Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Low resistance

I am so tired today. It's like I am half drunk or something.

I rushed around this morning cleaning up and doing bits and bobs, and then made a beef and onion pie from the last of the Sunday beef joint. I minced the beef and onion and added mashed sweet potato to it.

I bunged that in the fridge and then DH has a call from TB's DH about getting a new computer. So we shelve our plans of cinema, day of chilling out etc to traipse to the city and look at PC's. I semi wanted to get a pressure cooker, so decided - what the heck - I'll go too.

So, DH, TB and TB'sDH and I all went of the the city in the big red fun car. DH and TBDH went to PC world, and me and TB went to Argos.

I honestly didn't think that we would be out long, but things take time and we didn't get home until gone 5pm. I hadn't had a single thing to eat all day.

I had been so busy getting things done this morning, I hadn't had time for my protein shake, and I had only managed a coffee and some health pills - the black cohosh tablets I was going on about a few weeks ago remember?. Then of course, we hadn't been around at lunch time, so no shakes there either. We stopped at Aldi and I bought some orange juice, but couldn't drink it. I puked it up when we got back to TB's house.

I sat around there, and had to put into action the 'sip a minute' thing for the first time this week. It works really well. It really makes you think about what you are doing, and slows your processes completely. I managed a coffee before we came home which was good. When I got in I quickly made shake, but I was so tired and stressed even after that.

I made the pie and used the new pressure cooker to do the spuds and carrots, and it was all great. I had lots of gravy too. I managed a 2 finger sized portion of the pie, 1 half potato and about half a carrot with gravy. This was totally enough. Thank goodness my band didn't decide to be fickle this evening.

I am finding that the restriction is really mega in the mornings, and is still there in the evenings, but still nice enough to be able to eat a sensible dinner. I am not starving myself that's for sure!

I never did get to watch atonement, so I am off to watch it now - looking forward to it after the comment, so bye for now.


  1. ahh I am having a crap band day-it is nice to see you are still on an up swing! What a joy to 'forget' to eat all day!! I have had those days but today is totally not one of them!!


  2. Sounds like your blood sugar got too low from no nourishment - hope you feel better now. 'Atonement' is a great film, I love a good cry about somebody else!

  3. Hi, your day sounds very very hectic! In my experience, the longer you go without eating, when your band is tight, the harder it will be to eat. So you did well to get a little food down you when you did.

    Not a good idea to wait all day to eat :-) grin, nag nag. But I know you didn't do it deliberately.

    Make sure you have *plenty* fluids over the next 24 hrs to make up for it. (nag nag again - grin just call me your adopted mother in law)


  4. My band is starting to become tighter in the mornings too.. it's a weird-ass feeling and a bit of a pain.. I like my slice of toast.
    The pressure cooker sounds fab. I got a slow cooker a few months ago and I used it to death at the start - but now we have sunny weather coming.. well, it will probably fall by the wayside till next winter lol.
    Have fun doing lots of yum recipes in it!!