Friday, 25 September 2009

Hideously low in ka-ching

Getting a little desperate now. At least I am eating nothing I suppose. All the meals and things I have in the freezer amount to unfriendly band food, so that's a good thing. I can cook it all up and serve to my un-banded family of 4 and leave myself out.

Having not worked for 8 weeks over the summer, starting back to term a week late, having to have a Saturday off from work with swine flu (£150 down the Swanee) and shelling out £100 for the fill means that Bunny has few beans in the warren.

We are currently £337.04 overdrawn. I have about £60 coming in in a few days, so that will bump that up a bit, but it's rubbish. We have absolutely no capacity to go overdrawn. We don't own a single credit card or loan, and we don't have an overdraft facility either because of the temptation of credit. It's like heroin to me.

so £337.04 overdrawn is the current state of play in MY working out, but in reality we are not. We have one of those accounts where you have all your money in one place... mortgage, savings (pfuh!) and current account. The only thing saving us is the fact that my pupils pay for their lesson in 10 week blocks, so I have a kind of buffer thing going on. There is about £700 in my account, but its not mine... yet... It works out quite well. They pay me for 10 lessons, I put it in the bank and then each month I draw off payment for however many lessons they had and that's how we do it.

The only thing is that sometimes I think "that's ok... there's £700 buffer in there" and buy things (like Fills!) when I really should wait. Hence no credit cards or I would be a £Gazillion in debt no worries.

So its a bit squeaky bum time. I don't know if any of you know, but I am wanting to get to a point where I can stop work and just run the house and do DS homeschool full time. It seems like the light might be getting brighter at the end of the tunnel... its just times like this that makes me think hmmmm....

I might make a concerted effort to save all my money I earn over the next year and see if its a possibility to live on DH's money alone. That would be awesome. I assume he will get a pay rise in January anyway, so that will be all grist to the mill. Anyway, its not a big issue, but just something I would really like to do.

So, the band has been good and I have been fantabulous. Yesterday saw me consume under 1000 cals again and not be hungry. WOW. 2 protein shakes, couple of yoghurts, and 2 special things: 1/2 a cup of curry and rice & a diet ice cream pot.

The diet ice cream pot was from Eismann. They come around every 4 weeks of so and ply their wares. They sell loads of frozen food and its all really lovely, especially their puddings. I am not a fan of ice cream, but occasionally its nice to have something. I buy them primarily for DH and DS, but this time I bought Diet Cups. 16 pots of ice cream for £5. They only have between 70 and 80 calories apiece! Brilliant. So I have limited the boys to one each a day as usual, but they are getting a diet one without knowing it as the packaging is nondescript and in German too!

Secondly the 1/2 cup of curry and rice. A loooong time ago I bought some measuring spoons. I bought them because I have a few American cookbooks, but never knew how to measure the stuff in the recipes because it was all in quarts, and cups and stuff like that. Its do-able, but was so annoying converting everything, that I used to leave the book in the cupboard, or guess, or whatever. So I got these metal spoons. They measure liquids or solids, but give ounces and also cups. They have been in the back of my bakery drawer for years and hardly used. I came across the largest one of these spoons which is like a little itty bitty saucepan - like a Dolly's saucepan - and is the equivalent to 1 cup. So I got to thinking - this is perfect for measuring my portions with. So I put some rice in, and curry and then put it on a plate. I only ate half of this. I didn't feel that crummy throwing the rest of my dinner away as it wasn't much to begin with, so I think another little bit of the lap band jigsaw has slotted into place.

I went down to a tea plate quite a while ago, but I am considering a saucer. Its getting ridiculous, but there is something about having a plate in just the size you need it to be. I guess that is why we have tea plates, diner plates and serving plates... if no one cared then you would get a slice of cake on a great big dinner plate wouldn't you. So I am going to look for an extra special Bunny plate just for me.

Have you ever wondered why we write ounces ounCes... so why do we write it in the shortened form do we write oz?

- answer: It comes from the Old Italian word Onza, meaning Ounce. Ounce in Italian is now spelt Oncia.

Or why pounds is shortened to lbs... ?
That comes from the Latin Libra meaning scales. Libra Pondo - Pondo is where we get the word pound from.

Always wondered that myself.

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  1. The size thing was huge for me too! I have not gone to a saucer but do eat a lot of my meals out of a coffee cup. I know it holds exactly a cup of food-so if it is not full I am good to go.