Tuesday, 27 October 2009

funny day

Had a funny day really. My band decided not to allow liquids again after about midday, which was a bit of a pain in the rectum, seeing as I didn't get my breakfast shake down this morning as I forgot to drink it. But, I am still here and a few less calories are hardly going to hurt! Hee Heee.

The builder came around and measured up and checked where I wanted the plugs and stuff like that, its all going to be plastered too which will be great - I didn't know that before, so it will be super dupa!

then I went to the doc again, and said it was excruciating, and to be honest she didn't muck about. she got me on the couch and gave me a quick *grimace* internal exam to check I didn't have a large ovary or any kind of prolapse etc and then basically said we couldn't wait for the scan to come through, and referred me to a Urologist for a urethrascopy (or whatever its called/spelt) Apparently I will be put to sleep and then they shove a camera up my nether regions (trying not to imagine how something relatively large can go through and up inside a pin hole opening as making me feel a little odd).

So that's good news. I think...

Then booked our holiday for the winter in France. On 25th December we leave Blighty via the tunnel and come home on 29th December by ferry. Its cheaper that way! This year we are renting a gite in Brittany. Its about 5 hours from Calais and we are going to try and have a look at the Bayeux Tapestry, see Mont St. Michel and have a gander at the largest castle in Europe.
Yeah, either that or just get drunk and eat cheese and moule frite for 4 days.

Just done a tesco shop for a few bits and am horrified that I spent £120. Not possible as I only wanted juice and cat food. They now how to sell these places!

Gonna watch Neighbours now. I keep persevering with it, but it just isn't that good. I love Home and Away, and just wish Neighbour's was the same. Its all a bit too fake, but its mindless and I don't care too much.

Also bought 5 pairs of shoes and a bottle of expensive perfume which has really brightened things up a bit! 1 pair of suede ballerina's from eBay, 1 pair of big bow tie ballerina's from Hush Puppies, 1 pair of penny loafers in navy and claret & 1 pair of loafers with a bar and chain on the front in Tan leather from DB Shoe's and then today a pair of K Moss penny loafers in black from the US via eBay US.

The perfume is Tocade by Rochas. Its LUSH

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  1. Oooh, when in doubt shop! Love that motto and it sounds like you picked up some cute bits and pieces.

    Going away on Christmas day, huh? Love that idea. Seems like it's something I want to do this year too. We have hardly anyone around right now. Hubby might be away on a job, oldest son is still in Europe (and probably staying thru xmas.. sigh) FIL is no longer with us, all the rellies are spread far and wide and what the hell.. yeah, I'm organising for something too. France sounds wonderful for you. If I could get there would be there in a shot too.
    Glad your doc is finally getting things organised. You really need to know what it is you're dealing with, and when 100 percent in the know, you can go about dealing with it.
    Great post, Bunny.