Thursday, 15 October 2009

Soooo tired

Wow, what a week. So much has happened that I am still spinning.

Lets start from last Thursday... um, can't remember

Friday? Oh yeah, found out that some delightful friendly neighbour contacted the council about our garage room. Thankfully, before we received a letter from them, we had just scraped together the money to get a builder in to convert the front to a window and insulate it ready for winter. Why people have to be so bloody nosy I will never know. What the heck does it matter to Joe Bloggs if I have a room in my garage? Seriously? It doesn't make an impact on anyone else's life whatsoever. So even though we had had 3 quotes, decided on a builder and instructed him (of which I had felt joy and glee for my fabulous savings and planning skills), now I feel totally crap about the lovely nasty neighbour. I know who you are you SWINE! (and no, its got nothing to do with having a few builders in... its only been a few days, so they wouldn't have had time. I KNOW who the informer was!)

So they can go boil themselves or something equally nasty.

What pisses me off is that when they start work in about 10 days, they will think its because of them. They will have a little chuckle to themselves and feel all righteous or justified or whatever.

I am just trying to take comfort for the fact that when its done, my home will be worth £25K more than theirs and they must think its staggering that I suddenly have £6K just sitting there ready to go into action. So after a while, if I was the stupid sod who informed, I would be a little more pissed off with me because they haven't upset me in any way, and now my house is better than theirs and I obviously have the cash to do it bla bla.

Nope, still doesn't make me feel any better, but maybe it will when its done. I was feeling so great about it all. One little letter and everything turns to turd.

So that was Friday.

Saturday? Umm, I had a headache. I went to my first 4 lessons and then came home because I was feeling rubbish. Probably because of the letter.

Sunday, invited to a friends wedding which is lovely. They got engaged 4 weeks ago and are getting married in 3 weeks time. How COOL is that! Mad, but cool. They are having their wedding reception at an Indian buffet house too. Wicked!

Monday... Well, weighbridge time was ok-ish. I am in full swing right now, so 1/2lb off at this time of the month, with all my chocolate wanton antics is pretty good. I will grab it and run thanks very much! Oh yeah!

The day progressed as days do, and we settled down in the evening to relax. We played a game of something DS made up. He made a spinner and when it landed on a '?' you had to answer a question from the trivial pursuit game... (a really really hard one that only he was allowed to find for us!) If it landed on a word, then you had to do an impression of the word - kangaroo, monkey, Russian, cat, dog, cow, banana(?), horse and idiot. Quite a fun game actually!

Then Sue called me upstairs and wanted me to look at her. She was covered in great big red welts. It was horrible. Big thumps of red on her tummy and back, chest and head and eyelids even. I gave her codeine, big whack of antihistamine and some diprobase and then bundled her into the car and took her to casualty. It was obviously a reaction to something and as she has trouble with her breathing often, I didn't want to chance anything. She hadn't been in bed long, and it had come up violently quickly.

Sat in casualty for about an hour and then we were seen by Jack. Yes, Jack. A doctor with luscious long brown curls, ripped jeans, brown sandals and one of those really expensive knitted jumpers that are really thick and woolly. He looked like a modern Jesus in the wrong job. I have never seen a doctor looking so un-doctor like. EVER. He spoke with a soft public school accent and praised my immediate intervention with pain killers and antihistamine wallop. Then he pretty much said that was all we should do and sent us home. Urticaria apparently. An allergic reaction to who knows what. We had already wracked our brains, but could come up with nothing at all. So we came home. It was 11:30pm and I was shattered. There ended my Monday evening.

Tuesday, not much to report. Our shower finally packed up and I had to get a new one. TB'sDH came around and put it in for us - the angel. As he trudged up the stairs he said "You see Sue, its not lies! I really am a plumber!" as he hardly does a days work in his life if he can possibly help it!

Yesterday was good too. DH had the day off as usual, and we stayed in bed until 1pm. We were rudely awoken by the dog leaping at us and DS saying it was 1pm and maybe it was time for his lunch! Thankfully he had done all his work for the day by the time we got up which was a blessing. I like lie-ins, but there is a critical point where you feel more tired if you lie in too much. This was one of those days. A new delivery of my protein shakes came yesterday too, which was good. I ordered 3 tubs this time - Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

I ran out on Monday actually, so on Tuesday I didn't have a single shake and I really missed them! Its amazing how full they make you feel and actually they seem to give me a bit of a zing as i was feeling pretty sluggish. I was also raking around for food, so just shows.

Also TB'sDH came around to look at the pipework in our 3rd bedroom to see about dropping some pipes into the new room when its done to give it a radiator. We had to pull all the carpet up and then we realised that it was not going to be possible to do that. Great! We will have to run piping around the skirting board and then drop it through the ceiling as its just too much hard work. These modern houses are a nightmare. The Floor Board (one big chip board sheet) runs actually UNDER the wall between our room and Charlotte's room. Can you believe that? Dear me. So that's a job for next Wednesday. I hope DS appreciates all this work and bother - probably not! PHFFF!

Then we went to the dump and bought a door for £5 to hang at the bottom of our stairs. The door at the bottom of our stairs had a hole from someones boot in it when we moved in - I had patched up best I could (8 years ago - GROAN!) and finally yesterday we got a 'new' one. I begrudge paying for a new door from the shops for £30 and then having to paint it all etc. The dump has a vast selection and only £5. I washed it down, it hung like a dream and was already painted nicely with a handle too. Cool!

So today... well it hasn't happened yet, but I have a tesco delivery on the way, picking TB up and a couple of her German students to practice their English. DS is going to have some fun this afternoon with the 12 yr old German student TB has at the moment. They can go off playing in the field and lake etc and help him with his English a bit, and it could help DS by opening the possibility of German exchange later on. Being home schooled has advantages, but I think language learning is one of the hardest to tackle because you are just doing it by yourself. You have to get out there and find others to whom you can get a relationship going. So we have discussed with Bridget the German teacher who is staying with TB to see if we can get them writing to each other and hopefully it might lead to a exchange or something when they are older.

so that's about it for now,
Will update shortly.


  1. No doubt about it, you have busy weeks. I agree about neighbors.. that would have boiled my blood too. And hope Sue feels better. That sounded nasty with the redness!!

  2. What a jerk for a neighbour!

    Sounds like a busy week. I like having the protein shakes for dinner, too. It really helps to know I always have a dinner near at hand and I don't have to over think it!

  3. Well I have come up with several choice names for your neighbor-but my husband has advised me that I should keep the cuss words off the blog posts.

    cheer up-has the weather turned yet for you? it is crap here.


  4. Ugh, down with nosy neighbors. I would be SO mad!