Monday, 26 October 2009

Shake it up

So this was dinner the other night. I was looking for parsnip recipes as I had a couple in the fridge that needed using. Its honey & mustard chicken with parsnip and mashed potato. It was seriously scrumptious.
But this is why I need to shake it up a little. There was no movement on the scales again this week, and I think its because of the combinations of food I am eating.
If I am eating a seriously high protein diet with the shakes, and then eating carbs, I am not going to lose weight. I need to lose the carbs from my meals. So the above dish would have been much better for me with double the amount of chicken stew and no potato.
I spoke to the Slimmingworld consultant today about it, and we agreed that if you are on the red/original plan, you are eating a lot of protein and veggies with very limited or controlled carbs. If you are on the green plan, you are eating mainly carbs, low fat and limited protein.
The yellow plan (xtra easy) is a mixture of both but with the emphasis on vegetables making up 2/3rds of the meal and of course, low in fat.
Well, if I am drinking protein shakes with low carbs & low fat... I think that maybe I should be following the red plan... what do you think?
Well, I am going to give it a go anyway. I am going to try and go RED this week and see if it makes any difference. Food combining is quite a tricky thing, but it does make sense if you think about it. I think I am basically just balancing myself out if I eat lots of protein and lots of carbs.
Also, gonna cut the crappy bits of nibbling out which can't be helping - being seriously realistic, it's not the reason I am not losing weight - but just not helping any. So I am going to record my food again, photo it and log it and see what happens to the scales this week.

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  1. I guess you should give it a go is what I think. Try it for a week and then let me know how you went. I am drinking the shakes too and have carbs at night, hmmm, maybe I should cut them too.

    Let us know how you went.. I'm really curious now :)
    PS You sound MUCH MUCH better - Yayyyyy Bunny. I'm so glad x