Monday, 19 October 2009

Hit me

...and knock me out for a week.

Feel lousy and wretched. Have chronic urine/kidney infection and want to die. Quickly. Don't care if swift painless death or not because already in excruciating pain and it will be quick, so then over.

Also put on half a pound this week....

I know half a pound is really only the equivalent of a large fart, but its annoyed me. Its not down to being naughty either, just gallons and gallons of water with potassium citrate to flush through the old urinary tract.


bugger bugger bugger it.

positive notes...

umm.... ummmm.... struggling here.... ummm

Oh yeah, got the Building regs through for the conversion. Yippee... but then remember the horrible swine over the road. Back to bugger again.

Band behaving itself and doing the do... but put on this week anyway. Back to bugger again.

Ok, I give up. Will write again when in better mood.



  1. The water will flush and the swine will go back into his mud hole eventually :)

    Cheer up! and have a virtual cosmo on me. cheers!

    your verification word is: mommentm ...i hope it comes along shortly for you :)


  2. Wow! Smart new blog! Beautiful. Kidney infections are the pits, aren't they? And you can't possibly think about weight gain when you simply must drink till you're bloated... forget it for a few days.
    Great that you wrote a post despite feeling ill. Do hope you recover quickly.

  3. LOL half a pound is really a large fart. I need to keep that in mind!

    Hope that infection is gone soon!

  4. Ahhh Bunny,
    What a bugger. Don't give up darl, success in the other direction is just around the corner. Frustrating it might be, but dead end its not. Keep chugging.
    PS LOVE the new blog page. Amazingly beautiful (like you!!!)

  5. sorry to hear about your issues down under. my sister used to have kidney infections all the time - they finally did an ultrasound and found out she had not 2, not 3, but 4 kidneys!

    and, i love the fart comment. made me laugh this morning. :)

  6. Hang in there Bunny. Kidney infections are so painful, get well soon :)