Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Feeling fab fab fab

Oh what a difference 24 hours makes.

Took the first tablet that the doctor prescribed me yesterday evening and I feel bosh! She gave me Detrusitol XL. What a name. The active ingredient in the wonder drug is tolterodine tartrate. I have never ever heard of that before in my life, and it is a serious mouthful, but worth it.

These little blue wonder pills were given to make my bladder less "twitchy" - Mrs Doc said. She was right. I ain't been "twitchy" all day, and no pain or anything. They are prescribed for people who either can't control their bladder or pee many many times a day to help relieve the sensitive bladder. They make the bladder less sensitive. Well, they are the business and I love them.

I am now wondering if there is any point in getting my pee pee opening violated after all? I guess there is because it could be something grim I guess.

Well talking of all things grim, I also have got to have a smear test tomorrow. Yay. Can't wait. been putting it off for about 25 years, so should go. ewwwww. Hate it. Its not the actual 'doing' of the test, its the fact someone is having a gander up your chuff. With a lamp on it. Why does that metal thing have to be cold too??? Is that really necessary? I am sure they could pop it on the radiator for a bit beforehand. *shudders*

Anyway, don't want to think about that until I'm on the couch.

Today was great. We met up with our old mates we met on a French holiday when DS was only 3 or 4. It was a really good laugh. Even though we haven't seen each other now for about 4 years it really didn't feel like it. We chatted away, and I am hoarse from laughing and shrieking with them. We shall call them A (dad),B (mum), M (daur 1) and S (daur 2).

A had a RNY bypass 7 months ago and had lost 7 and a half stone. He looks amazing. He had type 2 diabetes, had a BMI of over 50 and now has lost so much weight his diabetes has gone already! It was really cool to know someone in real life who has had weightloss surgery... but not just know them, really know them personally and know their battle with weight for a long time too. He had his done on the NHS and has followup care for 5 years. That's amazing. He goes to his village doctors surgery for his 3 monthly B12 injections and back to the hospital for check ups. Its just unreal. It makes me feel really annoyed at the lack of aftercare Bunk mate and I had after our surgery, and how far we have to travel all the time, but to be honest, more than anything else he inspired me.

We both have this tool, and yes he has lost loads so far, but we both seem to suffer the same problems. Eat too fast and it comes back again. Chew all our food to death. Eat small portions. Don't drink with meals. Sip drinks etc.

What I noticed is that he can eat more than I can - which I really wasn't expecting, and that includes eggs, toast, bread rolls, pasta etc (but not spaghetti!) all of which I have given up on! But when you weigh it up he has malabsorbtion to compensate the extra food intake. I just have lack of volume. So both ways I think will deliver the same nutrients. Take for example today's food whilst they were with us:

Snack: 2 slices of toast and butter
lunch: Chicken livers on salad (starter)
2 cups of coffee
2 J2O juice drinks

snack: protein shake
lunch: Chicken livers on salad (starter)
4 cups of coffee
2 glasses wine

This works out to be exactly the same amount of calories... but he has malabsorbtion to help further.

take DH's food whilst they were here:
snack: 2 fried eggs on fried bread and 3 rashers bacon
dinner: 1/2 pound Burger in bun and chips
8 jaffa cakes
3 cups of tea and 3 pints of beer.

When I weigh it up, we are both going to get to our goal, and DH is going to die of a heart attack the way he is going! No, I jest - he doesn't have a lot of this stuff usually. Wednesday is definitely a treat day for him and usually involves fried eggs of some variety for brekkie. We don't usually go out for lunch though, so the rest is a bit random.

I left some of my chicken livers on the plate, whereas A ate all his. But where he has quantity control & malabsorbtion to help him, I just have quantity control. These are good tools. We just need to use then correctly. This must be why they say after 5 years we should have the same result, but RNY just happens quicker in the first year or so. Very interesting, and makes me feel SO much better about the band funnily enough. I am not looking at the RNY with covetousness so much now. Thats a really great thing for me.

Its great to see him looking so amazing and I am really pleased he has done it. Its also spurred me on so much, that really I have to look at my weight journey as little bitty steps.

Being really to the point, I have only had proper restriction since my last fill. I am not going to see miracles in 2 months, but I have lost weight. Just gotta keep on plugging!

For dinner this evening I had fish fingers and peas. Fish fingers are probably not the best choice, but I like them and they are protein. So another day's sunshine goes down and I have kept to plan.

trying to think what calories I could have ingested...
shake 200
chicken livers...?
2 glasses red 400
fish fingers...?

not too much. cool.

Ok, I thought this was a bit lame to write "not too much" and not really know, so I have now re-opened my account with what was called The Daily Plate but is not called LIVESTRONG and its great.

To lose weight of about 2 pounds per week, I need to eat 1800 calories or less each day. Todays calorie intake was 1528, and my protein was over 100 grams! Cool


  1. Very cool, Bunny. How great to hear you upbeat and happy. Those little blue magic pills are going to work great by the sounds of it. Finally someone (a doc) is taking action. Hurrah!!

  2. Wow !! Bunny what an amazing blog. So honest,funny and sometimes sad as well. So glad ur getting spurred on by A(me)and its scary how we both have similar probs re, wot we can eat etc. Keep it up babe ur on a roll now !!