what I mean.

There was someone at home ALL DAY on Monday. At 12:30 Sue goes to water the plants in the porch and finds a card on the mat for a DHL delivery. She had been sat on the sofa watching telly for the whole morning, and no bell rang, no knock was heard (sofa within clear earshot of door) and just this mystery card left at 11am. I rang them and re-arranged delivery for yesterday.

At 10:30 I took Geoff to the vet and Sue and Warren were reading in the sitting room. I come home and there is a card AGAIN on the floor. Neither of them heard a mouse squeak! No tap, no ding a ling, no nothing!

I was furious. The guy must creep up the gravel drive and just bung a calling card through the letter box and run away. I rang him and told him as such (on his answer phone of course!) and told him to just deliver the thing and try pressing the bell or pressing his knuckles short and quick against the door to make a noise called a knock.

Well I went to work and on return had a message on my answerphone "I called twice, I rang the bell twice, I knocked twice and I will try again tomorrow." What a load of CODSWALLOP! he never did any such thing the lying turd!

So right now I am off to camp out in the caravan on our drive and witness exactly what he does this time. If he dares try to card me I am going to go mad.

Do they get paid for every delivery attempt they make, or can they not be bothered to go out with the parcels? or what? I am stunned that someone could be bothered to walk up peoples drives, outright lie to them that they 'really did' ring the bell when they friggin' didn't, and then go home again 3 TIMES!

What is the gain for them in that? Maybe they just get their parcels delivered and write out a load of cards and go posting rather than lug all the parcels out to their car/van each day. But its their job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sometimes its not worth getting out of bed.. people who don't do their jobs piss me off too. It's not like its a hard one.
    Hope tomorrow is better :)

  2. it's crazy isn't it!

    one valentines day my bf ordered flowers to be delivered to my apartment. i was at home all day and no delivery.

    so he called and was told that they driver had knocked on the door but no one answered so he left the flowers on the front porch. and if they weren't there someone must have stolen them.

    hello - i was sitting home all day and not only did no one knock on the door but at no point were there any flowers on the porch.

    guess the delivery guy just took them home to his gf instead.

    good luck on your stakeout!