Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Can't remember if I told you, think I did, that they didn't find any bugs in my sample at the doctor the other day. I am in agony today. I feel like such rubbish that all I want to do is curl up somewhere, but there is no escaping the pain. It just feels awful... ALL the time.

Its just constant. It wears you out and brings you down and I just feel like comforting myself with nice yummy treats.

I booked another appointment at the quacks in about 2 hours time. I am going to show her something I found on the internet.

Interestingly enough, it was about Interstitial Cystitis & Painful Bladder Syndrome (IC/PBS), and got me thinking. I am fed up with doing leg work for doctors, but no one ever looks back through your notes and comes up with an idea. Only WE seemingly know our history and it all kind of clicked into place when I read this item.

I suffered with this horror daily for a few years after becoming sexually active. It went on and on and on an on and I saw the doctor loads of time. Diagnosed with irritable bowel, given different drugs, had numerous tests, but a 17/18 year old has little love of having a male doctor frequently look into her inner parts and more often than not I would just grin and bear it and hope for a miracle. It kind of stopped when I was about 19 and I put it down to being unstressed. I had finished college, settle down and was having a brief harmonious period in my life and also had my first pregnancy. I was pregnant on and off for the next 3 years, losing 6 babies at varying terms, but thankfully culminating in my 1 beautifully bonny baby boy at the tender age of 22.

I had no problems with this horrendous pain in all that time. I forgot about it and never thought it would return. I suffered terribly with postnatal baby blues, and was prescribed antidepressants. My depression seemed to change from just being postnatal, to regular clinical depression and I was on (and for the odd couple of months off) antidepressants until last August 2008.

Looking through my calendar it was about November I started to get cystitis again. I thought it must be the stress of my Dad's operation and put it down to that. But the repeat attacks have got worse and worse until, like now, I can't stand it any more.

In the article I read, it said that IC/PBS patients can alleviate pain with Aspirin and Ibuprofen or Diclofenac (volterol). I can take NONE of these because of the band obviously, and I know that paracetamol and codeine don't really cut it to be quite honest. They also wrote that patients often have relief of symptoms from taking Antidepressants or antihistamines. Patients also often have remission during pregnancy.

Now isn't that funny? All the time I have been free from this hell, I have either been preggers, or on antidepressants! Now I am not taking them, and haven't taken then for a long time, the problem is TERRIBLE.

So I am going to ask her whether it might be a good idea to resume antidepressants and see if it works. I have 28 tablets from my last course already in my draw which are still in date and I will take even if she says no. At least after a month I will know if it helped, or not, and if it did will have much stronger argument for taking them again.

I just kind of know that this is the answer. I know antihistamines don't help me with it as I take them quite often anyway for allergies and I still have the HELL PAIN.

So, off to drink another gallon drum of water, and clean my house in preparation for my friends coming over, a fellow bariatric mate who 6 months ago had RNY Bypass surgery and has already lost *gulp*

8 stone (112lbs)

Wish I had had that surgery... I would be done by now. rats.

Never mind, I have a tool, so I am just going to use it and keep on plugging. I have lamb stew and green beans last night - nice and low in carbs. I gave everyone else potato swirls with theirs, but I resisted! Hee hee


  1. Hi Bunny -
    I work at the Bristol Urological Institute (www.bui.ac.uk) as an administrator. Therefore I'm no expert, but our website has loads of self-help articles, and the phrases you use are certainly heard every day. Perhaps you've already read too much anyway. But one thing comes across in what you say, and that's your willingness to try tactics that reduce the pain, rather than insist, demand, badger, keep on at your GP simply to refer you to a urologist. The hospital where I work has a sizeable department dedicated to finding out how cases like yours can be helped and cured for good, and Cambridge must surely have the same. Just keep saying it to your doctor till he's sick of you "I want a urologist" "I've had this problem for far too long" "I want a referral"................?
    You've had your share of shit, haven't you?

  2. Hiya Bunny,
    Just some more shit for you to deal with huh. I wish I had some words of wisdom but I really don't know much about your specific problem.
    I hope you get some answers though: being worn down daily is crap and I so feel for you.