Monday, 21 September 2009

Hey hey feeling great!

Well, lots to report. Firstly, over the swine flu... well just about. Feel a bit fuggy around the face area and have intense nose peel from so much snout wiping (pun intended - so you need to laugh now!!), but other than that back to 98% health. Secondly I went to Londinium yesterday to the lovely Wendy and got 0.5ml put in my band. According to the scales there I have lost 5 pounds of muscle since June and gained 8 pounds of fat. Now that ain't good, but the fill has made a difference. For once I am NOT struggling to just keep on fluids. Normally I am ravenous and hope that slimfast will take the strain, but I invariably give out after a few hours and start tucking in. Well it took me about 30 minutes to drink my coffee and have a slimfast yesterday evening. Seeing as I had only had coffee and 1 slimfast ALL DAY yesterday, I did drink another slimfast and berocca just to get something into me before bed. Lastly, this morning was slimmingworld, and TB and I trudged off to the weighbridge. I nearly feel off the scales. I have lost 6 and a half pounds in a week! Thank you swine flu!!! I just hope I don't pile it on this week. I must admit that I am feeling very positive. During 'class' I had a coffee and I was full. I am having lunch now (slimfast) and a coffee and I am not hungry, but I must drink it so that I don't go getting hungry later. I need to make sure my body doesn't go strange on me, especially as have just got over the flu. But, I have restriction. I can tell when I have drunk something, and, although there will be swelling from the fill, I think it will make a significant difference to my portion sizes after coming off fluids. I am going to even give myself a little jolt and half my portion sizes and see how it goes.

So I am feeling hunky dory and positive about my band. If the band can help me control my portions, keep me from hunger and I follow slimmingworld's plan I cant help but shed fat by the bucket load. I am ready for this. BIG TIME.

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  1. YAY! Glad to hear you're feeling better... and DOUBLE YAY that you managed to shed some weight while being sick - always a bonus :)