Friday, 25 September 2009

ka ching... interest ing

Was just thinking about the word ka-ching.

I used this word to describe the veritable clunk of gold pieces in my palm... but think about it a bit more...

Ka = spirit or god.

Ching = beautiful or bright

Hmmm. Ponderous.


  1. Wow Bunny - you're full of information! Sorry you're short on the readies at the moment...
    I always thought Ka-ching (ker-ching?) was onomatopeic for the sound of the old cash registers, when you keyed in the amount and the drawer would fly open with a ching sound. But of course I'm FAR, FAAAR too young to really know this.

  2. Yeah me too... and the 'Ker' part is probably more like it... but as I am on a wierd kind of exestential plain in my head right now, got me thinking LOL. Funny isnt it what you can make with words.

    I worked in a shop when I was about 14with a drawer in a sideboard for the money, and the cash register was a note pad and a pen, and woe betide me if I forgot to write anything down!! They still dont have a till!