Monday, 28 September 2009






Nope... doesn't work. I feel like absolute turn-out.

Went to the weighbridge this morning gleeful and bouncy of step.

I put on 1 and a half sodding pounds this week.

I am sorry, but how is that physically possible????????? Hmmm????

No, so it just cannot be true, so i am just ignoring the fact and i am not even going to register it on my blog weight chart as its a pile of steaming sauteed horse humus.

I was amazed to put on my shorts this morning (for the pointless trip to fat git club) and find that they were loose and flappy at the front and over my bum. These are the same shorts that I wore on holiday and was uncomfortable because they were on the tight side. they are now relatively loose around the waist and definitely the right fit. They are so comfortable that i actually wore them on a mammoth bike ride this afternoon with DS. We set out with no particular place in mind, but ended up riding around the road past the shop, through the cut to the lake, around the lake, down the old railway track and out down the hill, out of the village, along the road for a few miles, watched the farmers harvesting beets for a bit, round the fen tracks and back through a long drove back onto the top of our road. Probably about 6 miles in total. We were out for a good hour and a half and it was great fun.

So I was impressed with my weightloss, or body loss this week and its been a good band day so far again. A nice bowl of home made celery soup, a protein shake and a few coffee's. I have definitely noticed if I get stressed or am in a rush, I cant eat/drink. That's really good to know as it means I have to get up in time on Saturdays in future and eat my breakfast first before I bother with my hair, or emails or whatever. give myself maximum time for eating.

So, as I have obviously lost weight that is tangible, even if it doesn't show on the scales, I am going to carry on in the same vein. It has been a pretty easy week, food wise, band wise and emotional stress wise. I am miffed that the result wasn't visible, but at the end of the day if I weighed 19 stone but was a size 10, I couldn't care less... its what you look like isn't it. I DEFINITELY look smaller in just one week. People have commented, DH has said, TB has said, our lodgers have said and I KNOW I have, so I am going to try and remain positive.

I am thinking that really last weeks weight loss of 6 and a half pounds was due to dehydration from the swine flu and being generally ill, so it probably wasn't a true weight loss.

I am going to consider it as my weekly goal for the moment is - I lost 2 and a half last week, and 2 and a half this week. There we go. That feels better already.



  1. I so identify with what you're saying! Except I'm not that calm. I so need that needle to move to keep me sane. At the gym last night the trainer who's been looking after me told me very forcefully that they refuse to weigh anybody, however much they insist. They just take measurements to show you're changing shape. And you are showing just the same attitude. (Actually, you're the week after being ill when you dropped dramatically, as am I because of the overfill. We may have stumbled on something there!)

  2. I just found your blog.... merry meet... I think you are doing great! Keep up the good work. I just became your follower and I look forward to follow your weight loss success.

  3. You know you deserve a loss, you clothes say you lost so you not let a stupid machine tell you otherwise. If you do the right things (which you are) you will lose. Your body might do it slowly but it will happen.

    This is a huge brain buster-I would have been off this diet about 6 times by now if I had gotten my scale readout and then could have had a pity party with jam doughnuts or spaghetti! With restriction you will still not always get the scale read you want but because you are tight the stress will make it impossible for you to have a pity food fest and undo your progress...the band is coool like that!

  4. I don't know if you read my blog about the time I was trying to hit that 20 kilos weight loss target.. but in overnight I gained a mega amount (like a kilo and a half I think) The doc told me it was nothing but water weight.
    Damn scales.. need a hammer taken to them. Go by your measurements.. much more accurate.