Sunday, 4 October 2009

Boy Oh Boy

What a week. I know I was not too worried about the lack of scale movement this week... or should I say the wrong kind of scale movement... but right now i am pre menstrual and in need of a boost. It better give me something tomorrow or I am going to feel really crap. this week has not been bad, I have stayed ok, eating small portions, having protein shakes and drinking plenty of fluids, keeping off the dreaded Red Wine (well except for one bottle!! Hic!) and allowing myself to have treats when and if I want them, but in moderation. I think this weeks treats have just been cheese and chilli sauce on a couple of occasions, 1 small bag of minstrels (yeah, they are yummy little shiny shelled chocolate saucers about the size of a button!) and the wine.

That's not a lot when you consider that everything else I have consumed has been low fat, high protein & low calorie in sensible bandit portions. Sooooo I am expecting to lose this week. What I don't want to happen is that I start the curse this evening or something awful and the weightloss not show up because of water retention or something like that. I suffer bad with periods, and almost always gain water weight, and this is the one week I really need to feel good about my band... otherwise I am know I am going to want to consume B&J's Phish food, other chocolate products and high calorie junk because I am TOTM and depressed about weightloss.

There's no need to beat me up over it - I KNOW i shouldn't do it... but I know I WILL feel like it. That's just honesty. What I need is a cheer on for tomorrow. I am kind of like "Oh, I hope I lose weight tomorrow... wheres the pudding?" you know? Eating because I am nervous, which is just the typical catch 22 of us serial over eaters... We know its the last thing that will help, but we do it anyway.

So am hoping that a loss, even of a 1lb will help me keep on the straight and narrow this week when I am at my most vulnerable.

Its like I am on the verge of somethign incredibly big here, and it's all starting to work... I feel like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone "This is it. Don't get scared now..."


  1. How long have you had your band for? I'm curious.. because I think I am about where you are...eating wise I mean. I stay on the straight and narrow for the most part but I'm starting to get gamer and gamer letting little treats in. And I don't want to lol.
    I think though.. you're doing amazingly. I love your posts.. keep them coming!

  2. Don't get scared-and most of all don't let that scale change your place in the bandy made it girl and you need to keep your head there for a while.

    If you do not get a loss it WILL BE WATER--not anything you did. OK?