Saturday, 31 October 2009


Surely this cannot be right.

This is where I need a COPY AND PASTE tool on this stupid blog thingy!

So now I have to keep minimising, reading the other page, and then maximising and typing it in here. GRRRR. (And no one tell me there is a new version of windows now either as I KNOW that you can have 2 screens open simultaneously side by side. I know. I don't have windows 7. double GRRrrrr)

There is the bloke who claims the following:

Weightloss counselor and physician Dr. Micheal Dansinger says "One could drop as much as 20 pounds in a week following a very ambitious eating and exercise plan, devoting more than 7 hours per week to vigorous exercise."

I am pretty sure that's not possible unless you weigh 400lbs to start with and starve yourself and flog your body to death at the same time.

Sounds hardcore.

anyway, things are going ok with the band right now. I am loving having the daily plate thing on board again. I can waste hours of my life on the computer. Oh, i do! Ha!

So far today I have had a few olives throughout the morning and for lunch I made scrambled egg (again!!) with 1 egg and sloppy, and half a can of baked beans in tomato sauce. It was nice. I think egg on its own just doesn't get chewed well enough before you have to swallow... its not the right consistency in the first place is it. So a little bit of egg, then a few beans and things went great.

I am enjoying the shakes still, but trying to get into some kind of pattern where I don't necessarily have to have a shake for lunch as well as breakfast. Will be nicer in the lifestyle type of thing, and also on the wallet!

I have managed to have a solid lunch, go slowly and chew to death every lunch this week since Wednesday and had no major problems. Long may it continue.

I have changed my eating around a bit... had a few too many glasses of wine this week as we have a box in the cupboard that holds several litres and its just too easy and tempting. Its all gone now, so no more. I am just not going to buy any. DH is not going to have any more beer either as its such empty calories, and I really want to keep on track.

Looking forward to seeing what Monday brings - weight wise but also building wise.

Builders start Monday! YAYAYAY!!!!

Cant wait. Means 2 weeks sleeping in a caravan, but hey!

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  1. Whooo!! How great you are sounding right now. This is so so so nice to read, Bunny, you have no idea. I have so felt for you and all you have gone through and to hear you talk in such a positive note and be looking forward to things is just fantastic.
    You're a star