Monday, 28 September 2009

A good day

So, even though the weighbridge were totally WRONG, I have had a great day.

2 USN Diet Fuel protein shakes
1 hot smoked salmon fillet with tinned tomatoes
1 McFlurry Mint Aero Bubbles flavour


Had some lovely posts from people, and feeling good. DH was totally shocked at the 1.5lb gain and said it was rubbish before I had even said the same thing. So that has made me feel a lot better. As we were cuddling on the couch last night he was saying "you're feeling slimmer", so feeling very pleased with myself even if HORRIBLE SLIMMINGWORLD SCALES want to kill my enthusiasm.

You didn't - so YAH BOO SHUCKS!

Geoffrey has eaten a bottle of aquapet sludgebuster... wondering if this will cause him any ill effects at all. On the packet it says 'If swallowed seek medical advice and show this container'. Not a lot of point as the rest of the package is unreadable and there doesn't seem to be any sludgebuster anywhere on the floor... guessing he consumed it. Its 10pm however... so a trip to the vet might have to wait until morning to be honest. He's such a dumb dog.

He was actually sitting on the spare dining chair whilst we were eating dinner this evening. None of us noticed until DS gave his head a nuzzle and whispered sweet nothing to him and we were all like "The dog is at the table!" He is so bad. the thing is, with those long ears he looks like he has a bad perm. You kind of forget he is an animal.

We hired another 5 DVD's this evening, hence the McFlurry. so i am off to watch one of them now. Atonement. Hope its good.

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  1. Atonement is an excellent movie.. enjoy it and the mcflurry!